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LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy (Nintendo DS)

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Title Screen

LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy

Developer: Amaze Entertainment[1]
Publisher: LucasArts[1]
Platform: Nintendo DS
Released in JP: November 2, 2006[1]
Released in US: September 12, 2006[1]
Released in EU: September 11, 2006[1]
Released in AU: September 15, 2006[1]

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy is the second of five LEGO Star Wars games. The Nintendo DS release has been panned by critics for its awkward camera control and many glitches.

Unused Map (zzTestMap)

LEGO Star Wars II NDS Unused Map 73.png

There is an address in the game containing an unsigned 1-byte value that keeps track of what map you are currently playing in, and it only changes when your character enters a loading zone. Entering any loading zone while this value is set to 49 (4D for Japan) will send you to an unused map. Searching for the BMD file header BMD0 in the game's memory while the map is loaded reveals that its actual name is zzTestMap. The map contains quite a few random objects, such as a swinging log from the Episode VI level Battle on Endor, some doors (some are stuck open, others are stuck closed), a torch from the Episode V level Escape from Echo Base, a breakable and rebuildable LEGO object, and a LEGO wall that can only be destroyed by bombs. The map's music is just the music that plays on the title screen.

Setting this value to 49 (4D for Japan), then entering any level in Story Mode/Replay Story will cause you and your partner to spawn in as Jango Fett, regardless of whether or not he has been unlocked yet. Upon spawning in the level, holding Up on the D-pad for a brief moment will trigger a loading zone that takes you to the Episode IV level Death Star Escape (map number 1A), and you and your partner will spawn in as Obi-Wan and Tattooine Luke, respectively.

Here are what the addresses are for each version of the game:

USA 1.0 USA 1.1 Europe Japan
0x02102950 0x021019B0 0x02102670 0x02102E08

Unused/Placeholder Strings

Free Play Character Pages

When playing in Free Play, you have access to a menu that lets you play as any character you currently have unlocked. The game uses an address that holds an unsigned 4-byte address that keeps track of what page of the character menu you are currently looking at. By forcing this value beyond its intended limit (D), you are able to scroll to pages E and beyond, which causes the text that gets displayed on each page to display strings from other parts of the game, such as level names, Extra names, and the credits. However, there are three unused/placeholder strings that make repeat appearances as you continue scrolling the menu. These strings are:

  • XXXNOT USED (first appears on 11)
  • PLACEHOLDER STRING (first appears on A2)
  • XXXNot used (first appears on AA)

Codes Menu

In the Codes menu in the Cantina's shop, each of the six slots used for inputting codes has its own address that keeps track of what character the slot is currently displaying. By forcing this value beyond its intended limit (23), you are able to scroll to characters 24 and beyond and display strings used in other parts of the game, as well as unused ones. These unused strings are:

  • XXXNOT USED (first appears on 36)
  • PLACEHOLDER STRING (first appears on 6B)
  • XXXNot used (first appears on 73)
  • XXXDO NOT USE MIX N MATCH (first appears on AB)
  • XXXDO NOT USE Custom 1 (first appears on AC)
  • XXXDO NOT USE Custom 2 (first appears on AD)
  • XXXDO NOT USE Custom 3 (first appears on AE)
  • XXXDO NOT USE MOS EISLEY (first appears on B3)
  • XXXDO NOT USE MOS EISLEY2 (first appears on B4)
  • XXXDO NOT USE SKIFF (first appears on B5)
  • XXXDO NOT USE SKIFF2 (first appears on B6)

Hidden Cheat Codes

Like many LEGO games the game features a cheat menu that allows the player to unlock items instantly or give other benefits. In this game the menu can be found in the shop of the Mos Eiley Cantina. The cheats for unlocking characters always unlocks their parts for the character editor too.

