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Life is Strange/Unused Text

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This is a sub-page of Life is Strange.

The following unused text is found in the subtitle strings within the localization files. "Cues" that start without "Cue" or "Act" are dialog options, everything else is spoken lines.

Episode 1

Parking Lot - CU_E1_3D

Looking at Jefferson's car and additional lines when Chloe saves Max.

Cue: Line:
Act_E1_3D_CampusPark_JeffersonCar_Look01_Max_010 "Jefferson must keep this beauty in storage. Art pays."
Cue_E1_3D_CampusPark_NathanArrives_Part02_Chloe_140 "Later, punkasss psycho. Eat fumes."
Cue_E1_3D_CampusPark_NathanArrives_Part02_Max_050 "Stop that! Right now!"

Chloe's Truck - CU_E1_4A

In Chloe's truck

Cue: Line:
Cue_E1_4A_ChloeCar_BrokenCamera_Chloe_080 "Fasten your seatbelt."

Chloe's House Upstairs - CU_E1_5A

Looking at objects in Chloe's room, some have been cut or made unlookable.

Cue: Line:
Act_E1_5A_Bathroom_Scale_Interact01_Max_010 "No comment."
Act_E1_5A_Bathroom_Scale_Look01_Max_010 "I already weighed myself last week."
Act_E1_5A_ChloeRoom_Picture01_Look01_Max_010 "Three grand to fix that piece of shit? Chloe must have beatdown her piggy bank..."
Act_E1_5A_ChloeRoom_ShoeBox_Look02_Max_010 "Chloe tries to act like she's over her dad, but I don't think she can let go of him..."

Episode 2

Girls' Dormitories - CU_E2_1A

In Kate's room.

Cue: Line:
Act_E2_1A_KateRoom_Cross_Look01_Max_010 "I vow to use my powers for good, not evil. Seriously. Amen."

Main Campus - Morning - CU_E2_1C

Only a short line from Max, nothing much to see here.

Audio: Cue: Line: Note:
Act_E2_1C_CampusA_VoiceOver01_Max_010= "Finally, I get some Max time. I need to zone out with some tunes..." Another thought that was to play
before seeing David and Nathan.

Diner - CU_E2_2A

At the Two Whales Diner.

Cue: Line:
Act_E2_2A_Diner_CigVendingMachine_Look01_Max_010 "Get yer cancer packs here!"
Act_E2_2A_Diner_OffBus_VoiceOver01_Max_020 "No way Chloe will be there early. I have the time to rewind and explore a bit. Nice."

Junkyard - CU_E2_3A

Thoughts around the junkyard.

Cue: Line:
Act_E2_3A_Junkyard_Graffiti03_Look01_Max_010 "Can't see the name of who Frank loves... "
Act_E2_3A_Junkyard_Graffiti04_Look01_Max_010 "A popular meme these days..."
Act_E2_3A_Junkyard_MessageInBottle_Look01_Max_010 "Oh my gawd... I've actually found a message in a bottle!"
Act_E2_3A_Junkyard_MessageInBottle_Look02_Max_020 "Why yes, I could just accidently smash it open and take a peek..."
Act_E2_3A_Junkyard_MessageInBottle_Look03_Max_030 "Boom! Release the message! But I can't bring broken glass to Chloe. I can always rewind to unbreak the bottle..."
Act_E2_3A_Junkyard_MessageInBottle_Look04_Max_040 "Now what's up with this weird secret relationship? Sounds like Rachel was confused about it, maybe even ashamed... I wish she named names. I better not show this to Chloe or she will be seriously hurt."
Act_E2_3A_Junkyard_MessageInBottle_Look05_Max_050 "Snap! Everything back the way it was. Rachel wanted this message to be secret, and so it shall remain a secret..."

Main Campus - Before Class - Cue_E2_4A

David was supposed to appear in this scene.

Audio: Cue: Line: Note:
Cue_E2_4A_CampusA_CarArriving_Max_030= "Nothing exciting ever happens to us, right?" A used retake of this line exists that is more uplifting in tone.
Cue_E2_4A_CampusA_CarArriving_David_060= "Partners in goddamn crime." By this point, David is already waiting in the school
and would have no chance to confront Max outside.

Dormitories - Cue_E2_4C

Extra answers for Kate on the roof.

Cue: Line:
Cue_E2_4C_CampusB_CHKate_Phase01_Kate_105 "It won't Max, it won't...I was drugged and nobody believes me, not even the students here that are supposed to be my friends."
Cue_E2_4C_CampusB_CHKate_Phase01_Max_106 "Brooke is your friend, isn't she?"
Cue_E2_4C_CampusB_CHKate_Phase01_Kate_111 "You are clueless, Max. Brooke makes fun of me, because I'm not an atheist. Maybe I am now..."
Cue_E2_4C_CampusB_CHKate_Phase01_Max_109 "What about Dana? She believes you..."
Cue_E2_4C_CampusB_CHKate_Phase01_Kate_112 "I saw Dana watching the video with Trevor. Some friends. Fake. Like my whole stupid life..."
Cue_E2_4C_CampusB_CHKate_Phase01_Max_108 "Of course Stella believes you! She's never bought into this video bullshit!"
Cue_E2_4C_CampusB_CHKate_Phase01_Kate_113 "I know... you're right. She never judged me. Or doubted me."
Cue_E2_4C_CampusB_CHKate_Phase01_Max_107 "I know that Alyssa believes you. Has she ever treated you any different than before?"
Cue_E2_4C_CampusB_CHKate_Phase01_Kate_114 "No. If anything she's been more sweet. I guess I shouldn't judge everybody, you think?"

Episode 3

Girl Dormitories - CU_E3_1A

In Max's room.

