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La-Mulana (Windows, 2012)

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Title Screen


Developer: Nigoro
Publisher: Nigoro
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: July 13, 2012

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

La-Mulana is an indie "Metroidvania" game starring an Indiana Jones lookalike who ventures into ruins filled with traps and complex puzzles. It was initially released on the WiiWare on 2009 with some chunks cut as DLC as a workaround for the 40MB size limit, which caused the English WiiWare version to be significally delayed and without the additional content.

Eventually, though, the complete version was ported to PC with unpacked resource files to boot.

Unused Tileset

La Mulana 2012 Hit parts.png

hit_parts.png shows a small set of colorful tiles not used in the game. The file name suggests that these were used during development to show collision for maps.

Unused Enemy Graphics

La Mulana 2012 bird.png

eveg17.png contains enemy graphics from the original La-Mulana that are used in the Gate of Time bonus area. The original surface birds are included in this file, but aren't used.