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LittleBigPlanet Karting

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Title Screen

LittleBigPlanet Karting

Developers: United Front Games
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform: PlayStation 3
Released in JP: January 17, 2013
Released in US: November 6, 2012
Released in EU: November 7, 2012
Released in AU: November 8, 2012

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

ProtoIcon.png This game has a prototype article

It's not just your internet acting up, sadly.
This game's servers have been decommissioned‏‏‎ ‎as of July 2nd, 2018.
Note that while the game can still be played offline, any features that require an internet connection no longer work without modifications.
To do:
  • Document the rest of the unused levels in DATA/ROM/TRACK.
  • There are numerous remnants of leftover LBP1 content in the game's data, including a Yellow Head costume and DLC stickers that were never implemented.

Since no video game franchise is complete without one, United Front Games brings us a LittleBigPlanet themed kart racer built on ModNation Racers' engine.

Being a spin-off of 2011's LittleBigPlanet 2, a lot of this game's content was inspired by that game, though it also recycles numerous assets from both of Media Molecule's LittleBigPlanet titles.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Lbpkarting default level badge.png
Unused Levels
Test levels, early versions of existing levels and developer-made community levels that died along with the game's servers.

Unused Costumes

DATA/ROM/CHARACTER contains a handful of costumes that either aren't used or can't be obtained normally.

LittleBigPlanet 2 Curators

AVALON_CHAR_0000047F, EVE_CHAR_00000487 and VICTORIA_CHAR_00000400 are costumes of Avalon Centrifuge, Eve Silva Paragorica and Victoria von Bathysphere respectively, which are all characters from LittleBigPlanet 2. These characters are referenced in this game's Story Mode, but their costumes are never given out. Below are all of the icons associated with these costumes.

AVALON_CHAR_0000047F EVE_CHAR_00000487 VICTORIA_CHAR_00000400
Lbpkarting AVALON CHAR 0000047F.png Lbpkarting EVE CHAR 00000487.png Lbpkarting VICTORIA CHAR 00000400.png
Lbpkarting AVALON CHAR 0000047F SMALL.png Lbpkarting EVE CHAR 00000487 SMALL.png Lbpkarting VICTORIA CHAR 00000400 SMALL.png
Lbpkarting AVALON CHAR 0000047F SMILE.png Lbpkarting EVE CHAR 00000487 SMILE.png Lbpkarting VICTORIA CHAR 00000400 SMILE.png
Lbpkarting AVALON CHAR 0000047F FROWN.png Lbpkarting EVE CHAR 00000487 FROWN.png Lbpkarting VICTORIA CHAR 00000400 FROWN.png

Unused Hoard Variants

There are three unused variations of the Hoard characters, being HOARDCHAR_0000040B, HOARDCHAR03_00000550 and HOARDCHAR04_000004FA. While these variants can be seen in the opening FMV and certain tutorial videos, they do not appear anywhere in-game, either in Story Mode or in user-made levels where the Hoard are set to spawn. Below are all the icons associated with these variants.

HOARDCHAR_0000040B HOARDCHAR03_00000550 HOARDCHAR04_000004FA
Lbpkarting HOARDCHAR 0000040B.png Lbpkarting HOARDCHAR03 00000550.png Lbpkarting HOARDCHAR04 000004FA.png
Lbpkarting HOARDCHAR 0000040B SMALL.png Lbpkarting HOARDCHAR03 00000550 SMALL.png Lbpkarting HOARDCHAR04 000004FA SMALL.png
Lbpkarting HOARDCHAR 0000040B SMILE.png Lbpkarting HOARDCHAR03 00000550 SMILE.png Lbpkarting HOARDCHAR04 000004FA SMILE.png
Lbpkarting HOARDCHAR 0000040B FROWN.png Lbpkarting HOARDCHAR03 00000550 FROWN.png Lbpkarting HOARDCHAR04 000004FA FROWN.png

Unused Karts


DATA/ROM/VEHICLE/MAXKART contains files for five unused Karts. Their icons depict recoloured vehicle parts from ModNation Racers, however, the "SMALL" icons either show disembodied wheels, floating steering wheels or are effectively blank images. Attempting to load any of these karts causes the game to crash, likely due to them relying on nonexistent assets.

MAX0_00000010 MAX1_00000011 MAX2_00000041 MAX3_00000043 MAX4_00000065
Lbpkarting MAX0 00000010.png Lbpkarting MAX1 00000011.png Lbpkarting MAX2 00000041.png Lbpkarting MAX3 00000043.png Lbpkarting MAX4 00000065.png
Lbpkarting MAX0 00000010 SMALL.png Blank Image Blank Image Lbpkarting MAX3 00000043 SMALL.png Lbpkarting MAX4 00000065 SMALL.png

Shopping Cart

Models for a cardboard shopping cart can be found in DATA/CREATE/KART/KARTMODELPACKSTREAMING.BIN. There are no models or textures for alternate suspension types.

Popit Icon Model Render
Lbpkarting BODY SHOPPINGCART ICON.png Lbpkarting shoppingcart body model.png

Tag's Kart

DATA/CREATE/KART/KARTMODELPACKSTREAMING.BIN contains models for a kart body based on Tag's Kart from ModNation Racers. It can be seen briefly in the game's announcement trailer, used in what appears to be an early version of Craftworld GP. Models exist for all six suspension types.