Cue: Line:
Cue_E3_1A_MaxRoom_MaxWakesUp_Max_010 "Kate!"
Cue_E3_1A_MaxRoom_MaxWakesUp_Max_020 "Take it easy, SuperMax. Save your strength.."
Cue_E3_1A_MaxRoom_MaxWakesUp_Max_030 "And since you're suspended you can sleep in... Some punishment."
Cue_E3_1A_MaxRoom_MaxWakesUp_Max_040 "And I still have to get up for class in a few hours... Urrgh."

Main Campus Evening - Cue_E3_1C

Additional Chloe lines.

Cue: Line:
Cue_E3_1C_CampusA_EnteringBuilding_Chloe_010 "Oh, it is on like Donkey Kong."
Cue_E3_1C_CampusA_JeffersonVictoria_Chloe_340 "No doubt. She has Jefferson by the balls."

Victoria talking to Jefferson about Max.

Cue: Line:
Cue_E3_1C_CampusA_JeffersonVictoria_Victoria_130 "I hate Max Caulfield. Can't you see how phony she is with her "Oh, I'm so shy and fragile" crap? She's a total drama queen."
Cue_E3_1C_CampusA_JeffersonVictoria_Jefferson_140 "I guess you would know all about that, Victoria."
Cue_E3_1C_CampusA_JeffersonVictoria_Victoria_150 "Max got suspended, not me. And I bet she was probably teasing Kate on that roof..."
Cue_E3_1C_CampusA_JeffersonVictoria_Jefferson_160 "Yes, Max is famous for her bullying. Come on, Victoria."
Cue_E3_1C_CampusA_JeffersonVictoria_Victoria_170 "All I know is that Max took a photo of me when Samuel spilled paint on me the other day... Why should anybody trust her?"
Cue_E3_1C_CampusA_JeffersonVictoria_Victoria_180 "Okay, I do know she was nice when Samuel spilled paint on me the other day... I'm shocked she didn't take a picture to humiliate me..."
Cue_E3_1C_CampusA_JeffersonVictoria_Victoria_190 "I heard David Madsen is investigating her..."
Cue_E3_1C_CampusA_JeffersonVictoria_Jefferson_200 "Who isn't David Madsen investigating?"
Cue_E3_1C_CampusA_JeffersonVictoria_Victoria_210 "I heard she got David Madsen fired."
Cue_E3_1C_CampusA_JeffersonVictoria_Jefferson_220 "Officially placed on leave. But I'm not shedding any tears."

High School Evening - CU_E3_2A

Evan's entry in the Everyday Hero contest.

Cue: Line:
Act_E3_2A_Corridor_EverydayHeroPhoto4_Look01_Max_010= "How can my sad selfies compete with this? Evan has a lens for an eye..."

Swimming Pool Evening - Act_E3_3A

Max looking at other student's lockers in the swimming pool complex.

Cue: Line:
Act_E3_3A_SwimPool_MiscObject02_Look01_Max_010 "Taylor has more makeup in here than I've owned in my entire life."
Act_E3_3A_SwimPool_MiscObject07_Look01_Max_010 "This is sweet. Daniel is quite the artist."
Act_E3_3A_SwimPool_MiscObject09_Look01_Max_010 "That is some dank bud, Justin. Glad Chloe isn't here..."
Act_E3_3A_SwimPool_MiscObjectVictoria_Interact01_Max_010 "Sorry Victoria, I'm only human. And you're not."
Act_E3_3A_SwimPool_MiscObjectVictoria_Look01_Max_010 "Don't do it, Max... "Be the change you wish to see..." Don't, Max..."
Act_E3_3A_SwimPool_Necklace_Look01_Max_010 "Only Victoria would keep serious bling in her locker."

Chloe's House Downstairs - Cue_E3_5B

Conversations with Chloe, David and Joyce post-argument.

Chloe post-argument:

Cue: Line:
Cue_E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHChloe_MaxChloeAccusedDavid_Chloe_001= "Here comes Super-Max to the rescue!"
Cue_E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHChloe_MaxChloeAccusedDavid_Chloe_002= "Sorry? That was epic! You fucking ripped that asshole a whole new one! How do you feel?"
Cue_E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHChloe_MaxChloeAccusedDavid_Chloe_004= "Right? I'm so proud of you. And Joyce for finally kicking him to the curb."
Cue_E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHChloe_MaxChloeAccusedDavid_Chloe_005= "She's been in denial too long. But I'm so proud of her for kicking him to the curb."
Cue_E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHChloe_MaxChloeAccusedDavid_Max_006= "Sorry about blowing up in there..."
Cue_E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHChloe_MaxChloeAccusedDavid_Max_007= "I feel good about finally telling that asshole off."
Cue_E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHChloe_MaxChloeAccusedDavid_Max_008= "I feel bad about saying that in front of your mother..."
Cue_E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHChloe_MaxChloeAccusedDavid_Max_009= "I hear you. But this isn't about David right now. It's about Rachel... and Frank."
Cue_E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHChloe_MaxChloeDefendDavid_Chloe_001= "What do you want to fix now, Max?"
Cue_E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHChloe_MaxChloeDefendDavid_Chloe_002= "I cannot believe you just defended the asshole who hit me. What kind of best friend are you?"
Cue_E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHChloe_MaxChloeDefendDavid_Chloe_003= "I cannot believe you just defended that asshole. What kind of best friend are you?"
Cue_E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHChloe_MaxChloeDefendDavid_Chloe_004= "Just because you saved me doesn't mean I need 24/7 babysitting! David..."
Cue_E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHChloe_MaxChloeDefendDavid_Max_005= "Listen, without even rewinding, I know what you're going to say..."
Cue_E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHChloe_MaxChloeDefendDavid_Max_006= "One who cares enough to stop you from starting shit."
Cue_E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHChloe_MaxChloeDefendDavid_Max_007= "You don't get it. That wasn't the time to start shit."
Cue_E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHChloe_MaxChloeDefendDavid_Max_008= "Yes Chloe, David is a dick. But this isn't about him right now. It's about Rachel... and Frank."
E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHChloe_MaxChloeAccusedDavid_000= "I feel good."
E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHChloe_MaxChloeAccusedDavid_001= "I feel bad."
E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHChloe_MaxChloeDefendDavid_000= "One who cares."
E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHChloe_MaxChloeDefendDavid_001= "You don't get it..."

