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Killer Cobra (Amstrad CPC)

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Title Screen

Killer Cobra

Developer: Mastertronic
Publisher: Mastertronic
Platform: Amstrad CPC
Released in EU: 1987

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.

Developer Message

Hidden within the tape is a message from Richard Aplin. It starts at offset 141 and can be viewed with any hex editor.

** Hi there hackers! Richard here (I wrote Fly Spy!!) **
** This should be very simple to hack! Have fun...    **
If you want to start on any level, try holding down:
CTRL+SHIFT+JOYSTICK UP+FIRE .. give me a credit if you
send it off to a mag!! (if that's you, RpM, ta for the 
flyspy comments!)

This was removed in magazine cover versions.