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Lord Monarch: Tokoton Sentou Densetsu

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Title Screen

Lord Monarch: Tokoton Sentou Densetsu

Developers: Sega, Nihon Falcom, Omiya Soft
Publisher: Sega
Platform: Genesis
Released in JP: June 24, 1994

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

Or how about the developer's typo in their URL: "vc_loadmonarch.html". Just say that out loud: "Load Monarch". I think (I don't remember) I've also seen "Road Monarch"...

Disabled Error Handler

The game does have a debugging error handler, but it's disabled by default (the game will reset on error). To re-enable it, hold down A+B+Start on controller 2 during startup, letting go only after the Sega logo has started. After that, a crash will cause the game to reset into a dialogue screen that prints out basic debugging information three lines at a time (use the controller buttons to cycle through; the game will restart when it's done reporting information). (An easy way to test this would be to use Gens/GS, where Ctl+Backspace swaps the bytes of the current instruction word, which will usually result in an error.)

To do:
Figure out what the values mean and how the numbers are separated.