David post-argument:

Cue: Line:
Cue_E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHDavid_MaxAccusedDavid_David_001= "Well, well... I just... hope it makes you happy to break up my marriage."
Cue_E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHDavid_MaxAccusedDavid_David_002= "Well, well... sure hope it makes you happy to get me fired and break up my marriage..."
Cue_E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHDavid_MaxAccusedDavid_David_003= "Yes, I have to admit it, Max. You have balls of steel. If you were a man..."
Cue_E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHDavid_MaxAccusedDavid_David_004= "I'm not threatening anybody. This is self-defense."
Cue_E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHDavid_MaxAccusedDavid_David_005= "Oh yeah, I can hear the Chloe influence now."
Cue_E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHDavid_MaxAccusedDavid_David_009= "Or else"? Is that an actual threat? Oh I'd love to see you back that up, trooper. Anytime..."
Cue_E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHDavid_MaxAccusedDavid_Max_006= "If you were a man, you wouldn't be threatening people all the time."
Cue_E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHDavid_MaxAccusedDavid_Max_007= "But I'm not. So why would you even say that?"
Cue_E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHDavid_MaxAccusedDavid_Max_008= "Just stay the hell away from me. And Chloe. Or else."
Cue_E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHDavid_MaxDefendDavid_David_001= "Max... I know you didn't have to stick up for me back there. Why did you?"
Cue_E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHDavid_MaxDefendDavid_David_005= "That's not because of me. I've always tried to give them a secure, loving home."
Cue_E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHDavid_MaxDefendDavid_David_006= "Well... thank you. I'm only trying to keep my family secure."
Cue_E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHDavid_MaxDefendDavid_David_008= "Max, when you're in a war zone, you're never safe. You're young, you don't understand that this town can... So that's why I overstep my bounds. Sometimes..."
Cue_E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHDavid_MaxDefendDavid_Max_002= "Because Chloe and Joyce have been through enough."
Cue_E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHDavid_MaxDefendDavid_Max_003= "I don't know. It felt like the right thing to do at the time."
Cue_E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHDavid_MaxDefendDavid_Max_007= "Maybe too secure..."
E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHDavid_MaxAccusedDavid_000= "If you were a man."
E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHDavid_MaxAccusedDavid_001= "But I'm not."
E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHDavid_MaxDefendDavid_000= "Chloe and Joyce."
E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHDavid_MaxDefendDavid_001= "I don't know."

Joyce post-argument

Cue: Line:
Cue_E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHJoyce_MaxJoyceAccusedDavid_Joyce_001= "Hi Max..."
Cue_E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHJoyce_MaxJoyceAccusedDavid_Joyce_003= "Oh Max. I'm mad at myself. I'm very sorry you had to be involved in this..."
Cue_E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHJoyce_MaxJoyceAccusedDavid_Joyce_006= "I was the one who fell in love with David and brought him into my home. He was a hardass to Chloe, but so gentle with me. Almost grateful..."
Cue_E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHJoyce_MaxJoyceAccusedDavid_Joyce_008= "He's shit out of luck now. How can I trust him after all this?"
Cue_E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHJoyce_MaxJoyceAccusedDavid_Max_002= "Joyce... are you okay? Are you mad at me?"
Cue_E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHJoyce_MaxJoyceAccusedDavid_Max_004= "God Joyce, it's not your fault."
Cue_E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHJoyce_MaxJoyceAccusedDavid_Max_005= "It's my fault for getting you involved back there."
Cue_E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHJoyce_MaxJoyceAccusedDavid_Max_007= "He was lucky to find you."
Cue_E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHJoyce_MaxJoyceDefendDavid_Joyce_001= "Hi Max..."
Cue_E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHJoyce_MaxJoyceDefendDavid_Joyce_003= "For what? You did the right thing and stood up for David. Chloe never would..."
Cue_E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHJoyce_MaxJoyceDefendDavid_Joyce_006= "Who isn't Chloe mad at? How could she make it through the day without being pissed off?"
Cue_E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHJoyce_MaxJoyceDefendDavid_Joyce_007= "Sometimes I do too. But if you look at everybody like they're an enemy, you'll make one."
Cue_E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHJoyce_MaxJoyceDefendDavid_Joyce_009= "Believe it or not, David makes me happy. Chloe never gave him that same chance."
Cue_E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHJoyce_MaxJoyceDefendDavid_Max_002= "Joyce, I'm sorry about what just happened..."
Cue_E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHJoyce_MaxJoyceDefendDavid_Max_004= "I think she's mad at me for doing that."
Cue_E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHJoyce_MaxJoyceDefendDavid_Max_005= "I understand why."
Cue_E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHJoyce_MaxJoyceDefendDavid_Max_008= "I hear you, Joyce. I just want you and her to be happy."
E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHJoyce_MaxJoyceAccusedDavid_000= "It's not your fault."
E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHJoyce_MaxJoyceAccusedDavid_001= "It's my fault."
E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHJoyce_MaxJoyceDefendDavid_000= "She's mad at me."
E3_5B_LivingRoom_CHJoyce_MaxJoyceDefendDavid_001= "I understand why."

