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LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge (Windows)/Unused Dialogue

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This is a sub-page of LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge (Windows).

Hoo boy, this one's a doozy; this game is pretty chock-full of unused dialogue. Most of them are such due to reflecting earlier ideas that did not make it into the finished product, but there's also a small handful that have little reason to be unused.

Note: The file naming scheme is incredibly inconsistent and often skips numbers and fluctuates between uppercase and lowercase. Anything listed under "Name" is copied directly from the game, even if it appears to be wrong. Likewise, even though there are not too many inconsistencies with the subtitles, anything listed there is also copied directly from the game data, including trailing spaces.

LEGO Island


File Name Subtitles Notes
LEINVS04 Brick's on. Found at the end of Valerie Stubbins' pizza delivery conversation, but it isn't used.
LECSBE22 Shhhhhhhhhhhhh! A shush meant to be uttered by the Brickster as he sneaks into the Information Center to steal the constructopedia, but it never plays.
LECSBE23 zzzZZZzzzZZZzzzZZZzzz! A voice clip of the Infomaniac snoring. The actual game uses a standard sound effect that is completely different from this. This line is used in the PS1 version, however.
LECSBK24 Pepper, the Pied Piper of Pizza. An extra line at the end of the initial conversation about beating the bots immune to pizza with music (placed after "I'm a man with a plan!") that is probably not played because it completely contradicts what they were just talking about. Despite this, this line ended up being used only in the PS1 port.

Brickster Bot Fights

File Name Subtitles Notes
LEBBPH01 Yessssssss! A handful of lines that indicate there was going to originally be a lot more to defeating the bots than just pelting them with pizza. Things mentioned indicate more involved fighting, rescuing captives, and even clicking on things (the mouse is not used for anything aside from camera control and, optionally, menu navigation in the actual game).
LEBBPH02 He shoots. He scores.
LEBBPH04 Bingo!
LEBBPH05 Goooooooooal!
LEBBPH06 Home run!
LEBBPH07 Touch Down!
LEBBPH08 Bull's eye!
LEBBPH09 Gotcha!
LEBBPH10 Heads up!
LEBBPH11 Ouch!
LEBBPH12 Oooh!
LEBBPH13 Aha, this is no red herring.
LEBBPH14 This Brickster-Bot will provide the phase-adjusted power supply for all the additions I want for the mainframe.
LEBBPH15 Good, Papa looks much happier without his Brick-Bot shadows.
LEBBPH16 Quick, Pepper! Don't let the red one get away - I suspect it would be very useful for the mainframe.
LEBBPH17 Nice work Pepper, I can make a holo projector booster out of this Brick-Bot.
LEBBPH18 And that will allow me to communicate with you anywhere you happen to be.
LEBBPH19 Oh, this will be useful, Pepper! That Brick-Bot can detect the Constructopedia pages no matter how far away they are.
LEBBPH20 Superb, Pepper - you rescued DJ from the clutches of the Brickster-Bots.
LEBBPH21 Get the Green Bot, Pepper - it's very important.
LEBBPH22 Well done, Pepper, in stopping the mellow yellow Brick-Bot.
LEBBPH23 It looks like I can use it to keep track of you - very handy if you have to leave the island.
LEBBPH24 Well done Pepper, you've rescued Dr Clickitt. Now click on the Brick-Bot's head.
LEBBPH25 Good shooting, Pepper! But watch out for the other one - it knows you're around, and might be a bit more sneaky.
LEBBPH26 Use the sauce, Pepper - let go.
LEBBPH27 Oh, you got the last Brick-Bot! And just in time - I don't think Darren could have lasted much longer.
LEBBPH28 Pepper, your Pizza flinging has given me a great idea for a flying toy, a plastic disk.
LEBBPH29 And it would be a little less messy then tomato and cheese.
LEBBPM01 Oops!
LEBBPM02 No problem.
LEBBPM03 Not a problem.
LEBBPM04 Ready, steady and try again.
LEBBPM05 Nice try, Pepper.
LEBBPM06 Missed.
LEBBPH07 Ha, ha, ha!

Page Deliveries Part 1

File Name Subtitles Notes
LERPAA01 None Originally when returning from another island, you would have to deliver the pages; in the finished game, the corresponding buildings automatically reconstruct when you come back. Given the lack of any text files referencing these clips, it was probably scrapped early on. This bunch is the initial "greeting" when you first talk to the characters, and were meant to be used after returning from Castle Island.
LERPBB01 None The other parts of all the page delivery lines, meant to be used when you talked to the corresponding character a second time.
LEHMRP01 You need to return the pages now, Pepper. Would have been used when calling the Infomaniac during this task.

