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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (Windows)/Unused & Scrapped Characters

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This is a sub-page of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (Windows).
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Gandalf is leftover from LEGO Lord of the Rings. Get him in-game!


Legomsh angel screenshot.png

In addition to Archangel, it seems that Worthington's other persona, Angel, was also planned to make an appearance. Although he looks complete, he is physically a very barebones character in his current state, with his only defined characteristics being his voice clips (he uses Captain Britain's) and his flight ability. He cannot attack in any way, and instead of being able to sprint, he simply runs, but at sprinting speed, due to not having any ground movement-related parameters defined.


Legomsh annihilus screenshot.png

"Annihilus, The Living Death that Walks." He is very much incomplete, and looks nothing like him. You probably would have had no idea who he was if we didn't tell you. Only his model textures and his flight ability are present. When he starts flying, he says "flame on!" Weirder still, his head glows a light blue color while flying. Oh, and the game lists him as a "hero", which is a nice bonus.


No, not Archangel. Arcangel is just Angel, but he uses Ghost Rider's voice clips, can sprint and can perform basic attacks. The fact that he uses Angel's assets instead of Archangel's suggests that Archangel was once able to transform into Angel and back again.


Legomsh raccoonsoldier screenshot.png

"Blastaar, The Living Bomb-Burst." He doesn't have his own physical assets, uses Mastermind's voice clips, and like Angel, he runs at sprinting speed instead of being able to sprint. Given that Blastaar has never had his own official LEGO minifigure, quite a bit more work would have went into forming his appearance than the other minifigs, which were made to essentially mirror their real-life LEGO minifigures.


Legomsh chameleon screenshot.png

Uses his own textures and Iceman's voice clips. Again, he runs at sprinting speed instead of being able to sprint. Would likely have had the same shape-shifting abilities as Mystique.


Legomsh crystal screenshot.png

The first member of the Inhumans crew. Similarly to Chameleon, she uses her own textures, uses Black Widow's voice clips and has the whole sprint-running thing going on. She would eventually be included in LEGO Marvel's Avengers.


Legomsh gorgon screenshot.png

The second member of the Inhumans crew. Own textures, Sandman's voice clips, sprint-runner.

Howard Stark

Legomsh hstark screenshot.png

The father of Tony Stark. While unused in the console versions, he does make an appearance in the handheld versions. Dermatologists HATE him!

Iron Spider

Legomsh ironspider screenshot.png

A variant of Spider-Man in his Iron Spider Armor, which first appeared in issue #529 of The Amazing Spider-Man. He is essentially complete, with all his textures present and even his own HUD icon, but unlike Spider-Man (F.F.), not only does he have his own entry in the character select screen, but he is also incapable of transforming to Peter Parker and back, although he is functionally identical to Spider-Man.

He would eventually be included in the Spider-Man DLC for LEGO Marvel's Avengers with the addition of a laser, rockets and four extra arms.


The third member of the Inhumans crew.

Raccoon Soldier

A very barebones character who, given that his appearance is identical to Blastaar's, is most certainly not Rocket Raccoon. In addition to lacking a finalized appearance, since he lacks a .txt file, what abilities he would have had and whether he would have been a hero or a villain is unknown.