Diner - Cue_E3_6B

Extra questions Max could originally ask Nathan at the diner.

Cue: Line:
Cue_E3_6B_Diner_CHNathan_Puzzle_Nathan_001= "You are shitting me... Where did you get those clothes? You don't even know Rachel... What are you up to? Huh? Tell me stat, Caulfield!"
Cue_E3_6B_Diner_CHNathan_Puzzle_Max_006= "You're his bitch, right?"
Cue_E3_6B_Diner_CHNathan_Puzzle_Nathan_008= "Oh Max, you are going to pay for that one."
Cue_E3_6B_Diner_CHNathan_Puzzle_Max_013= "So the Vortex Club won't survive another scandal."
Cue_E3_6B_Diner_CHNathan_Puzzle_Nathan_014= "Whatthefuckever, brah. It survived this long without you or... anybody else."
Cue_E3_6B_Diner_CHNathan_Puzzle_Max_015= "You're the boss?"
Cue_E3_6B_Diner_CHNathan_Puzzle_Nathan_017= "Oh you'll find out. When you least expect it. Seriously. That's it, we're done talking, camera girl."
Cue_E3_6B_Diner_CHNathan_Puzzle_Max_016= "Not for long... "brah."
Cue_E3_6B_Diner_CHNathan_Puzzle_Nathan_018= "Right. Now eat shit and die, bitch."
Cue_E3_6B_Diner_CHNathan_Puzzle_Max_019= "If I wanted to I could have mentioned Frank gave you prescription meds for your personal use..."
Cue_E3_6B_Diner_CHNathan_Puzzle_Nathan_020= "How—how did you know that?"
Cue_E3_6B_Diner_CHNathan_Puzzle_Max_021= "Because I know things."
Cue_E3_6B_Diner_CHNathan_Puzzle_Max_035= "Did you rape her?"
Cue_E3_6B_Diner_CHNathan_Puzzle_Nathan_037= "You are fucking evil, Max. No way are you asking me this... I didn't touch her and I wouldn't! You just crossed my red line, you little—"
Cue_E3_6B_Diner_CHNathan_Puzzle_Max_045= "Does Frank know that? I bet his dad can't protect him."
Cue_E3_6B_Diner_CHNathan_Puzzle_Nathan_046= "Too bad, so fucking sad. Guy's into freaky shit. Man, he told me he once took a weird blood oath for Rachel... Uh, forget I told you that. Seriously."
Cue_E3_6B_Diner_CHNathan_Puzzle_Max_049= "How can I forget a "blood oath"?"
Cue_E3_6B_Diner_CHNathan_Puzzle_Nathan_050= "If you say anything to Frank, I will fuck your shit up hard. You and that slut, Chloe."
Cue_E3_6B_Diner_CHNathan_Puzzle_Max_051= "Don't say another word about her. Or you will regret it. Seriously."

Main Campus Noon - Cue_E3_7A

Chloe after dropping Max off at Blackwell.

Cue: Line:
Cue_E3_7A_CampusA_SmallTalk_Chloe_010= "Never mind, Max. My life isn't worth your precious time anyway..."
Cue_E3_7A_CampusA_SmallTalk_Chloe_020= "You can't help this time, Max. Not unless you can rewind back five years to save my dad... Have a nice day."
Cue_E3_7A_CampusA_SmallTalk_Chloe_030= "You can't help this time, Max. Not unless you can rewind five years to save my dad... Have a nice day at school."

Completely scrapped conversation with Jefferson before Max returns to her dorm.

