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Loren the Amazon Princess

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Title Screen

Loren the Amazon Princess

Developer: Winter Wolves
Publisher: Winter Wolves
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Released internationally: April 30, 2012

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

Loren the Amazon Princess is a turn-based RPG with a twist: the protagonist is the slave of Loren (the central character) rather than Loren herself.

Example Vendor

Located in archive.rpa alongside the other vendors' item pools is vendor-example.csv, a much smaller spreadsheet with a much smaller selection.

Itemkey Class Quantity PriceModifier Endline
Dagger Weapon 5 0.9 0
ClothCap Armour 2 1 0
RingOfDefense Jewellery 1 1 0
HealingPotion1 Usable 20 1.1 0

Leftover Demo Code

Located in script.rpyc is leftover code from the beta version of the game.

label endofdemo:
    scene bg citadel with dissolve
    show i_loren deadly at top with dissolve
    "Thank you for playing the beta version of Loren The Amazon Princess!"
    "If you have any feedback/suggestion, please visit {a=http://www.winterwolves.net/viewforum.php?f=30}our forums{/a} or {a=http://www.facebook.com/pages/Winter-Wolves-Games/305229676335}the official Facebook page{/a}. Thanks!"
    $ renpy.quit()

Debug Mode

Loren debug.png

There are hidden options in cheat mode which cannot be accessed normally. How to enable cheat mode:

  • Uncompile options.rpyc (in /Loren Amazon Princess/game/).
  • Open the resulting options.rpy file.
  • At line #6, change
config.developer = False


config.developer = True
  • Save.
  • Open the game.
  • Play until you reach the world map (check "All" under "Skip Text" in options and hold Ctrl to skip through text).
  • Press C on the world map.

You'll find these options:

  • Enable/Disable Story Mode (automatically wins all battles).
  • Get 10,000 gold.
  • Get 5000 experience points.
  • Battle: First, the game asks you to choose a difficulty level. Then it asks you to create your party (all party members are available no matter where you are in the game) and puts you in an unskippable test battle.
  • Romances: Allows you to view the final romance scene of each love interest.
  • Quit Cheating!: Exit the cheat menu.

Normally, cheat mode is only available after you have beaten the game once, and the "Battle" and "Romance" options are not available in the regular cheat mode.

However, there are many more debug options in chapter1.rpyc (in /Loren Amazon Princess/game/plot) which cannot be enabled by this method.

To do:
Can this be accessed through the developer console?
    if cheatmode:
        stop music
        $ party.switchParty([loren,PC,ramas,amukiki,karen,rei,dora,draco,apolimesho,myrth],[])

                $ PC.att["Strength"]+=20
                $ PC.att["Skill"]+=20
                $ PC.att["Will"]+=20
                $ bonusItem = []
                $ bonusItem.append((creator.cW("SLongSword"),1))
                $ party.inv.addItemlist(bonusItem)
                jump battle
                            for g in map_acc:
                                g[0] = True
                                g[1] = True
                        jump map
                    "Camp (TALK)":
                        jump camp
            "Main Story (...)":
                    "Chapter 1 (...)":
                        $ chp_num = 1
                            "Beginning (...)":
                                        jump chapter1
                                    "Draco Intro":
                                        jump chp1_draco_intro
                                        jump chp1_grimoire
                                    "Grob + Story Branch":
                                        jump chp1_grob
                            "Humans Branch (...)":
                                    "Humans 1 - Apolimesho":
                                        jump humanscene1
                                    "Humans 2 - Draco's a spy":
                                        jump humanscene2
                                    "Humans 3 - Sauzer Intro":
                                        jump humanscene3
                                    "Sauzer Fight":
                                        jump Sauzer_fight
                                    "Sword Crypt":
                                        jump sword_crypt
                                    "Humans 4 - Amukiki":
                                        jump humanscene4
                            "Elves Branch (...)":
                                    "Elves 1 - Myrth":
                                        jump elfscene1
                                    "Elves 2 - Tobaar":
                                        jump elfscene2
                                    "Mesphit Ambush":
                                        jump elf_mesphit
                                        jump elf_vork
                                    "Elves 3 - Mesphit/Demonblood":
                                        jump elfscene3
                                    "Elves 4 - Rei":
                                        jump elfscene4
                            "Bad Guys Cutscene":
                                jump demonscene1
                            "Ramas Intro":
                                jump ramas_recruit
                            "Swamps (...)":
                                    "Chambara Intro":
                                        jump chambara_intro
                                    "Finding Karen":
                                        jump chp1_karen
                            "War Starts (...)":
                                    "Bad Guys Cutscene #2":
                                        jump demonscene2
                                        jump chp1_war
                    "Chapter 2 (...)":
                        $ chp_num = 2
                            "Chambara Warning":
                                jump chp2_intro
                            "Citadel Alliance":
                                jump chp2_citadel
                            "Leaving the Citadel":
                                jump chp2_leaving
                            "Human Quest (...)":
                                    "Meet Apolimesho":
                                        jump chp2_apolimesho_quest
                                    "Finding Tobaar":
                                        jump chp2_human1
                                        jump chp2_ashtran
                                    "Ashtran - Meeting with Tobaar":
                                        jump chp2_human3
                                        jump chp2_samael
                                    "Samael - He concedes":
                                        jump chp2_human5
                            "Elf Quest (...)":
                                    "Meet Myrth":
                                        jump chp2_myrth_quest
                                    "Consulting Apolimesho":
                                        jump chp2_elf_apoli
                                    "Tomb - Helmet":
                                        jump chp2_fost_tomb1
                                    "Tomb - Breastplate":
                                        jump chp2_fost_tomb2
                                    "Tomb - Gauntlets":
                                        jump chp2_fost_tomb3
                                    "Tomb - Greaves":
                                        jump chp2_fost_tomb4
                                    "Tomb - Boots":
                                        jump chp2_fost_tomb5
                                jump chp2_dwarf1
                                jump chp2_dwarf2
                    "Chapter 3 (...)":
                        $ chp_num = 3
                                jump chp3_intro
                            "Krul (...)":
                                        jump chp3_krul
                                    "Confront Krul":
                                        jump chp3_confront_krul
                                        jump chp3_krul_duel
                            "Jul (...)":
                                    "Dark Elves Attack":
                                        jump chp3_darkelves
                                    "Jul's Entrance":
                                        jump chp3_jul
                                    "Jul's Death":
                                        jump jul_death
                            "Plague (...)":
                                    "Plague Intro":
                                        jump chp3_plague
                                    "Chambara Potion Intro":
                                        $ potion_quest_intro = False
                                        $ chambara_potion_quest = True
                                        jump chp3_chambara
                                    "Ingredient - Master":

