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Kingdom Hearts II/Unused Graphics

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This is a sub-page of Kingdom Hearts II.



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Despite being a non-combat based world and using the generic command menu in the final game, Atlantica does have its own unique command menu variation, consistent with all the other worlds in the game, which is completely unviewable in the final game. Sora's HUD icon also has Atlantica versions of the hurt/low health icons, which can't be seen due to Atlantica containing no enemies.

In the /menu/shopface/ directory, there are also unused Moogle shop icons for the Atlantica forms of Sora, Donald, and Goofy. The temporary icon is inferred to be Sora's based on his ID being 100 everywhere else. Interestingly, while every other shop icon in the game begins with the prefix p_, Donald and Goofy also have placeholder shop icons in Atlantica under the n_ prefix.

(Source: 13th Vessel, DarthDub, Jumpy)

Destiny Island

di.bar comw_0.imd

There are unused dialog box graphics for Destiny Island (found in "/msg/us/di.bar") and also some HUD icons too ("/field2d/us/di0command.2dd"). While very similar to the HUD icons used when the KH1 HUD is enabled in the settings, there are slight differences. As well as this, this file is never updated in the HD rereleases, and displays incorrectly in those games. There is no way to see these since the world itself is only seen in cutscenes.

(Source: DarthDub, Jumpy)

End of Sea


The command menu file for the End of Sea (found in "/field2d/us/es0command.2dd") contains this early version of the HUD used in Agrabah. End of Sea is a cutscene-only world, so this file was likely added for consistency or as a placeholder.

(Source: Jumpy)

Shop Icons

Despite only appearing as a summon, Peter Pan has a Moogle shop icon in "/menu/us/shopface/p_ex330.bin".

(Source: Zurphing)

The World That Never Was

These images are found in "/file/us/eh_lb.2ld", and show screenshots of Another Side, Another Story from Kingdom Hearts. Their purpose is unknown. The HD versions of the games also contain these images, but they're upscaled versions of the originals (the artifacting remains) rather than new screenshots. These are the same file type as HUD icons, and contain layout data, so even though multiple pictures appear per-image, had events for them been properly coded they would have been displayed as individual images in-game.

(Source: Jumpy)

Gummi Ship


In the Japanese release only, there is an unused early graphic for the Gummi Ship Hangar menu. Note that the background is from the first game! This was removed in later releases of the game.

(Source: DarthDub)

Unused Room Titles

Unused room title for Agrabah in Kingdom Hearts II. Known as "Vault". Unused room title for the Lingering Will's battle arena in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. Known as "Gathering Place". Unused room title for Larxene & Lexaeus' battle arenas in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. Known as "Station of Remembrance". Unused room title for Marluxia's battle arena. Known as "Station of Oblivion".
Unused room title for a cutscene-only map in Hollow Bastion. Known as "Villain's Vale". Unused room title for Pride Rock in Kingdom Hearts II. Known as "Overlook". Unused room title for Atlantica in Kingdom Hearts II. Known as "Wedding Ship". Unused room title for a cutscene-only map in Twilight Town. Known as "The Empty Realm".
Unused room title for a cutscene-only map in Twilight Town. Known as "On the Train". Unused room title for a cutscene-only map in The World That Never Was. Known as "Where Nothing Gathers". Unused room title for Final Xemnas' battle arena. Known as "The World of Nothing". Unused room title for a cutscene-only map in The World That Never Was. Known as "The Soundless Prison".
Unused room title for Roxas' boss arena. Known as "Station of Awakening." Strangely, it is found in one of Xemnas' boss arenas.

There are a number of cutscene-only rooms or boss-only rooms with room titles. These titles can also be found in text form in "/msg/us/place.bin".

(Source: Zurphing)

In-Game Screenshots

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Twilight Town

Hollow Bastion / Radiant Garden

Beast's Castle

Olympus Coliseum


100 Acre Wood

Pride Lands


Space Paranoids

The World That Never Was

(Source: DarthDub)



This unused trampoline icon is located in "dbg/trampoline.tm2". Oddly, this is the only texture here, everything else in the folder is either debugging flags or event triggers.

Placeholder Texture


In the HD remasters, this texture is found with all models that lacked textures in the original game.