Page Deliveries Part 2

File Name Subtitles Notes
LEAPAA01 None Similar to the above, except these would have been used upon returning from Adventurers' Island. Like the above, they are not referenced and have no subtitles.
LEAPBB01 None The second parts of each conversation.
LEHMAP01 Great job, Pepper, now return those Pages. Would have been used when calling the Infomaniac during this task.

Mama and Papa

File Name Subtitles Notes
LERSAA02 It's nice to see you again, Pepper. Mama and Papa Brickolini have a small handful of lines that are meant to be played when you talk to them after the second return to LEGO Island (from Adventurers' Island) but before the departure to Ogel Island. This would be all fine and good...except they're kidnapped during this part of the game and are entirely absent from the island until the game is finished. Interestingly though, the dialogue is still properly programmed to play; should you bring them there through hacking, talking to them will properly play all of the otherwise unused dialogue.
LERSAA03 It's good to see you, Pepper.
LERSBB02 Have you been to the Radio Station yet?
LERSBB03 It's fun going to the Radio Station.
LESBAA02 Ciao Pepper, nice stereo.
LESBAA03 Bonjourno, Pepper.
LESBBB02 Take them to the Police Station.
LESBBB03 Time to go back to the Police Station.
LESPAA02 Hello Bambino.
LESPAA03 Hi Pepper, how is my best delivery boy today?
LESPBB02 You must go to the Space Port, Pepper.
LESPBB03 I think you should go to the Space Port.


File Name Subtitles Notes
LECSRS06 Oh, before I forget, that radio is battery powered. An extra few lines placed at the end of the conversation between the DJ and Pepper, revealing that the initial plan regarding the music idea was to use the radio to lure the bots to the police station. You would have to continually pick up batteries to keep the radio charged. This idea is still partially referenced when talking to the islanders and when calling the Infomaniac (they always tell you to go to the police station instead of finding the bots, though they'll properly point to the closest bot), but ultimately due to time constraints this concept was thrown out the window. In the final game, it instead is basically a more tedious version of how you were already taking them out—you walk up to them and wait for them to dance so much that they become dizzy.
LECSRS07 You may need theeeeeeeese.
LECSRS08 Oh sorry, Pepper, you'll have to pick those up as you go.
LECSSB01 Officer Nick Brick, The Pied Piper of Pizza is here with Brick-Bot prisoners. A conversation between Pepper and Nick Brick related to the original concept, presumably meant for after you successfully lured the bots over.
LECSSB02 Pepper, that's using music as a dangerous weapon!
LECSSB03 I'll arrest the radio.

Castle Island


File Name Subtitles Notes
CACSBP17 To the stables with yea. Placed with the dialogue where the knights loan Pepper a horse. There are no stables in the actual game—the characters just throw a horse down from the top of the castle in a cartoonish fashion. This line, once again, did manage to creep into the PS1 port, but oddly there still are no stables, as the horse merely runs up to Pepper in this port.
cacscs08 Aha, almost got it! Placed with the dialogue where Pepper is handing the bulls their flag. This was probably a scrapped idea where the flag was just out of reach. The developers probably figured out that the incredibly limited animation prevented them from even attempting a gag like this.

Brick Dive

File Name Subtitles Notes
CASGBD12 Is there an echo in here? Is there an echo in here? Persumably meant for the announcer for this minigame, but it never plays.

Adventurers' Island


Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: There are people who claim their copy has or had this joke, but the sources are fuzzy at best. Somebody needs to investigate a little further, but it's definitely unused on a vast majority of the versions.
File Name Subtitles Notes
ADCSAM05 None This would have been played upon the first meet with Dr. Kilroy. He would have been confused after Johnny said "Yes, doctor, this is Pepper, and he's..." There's no clear reason for this joke's removal; perhaps trademark issues ultimately caused it to get excised? These lines are not referenced and lack subtitles.

Matching Mummies

File Name Subtitles Notes
ADSGMM01 Hoo, ha, way cool! Several lines from Matching Mummies that don't play. These are persumably meant for after you grab the page, but only two lines are used. This is most likely because of how quickly the minigame ends after this, leaving no time for all of this dialogue. Additionally, the last line in this bunch is spoken by Miss Pippin Reed, who doesn't even appear during this minigame.
ADSGMM03 Next stop the Oasis!
ADSGMM04 This could be trouble.
ADSGMM05 Yup, it is, yeeeow!
adsgmm15 I told you. Some extra conversing between Queen Legotiti and Pepper, again probably removed due to not having enough time for all of it to be played.
ADSGMM16 See - a mummy's curse is just in your mind. It isn't real.
adsgmm17 You're too powerful for my curses, Pepper.


