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Kirby's Avalanche

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Title Screen

Kirby's Avalanche

Also known as: Kirby's Ghost Trap (EU/AU)
Based on: Super Puyo Puyo
Developers: Compile, HAL Laboratory
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: SNES
Released in US: April 25, 1995
Released in EU: February 1, 1995
Released in AU: 1995

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Take the popular Japanese game Super Puyo Puyo and put Kirby into it. Presto! It's also one of the very few games where Kirby talks, and that's... probably for the better, given his attitude.

"Ooh, I'm sooooo scared."

View Credits

Hold L + Right on controller 1 and R + Left on controller 2 while powering on or resetting the game to view the end credits.

Extra Options

Normally, if you hold down A+B+X+Y on Controller 2 on power-up or reset, you will get the expanded "Custom" and the additional "Special Custom" menu, but only with the first four options.


Use the code 80FFF002 to expand the additional "Special Custom" menu to include even more options, and also make it instantly accessible without requiring the button code. Many of these options are identical to their counterparts in Super Puyo Puyo.

  • Fall Blob — How much garbage will be sent to the opponent's side upon clearing Puyo from the board. Available options are (With the corresponding Price values in brackets) Minus (A0), Normal (46), Plus (32), Panic (1E) and Hurry (00).
  • Mode: — Exit the option menu while holding L to go to the selected game mode, or select EASY from the COMPETITION menu. VS CPU does not appear to work.
  • Stage — You must choose the Learning Stage after choosing a character to get this to work. Starts the game from any stage.
  • CPU Player — Meant to control the opponent for the selected VS CPU mode in the Mode selection above, but does not appear to work.
  • Time Disp — Displays CPU usage by dimming the top of the screen.
  • Link Volm — Number of blobs/puyos required to make a link.
  • Hard — Normal or Special.
  • Sousai — The offset rule from Puyo Puyo Tsuu, or at least a prototype version of it. The ball of light graphic doesn't animate when offsetting, and there is not an offset bonus when the garbage queue is overcome.
  • Price: — Same as Fall Blob, but allows you to set the exact hex value.
  • Ojama Score — Score received when clearing garbage Puyo (which affects the amount of garbage puyo you send when you clear puyos).
  • Hi Speed — Doesn't seem to work.
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Freeze Frame Mode

The code 80FFF101 lets you temporarily freeze the game by pressing Select on either controller.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Song

Selecting SOUND 02 plays an unused drum loop song in all versions.

Regional Differences

Due to being a reskin of Super Puyo Puyo, Kirby's Avalanche had no Japanese release, the only game in the franchise with this distinction (unless you wanna count Kirby Slide, I guess).

Title Screen

US Europe/Australia
Kirby's Avalanche Titlescreen.png Kirby's Ghost Trap E Title Screen.png

The European and Australian version was released as Kirby's Ghost Trap, with the localization recontextualizing the Garbage Puyos (called boulders in Avalanche) as ghosts due to their transparent appearance. (The regular Puyos are called Blobs regardless of which version.)

Despite these changes, it seems the localizers kept the writing on the repeating stone column background, (The background itself was carried over and slightly modified from its source game.) as it still inexplicably says "PUYOPYO".

Controller Buttons

US Europe/Australia
Which one? Which one?

The controller buttons were recolored to match the European controller, and the "SUPER NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM" text was removed.

Voice Samples

All exclusive Kirby's Avalanche voice samples were replaced with Kirby's Ghost Trap ones. Both voice actors are the same people who did the voice samples used in the SNES version of Wario's Woods. Voice numbers 0E, 21 and 23.

Title Screen Name (US) Title Screen Name (Europe/Australia)
In-game Combo (US) In-game Combo (Europe/Australia)

Text Overflow

Kirby's Ghost Trap (E) mistake.png

The change from "Avalanche" to "Ghost Trap" caused a minor text overflow in Squishy's stage, as the dialogue box was not widened and/or the text not rearranged to accommodate the longer name.