Cue: Line:
Act_E3_7A_CampusA_BeforeMeetingMark_Max_010= "I do need a break from the Chloe Rollercoaster... And I just want to help her..."
Cue_E3_7A_CampusA_CHJefferson_JeffersonCrossMax01_Jefferson_001= "Max, can I talk to you for a moment?"
Cue_E3_7A_CampusA_CHJefferson_JeffersonCrossMax01_Jefferson_004= "I just wanted to see how you were doing."
Cue_E3_7A_CampusA_CHJefferson_JeffersonCrossMax01_Jefferson_007= "I know. I'm truly sorry for Kate and that you all had to see that. If you want, there are counselors available."
Cue_E3_7A_CampusA_CHJefferson_JeffersonCrossMax01_Jefferson_008= "I just wanted to remind you how proud we all are of you for helping Kate."
Cue_E3_7A_CampusA_CHJefferson_JeffersonCrossMax01_Jefferson_011= "You are truly modest, Max. Aside from the selfies. But give yourself some credit. Hey, you alright?"
Cue_E3_7A_CampusA_CHJefferson_JeffersonCrossMax01_Jefferson_012= "When you accused me of making Kate cry?"
Cue_E3_7A_CampusA_CHJefferson_JeffersonCrossMax01_Jefferson_014= "You might be the nosiest student in the history of Blackwell."
Cue_E3_7A_CampusA_CHJefferson_JeffersonCrossMax01_Jefferson_015= "Max, if I was as confused as you I might have done the same thing. But I honestly only tried to help Kate."
Cue_E3_7A_CampusA_CHJefferson_JeffersonCrossMax01_Jefferson_016= "Honestly, Max? I was burned out on the contest. You think I'm a pretentious artist here, imagine me in San Francisco... I'm still rooting for you though."
Cue_E3_7A_CampusA_CHJefferson_JeffersonCrossMax01_Jefferson_020= "Who needs a surveillance system when you have Max Caulfield and her camera eye? And, it's none of your business."
Cue_E3_7A_CampusA_CHJefferson_JeffersonCrossMax01_Jefferson_021= "Max, I'm not an "Everyday Hero." I just tried to help Kate, but she didn't want my advice, okay?"
Cue_E3_7A_CampusA_CHJefferson_JeffersonCrossMax01_Jefferson_023= "I hope that's not a fatal character flaw... Wouldn't want to deprive the art world of your vision."
Cue_E3_7A_CampusA_CHJefferson_JeffersonCrossMax01_Jefferson_024= "Regret and nostalgia can be a dangerous combo. You can't change the past, Max. You just have to accept your choices and "walk on." Which is my clever exit cue."
Cue_E3_7A_CampusA_CHJefferson_JeffersonCrossMax01_Jefferson_025= "You mean accusing Nathan Prescott of drugging Kate?"
Cue_E3_7A_CampusA_CHJefferson_JeffersonCrossMax01_Jefferson_026= "You mean getting Nathan Prescott expelled?"
Cue_E3_7A_CampusA_CHJefferson_JeffersonCrossMax01_Jefferson_029= "Since you reported him for having a gun as well, I want you to be careful around here. Not to scare you."
Cue_E3_7A_CampusA_CHJefferson_JeffersonCrossMax01_Jefferson_030= "Well, I think Nathan is more bark than bite. Don't let him scare you."
Cue_E3_7A_CampusA_CHJefferson_JeffersonCrossMax01_Jefferson_032= "When you accused David Madsen of bullying Kate?"
Cue_E3_7A_CampusA_CHJefferson_JeffersonCrossMax01_Jefferson_033= "About David Madsen losing his Blackwell privileges?"
Cue_E3_7A_CampusA_CHJefferson_JeffersonCrossMax01_Jefferson_036= "I absolutely believe you—as you can tell, I'm not a fan of his work. Don't let him scare you."
Cue_E3_7A_CampusA_CHJefferson_JeffersonCrossMax01_Jefferson_037= "Because you have a good heart, Max. Nothing to feel guilty about. But don't waste that feeling on Madsen. Pardon my French, but he's fucking asshole. Don't let him scare you."
Cue_E3_7A_CampusA_CHJefferson_JeffersonCrossMax01_Jefferson_043= "Once you get back from your suspension, we're going to talk about your future in photography, cool?"
Cue_E3_7A_CampusA_CHJefferson_JeffersonCrossMax01_Jefferson_044= "We need to sit down soon and talk about your future in photography, cool?"
Cue_E3_7A_CampusA_CHJefferson_JeffersonCrossMax01_Max_003= "Uh, sure, Mr. Jefferson."
Cue_E3_7A_CampusA_CHJefferson_JeffersonCrossMax01_Max_005= "Thanks, but I didn't do much. She just needed somebody with her..."
Cue_E3_7A_CampusA_CHJefferson_JeffersonCrossMax01_Max_006= "I'm okay. It's hard to focus on much after what happened..."
Cue_E3_7A_CampusA_CHJefferson_JeffersonCrossMax01_Max_009= "No... but I don't know why I did that..."
Cue_E3_7A_CampusA_CHJefferson_JeffersonCrossMax01_Max_010= "I just feel weird about what happened in the Principal's office yesterday..."
Cue_E3_7A_CampusA_CHJefferson_JeffersonCrossMax01_Max_013= "Yeah... I feel shitty about you not getting to do the "Everyday Hero" contest... Do you hate me now?"
Cue_E3_7A_CampusA_CHJefferson_JeffersonCrossMax01_Max_017= "Thanks, Mr. Jefferson. But a career in photography seems as far away now as San Francisco... I'm just not confident."
Cue_E3_7A_CampusA_CHJefferson_JeffersonCrossMax01_Max_018= "I also saw you and Victoria talking last night..."
Cue_E3_7A_CampusA_CHJefferson_JeffersonCrossMax01_Max_019= "How did you try to help Kate? She ran away crying..."
Cue_E3_7A_CampusA_CHJefferson_JeffersonCrossMax01_Max_022= "I know, I know, it's a bad habit."
Cue_E3_7A_CampusA_CHJefferson_JeffersonCrossMax01_Max_031= "Too late. I'm not always that brave."
Cue_E3_7A_CampusA_CHJefferson_JeffersonCrossMax01_Max_034= "Yes. Even though he absolutely did."
Cue_E3_7A_CampusA_CHJefferson_JeffersonCrossMax01_Max_035= "He deserved it. So why do I feel guilty?"
Cue_E3_7A_CampusA_CHJefferson_JeffersonCrossMax01_Max_038= "Oh, you mean my silly retro selfies? The art world would only laugh."
Cue_E3_7A_CampusA_CHJefferson_JeffersonCrossMax01_Max_039= "What "vision"?"
Cue_E3_7A_CampusA_CHJefferson_JeffersonCrossMax01_Max_040= "Me neither. It just seems like another world."
Cue_E3_7A_CampusA_CHJefferson_JeffersonCrossMax01_Max_042= "It's so hard for me to see the future when I'm always looking backwards..."
Cue_E3_7A_CampusA_CHJefferson_JeffersonCrossMax01_Max_045= "Yes. And now, I expect him to come after me..."
Cue_E3_7A_CampusA_CHJefferson_JeffersonCrossMax01_Max_046= "He drugged Kate. I know it."

Alternate Main Campus - Cue_E3_7D

Interactions within the alternate timeline.

Cue: Line:
Cue_E3_7D_CampusA_AnotherReality_Max_050= "Hey Warren... Stella..."
Cue_E3_7D_CampusA_AnotherReality_Max_060= "Victoria is my BFF... Warren thinks I'm a freak..."
Cue_E3_7D_CampusA_AnotherReality_Taylor_060= "Cute... Maybe Max is high..."

