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Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded

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Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards: Reloaded

Also known as: Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded
Developer: N-Fusion Interactive
Publishers: Replay Games, Codemasters
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, Android
Released internationally: June 27, 2013

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

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Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded is the second remake of the first Leisure Suit Larry game.

Texture Oddities

After sleeping with the hooker and talking to her, her cigarette is missing. The texture does still have it, though.

Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded-BarHookerCloseUpAlpha2.dds.png

A sprite of Larry standing without a helmet is present in the AngryBroads texture. This probably means that the game was originally playable instead of being stuck in a demo mode.

Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded-AngryBroadsAlpha.png

Unused Textures

A version of Larry's wallet with banknotes present. For whatever reason, only the money-less version is used in-game.

Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded-Wallet.png

Unused Audio

Getting the box of wine via a bug or changing the game files on a place you aren't able to keep the box of wine (due to the taxi driver drinking it and causing a death scene), you can actually trigger unused audio which doesn't appear in normal gameplay.

Unused Text

Looking inside the text files, shows that giving the punk an object or using as example the zipper on him, the narrator is remarking something to Larry. Using an item on the punk in-game, triggers no dialogue at all, making these go unused.

String Explanation
"Thank goodness a kindly citizen is making his way towards you! Surely you'll be safer together!" Shown in the files using the "Look" option on the punk.
"By touching him, you run the risk of impaling your hand on one of his attractive accessories." Shown in the files using the "Use/Hand" option on the punk.
"He smells like that hot new cologne, "My Evisceration." Shown in the files using the "Taste/Smell" option on the punk.
"But you haven't even been properly introduced!" Shown in the files using the "Zipper" option on the punk.
"Agitating him is the LAST thing you want to do!" Shown in the files for using the Vibrator on the punk.
"He's already got one of those. In his dungeon." Shown on the files for using a generic inventory on the punk.