Popit Icons Model Renders
Lbpkarting SUSPENSION STOCK BODY MODNATION ICON.png Lbpkarting modnationkart stock body model.png
Lbpkarting SUSPENSION DRAG BODY MODNATION ICON.png Lbpkarting modnationkart drag body model.png
Lbpkarting SUSPENSION LOWRIDER BODY MODNATION ICON.png Lbpkarting modnationkart lowrider body model.png
Lbpkarting SUSPENSION MONSTER BODY MODNATION ICON.png Lbpkarting modnationkart monster body model.png
Lbpkarting SUSPENSION TANK BODY MODNATION ICON.png Lbpkarting modnationkart tank body model.png
Lbpkarting SUSPENSION HOVER BODY MODNATION ICON.png Lbpkarting modnationkart hover body model.png

Ice Cream Truck

An ice cream truck kart body can be found in DATA/CREATE/KART/MDOELPACKSTREAMING.BIN. Models exist for every suspension type, though the tank doesn't appear to have an icon associated with it.

Popit Icons Model Renders
Lbpkarting SUSPENSION STOCK BODY ICECREAM ICON.png Lbpkarting icecreamkart stock body model.png
Lbpkarting SUSPENSION DRAG BODY ICECREAM ICON.png Lbpkarting icecreamkart drag body model.png
Lbpkarting SUSPENSION LOWRIDER BODY ICECREAM ICON.png Lbpkarting icecreamkart lowrider body model.png
Lbpkarting SUSPENSION MONSTER BODY ICECREAM ICON.png Lbpkarting icecreamkart monster body model.png
No icon Lbpkarting icecreamkart tank body model.png
Lbpkarting SUSPENSION HOVER BODY ICECREAM ICON.png Lbpkarting icecreamkart hover body model.png

Early Pod Background

The LBP2 Pod background with all other objects removed from the level.

By entering the Pod level in Create Mode and changing the Background Pano Style to 2, the Pod background from LittleBigPlanet 2 can be seen, albeit with the outer chunks removed to save on resources. Unlike the final Pod background the Earth and Moon are baked into the geometry, though for some reason the Earth's land is separated from the actual planet. The final Pod is much bigger than the room it was originally meant to occupy, suggesting this version was designed with a much smaller Pod in mind.

Early Graphics

Race HUD

DATA/UI/ART/RACE/UIARTRACETEXTUREPACK.TEMP.BIN contains early versions of a couple of HUD elements.

Weapon Well

Early Final
Lbpkarting early weapon well.png
Lbpkarting final weapon well.png

Custom Dial

Early Final
Lbpkarting early custom dial.png Lbpkarting final custom dial.png

Unused Graphics


Lbpkarting TESTOBJ 00000E1A.PNG

DATA/ROM/OBJECT/TESTOBJ_00000E1A.PNG is a screenshot of a level being saved in an early build of the game, presumably meant for testing something. A 128x128 version also exists in the same directory, labelled TESTOBJ_00000E1A_SMALL.PNG.

Kart Polaroid

Lbpkarting kart polaroid.png

Found amongst Pod-related graphics in DATA/UI/ART/POD/TEXTUREPACK_POD.TEMP.BIN is a polaroid with a blue icon of a kart. A similar icon that features a blue Sackperson icon is used for the default player polaroid image, but this kart variation is never used.

PlayStation Eye Polaroid Image

Found amongst the PlayStation Eye overlays in DATA/UI/ART/GLOBAL/UIARTGLOBALTEXTUREPACK.TEMP.BIN is a polaroid overlay. While this isn't unused in and of itself, there is an image inside the frame that normally can't be seen due to the inside of the frame being fully transparent. By removing the overlay's transparency in an image editor, a picture of someone in a plastic box - presumably one of the developers - is revealed.

Unedited Transparency Adjusted Transparency
Lbpkarting pseye polaroid unedited.png Lbpkarting pseye polaroid adjusted transparent.png

Team Minimap Icons

Red Team Blue Team
Lbpkarting team minimap red marker.png Lbpkarting team minimap red x.png Lbpkarting team minimap red flag.png Lbpkarting team minimap blue marker.png Lbpkarting team minimap blue x.png Lbpkarting team minimap blue flag.png

DATA/UI/ART/GLOBAL/UIARTGLOBALTEXTUREPACK.TEMP.BIN contains six red and blue icons that were most likely intended for use on a minimap. They do not appear to fit in with this game's art style.

ModNation Racers Leftovers

Found in various places in the game's data are leftover graphics from United Front's previous racing game, ModNation Racers.

Track Studio Icons

DATA/UI/ART/ICONS/TRACKSTUDIO/UIARTTRACKSTUDIOTEXTUREPACK.TEMP.BIN contains a handful of icons leftover from ModNation's Track Studio.

PlayStation Store Icon

Lbpkarting modnation.png

Found in various TEXTUREPACK files throughout the game is a PlayStation Store icon for ModNation Racers.

Unused Music

Buried within SONYKARTDEFAULT.PCK are five licensed music tracks that are never used anywhere. None of these songs have previews tracks, so it's unknown if they were intended to be given out or if they were simply for testing purposes.

African People

African People by Trentemøller.

Hully Gully

Hully Gully by Tommy Kinsmann.

Remind Me - Live

The live version of Remind Me by Röyksopp.

Square Rave

Square Rave by Squarepusher.

Toccata And Funk In D Minor

Toccata And Funk In D Minor by Walter Murphy.

Unused Video

DATA/MOVIES/INTROMOVIE.BIK is an early version of the live action intro, using the standard Orb of Dreamers music with no stickers or Stephen Fry narration. It also starts with a title card.

Revisional Differences

Version 1.10

Released on February 19th, 2013.

v1.00 v1.10
Lbpkarting 1.00 SKY SMASHPOTATO FRONT.png Lbpkarting 1.10 SKY SMASHPOTATO FRONT.png
Lbpkarting 1.00 SKY SMASHPOTATO SIDE.png Lbpkarting 1.10 SKY SMASHPOTATO SIDE.png
  • The text on the Smash Potato Box stickers from the Progress Emporium was changed from "Smash Potatoes" to "Mash Potatoes".