Episode 4

Boy's Dormitories - CU_E4_5A

Thoughts on the boy's slates and about writing on Warren's.

Audio: Cue: Line: Note:
Act_E4_5A_Corridor_BigFoot_Look01_Max_010= "I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Bigfoot showed up. Why not?" Made unlookable.
Act_E4_5A_Corridor_EvanSlate_Look01_Max_010= "Evan gives no shits for what anybody thinks. Good." Revised.
Act_E4_5A_Corridor_FireExtinguisher_Look01_Max_010= "I could use that fire extinguisher to bust in..." Made unlookable.
Act_E4_5A_Corridor_ScriptedNathanDoor01_Max_010= "After expert deduction, Nathan’s room number can only be 111…"
Act_E4_5A_Corridor_NathanSlate_Look02_Max_020= "Nathan’s room number: Kate’s revenge."
Act_E4_5A_Corridor_NathanDoor_Look01_Max_010= "Of course it’s locked. But not for long..." Made unlookable.
Act_E4_5A_Corridor_NathanDoor_Interact01_Max_010= "Cool ! Now it's opened."
Act_E4_5A_Corridor_ScriptedObjective02_Max_010= "Thanks, bros. Now I need another way to find Nathan’s room." Max reacting to the ruined map.
Act_E4_5A_Corridor_BathroomDoor_Look01_Max_010= "Even if my bladder was on fire, I would never enter that door. Ever." Made unlookable.
Cue_E4_5A_Corridor_WarrenToilet_IGE_Warren_010= "Come on, baby..." Warren could have been heard in the corridor, making his appearance later less surprising.
Cue_E4_5A_Corridor_WarrenToilet_IGE_Warren_020= "Gimme those points, freaky octopus..."
Cue_E4_5A_Corridor_WarrenToilet_IGE_Warren_030= "One more match and you’re mine..."
Cue_E4_5A_Corridor_WarrenToilet_IGE_Warren_040= "Level up, bitch!"
Act_E4_5A_Corridor_Door109Slate_Interact02_Max_030= "I could write something cute but I really don’t want to lead Warren on."
Act_E4_5A_Corridor_Door109Slate_Look03_Max_030= "Since I’m not Going Ape with Warren to the drive-in, I probably shouldn’t write something on his slate..."

Nathan's Room - CU_E4_5A

Looking at objects in Nathan's room that have been cut, revised or made unlookable.

Audio: Cue: Line: Note:
Act_E4_5A_NathanRoom_RachelStuff_Look01_Max_010= "Looks like Frank's bracelet... Did Rachel give this to Nathan?" This, along with the early location list, may indicate that this scene took place after meeting Frank.
Act_E4_5A_NathanRoom_BedUnder_Look01_Max_010= "Bro porn." Revised.
E4_5A_NathanRoom_JeffersonLetter_SP01= "Dear Mr. Prescott,\n\nAs a photography teacher at Blackwell Academy, it’s my privilege to meet many talented and ambitious students who I believe will all reach their goals in one way or another. This is a realistic view of today’s highly limited and competitive art market -- and a pragmatic POV I stress in my lectures. I can say with as much validity as my awards and experience are worth to you, that Nathan Prescott has one of the finest eyes for photography I’ve ever encountered at Blackwell. Talent without passion or commitment can be a great hobby, but not a career. To be blunt, Nathan has been very lax this semester about turning in his assignments and his erratic behavior in class has been noted by faculty and students. \n\nEven though Nathan is a legal adult, I feel that as his father and Blackwell benefactor, you know your son better than anybody here and would appreciate the spirit of my concern for his well-being. On the academic side, Nathan must turn in all of his remaining assignments for his portfolio within two weeks in order to pass the class and retain his excellent GPA. \n\nThank you for your time and I’m always available to talk if you have any questions. \n\nBest, \nMark Jefferson" Unused text for a letter
Act_E4_5A_NathanRoom_JeffersonLetter_Max_010= "Damn, Mr. Prescott sure doesn’t own Mr. Jefferson...yet. Does he think Nathan has a better eye than me?"
E4_5A_NathanRoom_WellsLetter_SP010= "Dear Nathan,\n\nI wanted to drop you a note to say that if you’re having any issues with classes or dorm life, you can always come to my office, or I can recommend wiser folks than myself to lend a helping ear. I’d like to think you know I have your best interests at heart despite some our of past disagreements. \n\nBlackwell Academy should bring out the best in our students and vice versa, so if you feel that isn’t the case, let’s work together to find the right solution. I know school can be a challenging time in a young person’s life (especially given your Prescott legacy) but you have many options available here at Blackwell. Again, please drop by anytime if you’d like to discuss this in person and of course, our conversation would be strictly confidential. \n\nSincerely,\nRay Wells"?" Unused text for a letter
Act_E4_5A_NathanRoom_WellsLetter_Max_010= "Well, at least Principal Wells tried to help Nathan...without letting his dad know..."
Act_E4_5A_NathanRoom_AlcoholBottle_Look01_Max_010= "I wonder if he keeps this bottle for himself or... or somebody else." Made unlookable.
Act_E4_5A_NathanRoom_Remote_Look01_Max_010= "This remote looks simple enough..." Made unlookable.
Act_E4_5A_NathanRoom_TumorPoster_Look01_Max_010= "If this was anybody else's wall, I wouldn't care." Made unlookable.
Act_E4_5A_NathanRoom_Blinds_Max_010= "Maybe this is Nathan’s "Dark Room"..." Made unlookable.
Act_E4_5A_NathanRoom_Bed_Look01_Max_010= "I think I read once that a clean room is the sign of a sick mind... Nathan's room is spotless." Made unlookable.
Act_E4_5A_NathanRoom_Bookshelves_Look01_Max_010= "Damn, those art books must have cost a fortune..." Made unlookable.
Act_E4_5A_NathanRoom_Mp3Player_Look01_Max_010= "Let’s hear some music..." Made unlookable.
Act_E4_5A_NathanRoom_Sofa_Look01_Max_010= "Looks like the sofa has been moved back and forth over and over..." Made unlookable.
Act_E4_5A_NathanRoom_WallScreen_Look01_Max_010= "Oh... Nathan was in a scary expressionist mood." Made unlookable.
Act_E4_5A_NathanRoom_ScriptedBustedDoor_Max_010= "I actually busted a door open with a fire extinguisher... like a boss."
Act_E4_5A_NathanRoom_ScriptedLightChange_Max_010= "Now let there be more light!" The switch cannot be interacted with, the room always stays dark.