Code Effect
4PR28U Give 10 Studs
HGIGHF Give 500,000 Studs
ABACAB Unlock all Extras
3WRE0P Unlock Extra Slippery Floors Mode
GU20RN Unlock Extra Invincibility
BOOGIE Unlock Extra Disco Mode
URMM26 Unlock Extra Whitebox Mode
GTUJRN Unlock Extra Letterbox Mode
STORMS Unlock Extra Rainy Day Mode
CHILLS Unlock Extra Lights Out Mode
BYGONE Unlock Extra Old Time Mode
1XP4GV Unlock Extra Old West Mode
K9HD2B Unlock Extra Medieval Mode
WDRD52 Unlock Extra Sunglasses
QZ1HWY Unlock Extra Moustaches
VUCEHH Unlock Extra Minikit Detector
TEENSY Unlock Extra Tiny Enemies
YUBNUB Unlock Extra Ewok Invasion
120477 Unlock Extra Pink
DROIDS Unlock Extra Droid Invasion
8M5YOD Unlock Extra Walkie-Talkie Mode
95M9C8 Unlock Extra Silly Sabers
3QNU1X Unlock Extra Classic LEGO Parts
FOUMBP Unlock Extra Goofy Hats
YV86ZJ Unlock Extra Whacky Blasters
C5JTDN Unlock Hint 1
GAUEA0 Unlock Hint 2
6C8WGS Unlock Hint 3
A9NULR Unlock Hint 4
QI16MO Unlock Hint 5
SSEGLY Unlock Hint 6
UFZSXQ Unlock Hint 7
UDLRAB Unlock all Characters
867539 Unlock all Parts for the Character Editor
BIGGUN Unlock all Weapons for the Character Editor
1W8XL8 Unlock Character 4-LOM
QJ65KE Unlock Character Anikin Force
JG6LX1 Unlock Character Boba Fett
B8EXJX Unlock Character Bossk
ISRCKM Unlock Character C-3PO
84I4YN Unlock Character Chewbacca
A1SX78 Unlock Character Dengar
34MFG3 Unlock Character Han Solo
QZPDH3 Unlock Character Endor Han Solo
96IBS3 Unlock Character Hoth Han Solo
I7BBLY Unlock Character Sarlacc Pit Han Solo
0EJOFO Unlock Character Stormtrooper Han
ZG5RI3 Unlock Character IG-88
Y2F8RI Unlock Character Lando
ISCQ3A Unlock Character Lando Jabba's Palace
BLPVWG Unlock Character Leia Bounty Hunter
TNPNBF Unlock Character Cloud City Leia
P1AOEX Unlock Character Hoth Leia
TEODFK Unlock Character Tatoonie Luke
GBCQXF Unlock Character Cloud City Luke
FJVJNG Unlock Character Dagobah Luke
ENUDQZ Unlock Character Endor Luke
EO27FM Unlock Character Jabba's Palace Luke
AIN9DO Unlock Character Stormtrooper Luke
G798L4 Unlock Character Obi-Wan
H047WV Unlock Character Obi-Wan Force
MB8T78 Unlock Character R2-D2
3GX12R Unlock Character Wicket
LWSLU0 Unlock Character Zuckuss
X4RBIQ Unlock Character Biggs Darklighter for Purchase
SJU6C8 Unlock Character Darth Vader for Purchase
PQMA5I Unlock Character Death Star Trooper for Purchase
9BMGSJ Unlock Character Emperor for Purchase
6RH1T0 Unlock Character Emperor's Guard for Purchase
58DLYY Unlock Character Ewok for Purchase
AT3WC2 Unlock Character Gamorrean Guard for Purchase
XV3MWE Unlock Character Gonk Droid for Purchase
121979 Unlock Character Han in Carbonite for Purchase
KCTYCR Unlock Character Imperial Office for Purchase
NBO8ZD Unlock Character Jango Fett for Purchase
MHX10T Unlock Character Jawa for Purchase
NGLHYS Unlock Character K-3PO for Purchase
KTNLGH Unlock Character Leia Endor for Purchase
F475CM Unlock Character Leia Jabba's Prisoner for Purchase
121975 Unlock Character Mace Windo for Purchase
XS3EII Unlock Character MSE-6 for Purchase
QIRG7S Unlock Character R5-D4 for Purchase
6JGOYN Unlock Character Rebel Snowtrooper for Purchase
5SU977 Unlock Character Salacious Crumb for Purchase
0L6IWQ Unlock Character Sandtrooper for Purchase
OPAJTN Unlock Character Scout Trooper for Purchase
BP7P2X Unlock Character Shuttle Pilot for Purchase
GTYXKW Unlock Character Snowtrooper for Purchase
V3Z4MP Unlock Character Stormtrooper for Purchase
3BH92Q Unlock Character TIE Fighter Pilot for Purchase
MFFT81 Unlock Character Tusken Raider for Purchase
TSVJHB Unlock Character Wuher for Purchase
8IHDK2 Unlock Character Yoda for Purchase
QYE96K Unlock Character Yoda Force for Purchase
4JIJVA Unlock Vehicle ATST
ELOORF Unlock Vehicle Millenium Falcon
YE740B Unlock Vehicle Rebel Speederbike
5FGM77 Unlock Vehicle Slave I
3LSQT6 Unlock Vehicle Snowspeeder
I52563 Unlock Vehicle TIE Advance
YAW3DG Unlock Vehicle TIE-Fighter
UW020T Unlock Vehicle TIE-Interceptor
POH8HL Unlock Vehicle X34 Land Speeder
3HKQTK Unlock Vehicle X-Wing
S136XF Unlock Vehicle Y-Wing
PHJUPY Unlock Vehicle Imperial Speeder Bike for Purchase
MGRU3B Unlock Vehicle Probe Droid for Purchase
CT9GZ7 Unlock Vehicle T-16 Skyhopper for Purchase

(Source: SporyTike (RetroAchievements.org))

Out of Bounds Objects

Using a model ripper tool, we can finally look at all the objects that are floating out of bounds in every single level of the game.

(Source: LinterniGamer)

Griptonite Games Car Graphic

LEGO Star Wars II NDS Griptonite Games Car.png

There is an address in the game containing an unsigned 1-byte value that mainly seems to keep track of which screen the bottom screen will display next. By default, this value is set to 0, but it changes when certain events occur, such as pausing the game (the value will change to 35), entering another area (1E), and activating the shop in the Cantina (31). However, for whatever reason, setting this value to 38 will cause the bottom screen to display an image of a dark-gray car whose driver's side door has the Griptonite Games logo on it. Above the car, a logo in gray text saying the word "focus" appears.

Here are what the addresses are for each version of the game:

USA 1.0 USA 1.1 Europe Japan
0x02102968 0x021019C8 0x02102688 0x02102E20