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Lock's Quest

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To do:
  • The REV2751 beta of the game was dumped recently with art that differs from the final game
  • REV1852 was dumped a few years ago as well

Title Screen

Lock's Quest

Also known as: Lock's Quest: Novice Archineer of the Hundred Day War (JP)
Developer: 5th Cell
Publisher: THQ
Platform: Nintendo DS
Released in JP: February 19, 2009
Released in US: September 8, 2008
Released in EU: September 26, 2008
Released in AU: September 25, 2008

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

From the creators of Drawn to Life comes Lock's Quest, a cute and pretty interesting real-time strategy tower defense game.

Unused Text


Much like Drawn to Life, there is an electronic signature by David J. Franco (the game's composer) present in the audio directory. The filename SN refers to the game's initial title before it was released: Snap Nation.

; File: SN.sarc
; Generator: cc Version
; User: David Franco
; Host: DAW
; Date: 2008-06-04T17:21:00


A file that has the map points and nodes available for editing. At the top of the file is an explanation of the format for the file:

; The format for this file is as follows
; All lines beginning with a ; are ignored.
; The first non-comment line is a single number
; for the amount of nodes there will be. Then
; each of the nodes will be described in order
; one after the other according to the following
; specification.
; Each location on the world map consists of x coordinate,
; y coordinate, an id for the node this one is connected with,
; a count of how many path points between this node and the connected
; node, and a list of the path points in order from this node toward
; this node.
; The ID's are assumed to be in order
; i.e. node 0 is followed by node 1, node 2, etc.
; Node 0 lists only a position.
; For example:
; 327,204	<-- The x,y location
; 2		<-- The node this one connects to (in direction away from hub location)
; 3		<-- The number of path points to the connected node
; The number of nodes (Should be final node# + 1)

And present at the end of the file:

; Thank you all for playing this game. -ZF carrotonastick.net
; End of file (don't remove this comment)

Going to the website reveals that the explanation was likely written by Zachary Francks who has been working at 5th Cell from June 2008 and still is. It also reveals that the first project he worked on at the company was Lock's Quest and that he was "responsible for a variety of tasks throughout the project from map design to environmental art to scripting cut scenes."[1]

Unused Sounds

To do:
Unused tracks

A voice clip of Lock saying "All tuned up." likely intended to have been used when a wall is fixed.

In addition, SN.sdat contains a file named SFX_bluebutt which contains a duplicate sound from Bluebit's main SFX archive (named SFX_BLUEBUTT_SAYSMATTBUTT in SN.sadl). This appears to be a joke on behalf of the developers.

Regional Differences

The Japanese version removes the sound effect that plays when words are typed during dialogue. The sound effect is still in SN.sdat, albeit unused.