Nathan Confrontation - CU_E4_5A

Confrontation with Nathan in the boy's dorm corridor.

Audio: Cue: Line: Note:
Cue_E4_5A_Corridor_NathanBack_Warren_060= "Max?"
Cue_E4_5A_Corridor_NathanBack_Max_100= "Warren, wait!"
Cue_E4_5A_Corridor_NathanBack_Nathan_030= "Everybody is waiting for the storm…"
Cue_E4_5A_Corridor_NathanBack_Nathan_040= "Max, what are you doing in my dorm? Snitches get stitches... bitches!"
Cue_E4_5A_Corridor_NathanBack_BeatHim_Nathan_005= "I see you! I can see you’re all going to die!" The line is different in the audio: "I see you! I see all of you and you're all gonna die!"
Cue_E4_5A_Corridor_NathanBack_BeatHim_Nathan_010= "The storm is coming! You’re all gonna die!"
Cue_E4_5A_Corridor_NathanBack_BeatHim_Nathan_045= "Stop...My dad will get you...stop…"
Cue_E4_5A_Corridor_NathanBack_BeatHim_Max_070= "Right now."
Cue_E4_5A_Corridor_NathanBack_BeatHim_Chloe_080= "Hella yeah."
Cue_E4_5A_Corridor_NathanBack_RTC_Nathan_035= "Who’s going to take my picture? Who?" Different line in audio: "Who's gonna take my picture, huh? Who?"
Cue_E4_5A_Corridor_NathanBack_SaveHim_Max_050= "Come on... He doesn't even see us..."
Cue_E4_5A_Corridor_NathanBack_SaveHim_Nathan_020= "Ow! Oh, my head... The storm... the storm is still coming... and you? You're all dead! You're all dead, you hear me? Dead!"
Cue_E4_5A_Corridor_NathanNotBeaten_IGE_Nathan_010= "I saw it...I saw the storm…"
Cue_E4_5A_Corridor_NathanNotBeaten_IGE_Nathan_020= "No, big daddy, I won’t take your pills...FUCK YOU!"
Cue_E4_5A_Corridor_NathanNotBeaten_IGE_Nathan_030= "Everybody wants to hurt me...I didn’t hurt Kate…"
Cue_E4_5A_Corridor_NathanNotBeaten_IGE_Nathan_040= "Look at my camera...I can take pictures too…"
Act_E4_5A_Corridor_ChNathan_Look01_Max_010= "Nathan, I hate violence, but... you had it coming."
Act_E4_5A_Corridor_ScriptedObjective03_Max_010= "I've left enough chaos in the boys' dorm... I better go find Chloe and Warren."

Jefferson's Car - E4_9A

This location was cut from the game but seems to show a difference in how Dark Room ended. No audio exists for these lines.
It seems that Jefferson was going to call suspicion towards Nathan in a different way, and would explain how he got from the party to the Junkyard so fast.

Cue: Line:
Cue_E4_9A_JeffCar_CHJefferson_Phase01_Jefferson_001= "So Max, what are you going to do?"
Cue_E4_9A_JeffCar_CHJefferson_Phase01_Max_002= "We should call the police."
Cue_E4_9A_JeffCar_CHJefferson_Phase01_Max_003= "Let's kill the fucker!"
E4_9A_JeffCar_CHJefferson_Phase01_000=" "Call the police."
E4_9A_JeffCar_CHJefferson_Phase01_001=" "Kill him!"

Episode 5

DarkRoom - Act_E5_1A

Looking at objects since cut from the dark room indicating that Chloe's body was once there.

Cue: Line:
Act_E5_1A_DarkRoom_Beanie_Look01_Max_010= "Why the fuck does Jefferson have Chloe's beanie?"
Act_E5_1A_DarkRoom_BodyBag_Look01_Max_010= "Oh no… That looks like the same tarp we found Rachel in."

DarkRoom - Act_E5_5D

Nathan's jacket.

Cue: Line:
Act_E5_5D_DarkRoom_NathanJacket_Look01_Max_010= "If Nathan had more help, more support... this might have gone a different way... I think about him chilling out on the grass in the other timeline. I hate what he did, but I can't hate him."

Prescott Barn - Cue_E5_5E

After the call with Warren, Max talked to herself.

Audio: Cue: Line:
Cue_E5_5E_OldFarm_CallWarren_Max_130= "Okay, Super-Max... You need to get there like a speeding bullet..."
Cue_E5_5E_OldFarm_CallWarren_Max_140= "Thanks, Mr. Jefferson. But you won’t need this in Hell."
Cue_E5_5E_OldFarm_CallWarren_Max_145= "Thanks, Mr. Jefferson, but... you won't need this anymore."
Cue_E5_5E_OldFarm_CallWarren_Max_150= "Almost as good as a DeLorean…"
Cue_E5_5E_OldFarm_CallWarren_Max_155= "I hope I can drive this thing…"

Nightmare - Cue_E5_7B

Nightmare Dark Room - Cue_E5_7B

Additional lines between Chloe and Warren.