File Name Subtitles Notes
ADHMFI01 Good work, Pepper - go and talk to the Fisherman. I think you can help each other. This would have played if you called the Infomaniac before talking to the fisherman. The conversation is triggered as soon as the minigame starts, so this line is unnecessary.
ADCSOA13 Well I figured you could use the page, so I fished it out with my pole. Originally, the old fisherman would have fetched the page for you. The finished game forces you to sit through probably one of the biggest tests of patience on the face of the planet known as the fishing minigame to retrieve it from the big fish who ate it. Seems like a fair trade.
ADCSOA14 Here Pepper, here's the next page!
ADSGFI14 Use your bait to catch Big Bertha. The instructions for this minigame are oddly not read out loud, despite there being a voice clip for it.
ADSGFI05 Ah the delights of fishing, you can sit around all day. Two lines spoken by the Infomaniac that aren't used, persumably meant for the middle of the minigame.
ADSGFI06 Fancy another go?

T-Rex Racing

File Name Subtitles Notes
ADSGTR11 This is fun! In the PS1 port, Pepper speaks this line when you go over a bridge about halfway through the minigame. In the PC version, however, it's not used.

Ogel Island


File Name Subtitles Notes
OGBPAA01 Pepper, I don't like this, I feel woozy! Apparently Mama and Papa Birckolini would have been hanging out outside of the Ogel Island pizzeria after the Make-A-D-Pizza minigame to talk to, but since they aren't in the final game, these lines are not used.
OGBPAA02 Hey Pepper, it sure is bouncy up here!
OGBPBB01 Hurry Pepper, the Brickster's Palace is over there!
OGBPBB02 Bounce that way, you might find the Brickster's Palace.

Asteroid Belt

File Name Subtitles Notes
OGSGAB08 Cedric The Bull, Pepper approaching. Originally Cedric and Mr. Hates would return during this minigame and shoot lasers at you. This is still mentioned in the victory messages, but otherwise the entire minigame is nothing more than dodging asteroids.
OGSGAB09 What do you mean, Pepper approaching?
OGSGAB10 In a LEGO Space Shuttle.
OGSGAB11 Fire all weapons, dispatch the Fish Ship to bring back his body.
OGSGAB12 I'm hit, but not bad. Bob - can you see what you can do about it?

Brickster's Palace

File Name Subtitles Notes
OGSGBP07 Oh no, the Brickster has snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. A losing message from the Infomaniac. You can't lose this minigame (no joke), so this message is unused.
OGSGBP08 But I know how resilient you are, Pepper.
OGSGBP09 You will soon be back in there and you will vanquish the Brickster.
OGSGBP10 By your command. These files indicate a MUCH different minigame than what we ended up with. Mr. Hates and Cedric were supposed to return yet again and you would likely have to defeat them both first before taking on the Brickster. There is also a ridiculous Star Wars reference thrown in. The final game has none of these elements, and instead ends up being a very obviously rushed and poorly programmed minigame with a rather anti-climactic final "battle," if you can even call it that.
OGSGBP11 Revenge is mine, ha ha ha!
OGSGBP12 Crossbows && cannons! Is your aim always this bad, Cedric?
OGSGBP13 Grrrrrrrrrr!
OGSGBP14 Ha ha ha! You're fun to watch, Pepper.
OGSGBP15 You may think you've won but you'll never get past Mr Hates.
OGSGBP16 Hunting Pepper is almost as fun as hunting dinosaurs.
OGSGBP17 Pepper, I hope you'll enjoy being bait for my next T-Rex hunt.
OGSGBP18 I guess you hunt dinosaurs because you can't hit anything smaller.
OGSGBP19 See you later, Brickulator.
OGSGBP20 I really hate that kid.
OGSGBP21 Did the Infomaniac tell you about your father?
OGSGBP22 Uh.. he told me enough, I guess.
OGSGBP23 Well, I am your father!
OGSGBP25 You're right, Pepper, I ain't your father but I had you going - hee hee!


File Name Subtitles Notes
DJ_001 None An odd bunch of one-word dialogue that is most likely placeholder voice clips for Castle Island after fixing the bridge, considering all the "huzzahs" and "hoorays" followed by a shush. These do not follow the traditional file naming scheme and aren't even referenced in the game data, thus having no subtitles.
SGBRONZE Bronze! Would have been used upon finishing a minigame, but your rank is only shown in text in the actual game.