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Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole (Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3)

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Title Screen

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole

Developer: Krome Studios
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Platforms: Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Released in US: September 14, 2010
Released in EU: October 8, 2010
Released in AU: September 29, 2010

MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole has you control an owl, flying across the land to complete various missions. It is based on the movie of the same name, itself based on the Legend of the Guardians book series.

Unused Music


An interpretation of part of the song "Barbarian Horde" by Hans Zimmer, that loops. The batchief is a boss of the game, but uses different music.

More exactly, it is the exact same audio as the one here. It is however cut from 4m36 to 6m36s, and has what seems to be a normalization effect.

File Name

The credits theme is named "ui_tradermagsstore". In the books, Trader Mags is a trader, but there is no such character in the game or movie.

Unused Texts

from the us string file (from strings.mst.raw in en-us_wii.rkv)

SHARDS_LIBRARY_DESCRIPTION="This is where you look at books and scrolls."
TRADER_LIBRARY_DESCRIPTION="This is where you buy books and scrolls."
NO_ITEMS_OWNED="You don't yet own anything in this category. Explore the world some more, or buy something from Trader Mag's."
ALL_SOLD_OUT="Trader Mag is currently out of stock, try back later to see if there's anything new."

BT_P01_EZY="Welcome, [CHR]Shard[END]!"
BT_P02_EZY="There's much work to do.  Better not delay."
BT_P03_EZY="We best get started."
BT_P04_EZY="Ah…back again I see."
BT_P05_EZY="I assume… you're ready to move on?"
BT_P06_EZY="What to do next… what to do next…"
BT_P07_EZY="You are growing into a fine Guardian."
BT_P08_EZY="Each mission is a lesson.  You must continue to learn."
BT_P09_EZY="We must do what is right… not just what is allowed."
BT_P10_EZY="Our allies await your return."
BT_P11_EZY="Perhaps this mission was more than you could handle."
BT_P12_EZY="Learn from you failures and you shall eventually succeed."
BT_P13_EZY="With persistence you shall succeed."
BT_P14_EZY="No need to give up yet, there’s still plenty of fight in you."
BT_P15_EZY="You may have lost that battle, but the war has not yet been won."
BT_P16_EZY="Fight on, young Guardian."
BT_P17_EZY="Ah! You are here. Good… good…"
BT_P18_EZY="My hollow will now act as your base of operations."
BT_P19_EZY="Any missions that need to be done I will assign to you from here."
BT_P20_EZY="I will only plot your course of action,"
BT_P21_EZY="how you tackle them will be up to you."
BT_P22_EZY="I've already marked your first set of objectives."
BT_P23_EZY="Where would you like to start?"
BT_P24_EZY="Keep your wits about you when venturing into the Desert of Kuneer."
BT_P25_EZY="Entering the Forest Kingdom of Tyto will prove challenging."
BT_P26_EZY="Only the most experienced fliers head to the Northern Kingdoms."
BT_P27_EZY="To monitor your progress I'll need to know where you are heading."
BT_P28_EZY="No Guardian goes on patrol without informing the tree of their destination."
BT_P29_EZY="Where are you heading next, [CHR]Shard[END]?"
BT_P30_EZY="Where are you planning to go?"
BT_P31_EZY="Choose your next destination wisely."
BT_P32_EZY="Good luck, [CHR]Shard[END]."
BT_P33_EZY="Good luck and Glaux speed."
BT_P34_EZY="Hope you are ready, [CHR]Shard[END]."
BT_P35_EZY="Are you properly equipped for this mission?"
BT_P36_EZY="Don’t forget to go to your hollow occasionally and check your equipment."
BT_P37_EZY="Have you checked your equipment?"
BT_P38_EZY="Did you see Trader Mags?"
BT_P39_EZY="Have you seen Trader Mags yet?"
BT_P40_EZY="See Trader Mags if you need more equipment."
BT_P41_EZY="Have you upgraded your battle claws lately?"
BT_P42_EZY="Have you upgraded your armor lately?"
BT_P43_EZY="Your armor could do with an upgrade."
BT_P44_EZY="Your battle claws could do with an upgrade."
BT_P45_EZY="Are you ready?"
BT_P46_EZY="Are you ready for this?"
BT_P47_EZY="Are you sure you're ready?"
BT_P48_EZY="I see many dangers if you proceed."
BT_P49_EZY="I have a bad feeling about this."
BT_P50_EZY="This mission will definately test you."
BT_P01_KLU="So you're a Guardian of Ga'Hoole? (laughs)  Let's have it then, Guardian!  Let's see what you've got."
BT_P02_KLU="You're truly a disappointment, Guardian!"
BT_P03_KLU="Do something that at least challenges me!"
BT_P04_KLU="Looks like they let you out of the tree a bit too early, Guardian!"

“EZY” could stand for Ezylryb, while “KLU” could comes from Kludd, an antagonist present in the movie and the book serie, but not the game.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Debug Executable

The game contains a binary gog_Retail.elf file that is not stripped and contains the same binary as the one that is interpreted by the game. There is also a gog_Retail.map file containing the memory map data.

Debug Displays

A few unused debug displays can be found in the Wii version of the game and in the gog_Retail.elf file.

Particle Bounds

Named s_drawParticleBounds in the .elf file, this debug display shows the bounding boxes of a few particle systems in the game, such as the two fires in The Island of Hoole and the waterfall in The Forest Kingdom of Tyto. It can be enabled in the USA Wii version using the following decrypted Action Replay code : 005f25c1 00000001

Debug Entity Volumes

Named drawDebugEntityVolumes in the .elf file, this debug display shows various colored lines in the current level. It can be enabled in the USA Wii version using the following decrypted Action Replay code : 005f276d 00000001

UI Bounds

Named s_drawBounds in the .elf file, this debug display shows the bounding boxes of the elements of the UI. It can be enabled in the USA Wii version using the following decrypted Action Replay code : 005f2ede 00000001

(Source: Original TCRF research)