Cue: Line:
Cue_E5_7B_DarkRoom_WarrenDark_IGE_Warren_070= "Have you seen her "photography"? My 10-year-old cousin does the same selfie shit and she doesn't end up in no art gallery…"
Cue_E5_7B_DarkRoom_WarrenDark_IGE_Chloe_080= "She’s like all those artsy-fartsy hipsters... but Maxine would never get a tat... "I’m too ascared!"... She wouldn’t even turn in her photograph... she’s just a coward... she never helped me…"

Additional lines between Chloe and Nathan.

Cue: Line:
Cue_E5_7B_DarkRoom_NathanDark_IGE_Chloe_040= "I bet you need it after that nerd Warren sucker-punched you…"
Cue_E5_7B_DarkRoom_NathanDark_IGE_Chloe_045= "Fuck yeah! Good thing Max stopped that nerd Warren from attacking you…"
Cue_E5_7B_DarkRoom_NathanDark_IGE_Chloe_060= "I get so turned on watching bros fight... Let me show you, Nathan..."
Cue_E5_7B_DarkRoom_NathanDark_IGE_Nathan_050= "Like I couldn’t kick that homo’s ass..."

Additional lines between Chloe and Victoria.

Cue: Line:
Cue_E5_7B_DarkRoom_VictoriaDark_IGE_Chloe_030= "I bet you’d even get some hella cool ink with me..."
Cue_E5_7B_DarkRoom_VictoriaDark_IGE_Chloe_050= "It’s the company I keep…"
Cue_E5_7B_DarkRoom_VictoriaDark_IGE_Victoria_020= "Look at my Yamomoto outfit... I don’t wear jeans and t-shirts like that hillbilly hipster."

Additional lines between Chloe and Max.

Cue: Line:
Cue_E5_7B_DarkRoom_ChloeDark_IGE_Chloe_010= "Are you cereal? You can’t even strike a real pose…"
Cue_E5_7B_DarkRoom_ChloeDark_IGE_Chloe_030= "Hey Max, next time you get rewind skills, try banging eveybody... or at least win the lottery..."
Cue_E5_7B_DarkRoom_ChloeDark_IGE_Chloe_050= "Do you really need a toy camera to take pictures? Grow the fuck up."

Nightmare Diner - Cue_E5_7B

Additional lines from the nightmare version of Chloe trying to convince Max not to save her.

Cue: Line:
Cue_E5_7B_Diner_ChloeDiner_IGE_Chloe_010= "Max, you don't always need to rescue me... I know you just feel guilty for not staying in touch... "
Cue_E5_7B_Diner_ChloeDiner_IGE_Chloe_020= "Dude, I am so not worth this... Look at how much I fuck everybody over... "
Cue_E5_7B_Diner_ChloeDiner_IGE_Chloe_030= "Do you think we're going to live happily ever after if you destroy Arcadia Bay? "
Cue_E5_7B_Diner_ChloeDiner_IGE_Chloe_040= "Give it up, Max... we're too different after all these years...
Cue_E5_7B_Diner_ChloeDiner_IGE_Chloe_050= "I'm so tired of fighting the world, Max..."

Cliff - Cue_E5_7A

Max telling Chloe she loves her.

Cue: Line:
Cue_E5_7A_CliffFuture_ChoiceSaveTownKissChloe_Max_050= "Chloe... I love you."
Cue_E5_7A_CliffFuture_ChoiceSaveTownKissChloe_Chloe_060= "You better. And, I’ll always love you. Now, get out of here, please! Do it before I freak. And, Max Caulfield? Don’t you ever forget about me..."
Cue_E5_7A_CliffFuture_Insertion_Max_060= "Max... never Maxine. You know that."

Possible placeholder text for Chloe asking Max to pick her over Arcadia Bay.

Cue: Line:
Cue_E5_7A_Cliff_CHChloe_Phase01_Chloe_001= "You have to choose Max..."
Cue_E5_7A_Cliff_CHChloe_Phase01_Chloe_002= "Save me, or that filthy town."
Cue_E5_7A_Cliff_CHChloe_Phase01_Chloe_003= "But please, choose me... :'("

High School Toilets Focus - Cue_E5_9A

Max saying goodbye to Chloe and David finding her after she is shot. The entire scene gets condensed in a slideshow in the final game.

Audio: Cue: Line: Note:
Cue_E5_9A_Toilets_Ending_Chloe_010= "I hope you checked the perimeter,
as my step-ass would say."
Cue_E5_9A_Toilets_Ending_Chloe_020= "Now, let's talk bidness—"
Cue_E5_9A_TownEnd_CliffEndChloeDead_Max_010= "Chloe... Au revoir..."
Cue_E5_9A_TownEnd_NathanArrested_David_020= "You... son of a bitch!"
Cue_E5_9A_TownEnd_NathanArrested_David_040= "Chloe... no... Please..."
Cue_E5_9A_TownEnd_NathanArrested_David_050= "Chloe... I’m sorry I didn’t make it in time... I’m sorry..."
Cue_E5_9A_TownEnd_NathanArrested_Nathan_010 "I told you. I told everybody. I didn't want to hurt you.
I didn't. You could have been my best model."
Another case of text-to-speech placheholders,
these lines are not found in the text files and
only have audio counterparts.
Cue_E5_9A_TownEnd_NathanArrested_Nathan_030 "Fuck you. You can't stop me." Text-to-speech placeholder.