                                        jump chp3_ingredient1
                                    "Ingredient - Servant":
                                        jump chp3_ingredient2
                                    "Ingredient - Friend":
                                        jump chp3_ingredient3
                                    "Chambara Potion Outro":

                                        $ potion_quest_intro = True
                                        $ chambara_potion_quest = True
                                        $ chp3_potion1 = True
                                        $ chp3_potion2 = True
                                        $ chp3_potion3 = True
                                        jump chp3_chambara
                                jump chp3_end
                    "Chapter 4 (...)":
                        $ chp_num = 4
                                jump chp4_intro
                            "Evil Guys":
                                jump chp4_jul
                            "Hammerhands (...)":
                                    "City Gates of Hammerhands":
                                        jump chp4_citygates
                                    "Battle of Hammerhands":
                                        jump chp4_hammerhands
                                    "Drake Attacks":
                                        jump hammerhands_keep
                                    "Apolimesho Reveal":
                                        jump chp4_death_reveal
                                    "Divination - Start":
                                        jump chp4_divination
                                    "Divination - End":
                                        jump chp4_divination2
                            "Battle of the Citadel":
                                jump citadel_karen
                            "March on Everburn":
                                jump chp4_march
                            "End (...)":
                                    "Trials (...)":
                                                jump trials_intro
                                                jump trial_dora
                                            "Apolimesho / Draco":
                                                $ Dr_romance = True
                                                jump trial_apolimesho
                                            "Myrth / Chambara":
                                                $ My_romance = True
                                                jump trial_myrth
                                            "Rei / Mesphit":
                                                $ Re_romance = True
                                                jump trial_rei
                                            "Ramas / Sauzer":
                                                jump trial_ramas
                                                $ Am_romance = True
                                                jump trial_amukiki
                                            "Loren / Karen":

                                                jump trial_loren_karen
                                    "Fost Battle":
                                        jump chp4_fost
                                    "Fost Death":
                                        jump chp4_fost_death
                                    "Deaths (...)":
                                                jump death_loren
                                                jump death_karen
                                                jump death_pc
                                        $ char_death = "loren"
                                        $ Ka_romance = True
                                        jump chp4_ending
                                    "Epilogues (...)":
                                            "Saren (...)":
                                                        jump epilogue_saren_draco
                                                        jump epilogue_saren_myrth
                                                        jump epilogue_saren_amukiki
                                                        jump epilogue_saren_chambara
                                                        jump epilogue_saren_mesphit
                                            "Elenor (...)":
                                                        jump epilogue_elenor_karen
                                                        jump epilogue_elenor_rei
                                                        jump epilogue_elenor_amukiki
                                                        jump epilogue_elenor_chambara
                                                        jump epilogue_elenor_mesphit
            "Expansion (...)":

                    "Sauzer (...)":
                            "Sauzer - Recruit":
                                jump sauzer_recruit
                            "Sauzer - Tomb of Twilight":
                                jump sauzer_twilight
                    "Chambara (...)":
                            "Chambara - Recruit":
                                jump chambara_recruit
                            "Chambara - Raven":
                                jump chambara_raven
                    "Mesphit (...)":
                            "Tobaar Intro":
                                jump mesphit_recruit
                            "Mesphit - Cyclops":
                                jump mesphit_cyclops
                            "Mesphit - Ettin":
                                jump mesphit_ettin
                    "N'Mar (...)":
                            "Intro (Chp3)":
                                jump nmar_castle_ext
                            "Branch 1 - Front Gate":
                                jump nmar_castle_gates
                            "Branch 2 - Catacombs":
                                jump catacombs_start
                            "Meet Zachary":
                                jump nmar_castle_int
                                jump nmar_captives_find
            "(Change Variables)":
                    "* Change to {i}Saren{/i} (Currently {image=female.png}) *" if not male:
                        $ he="he";his="his";him="him";He="He";His="His";mainc="saren";pname="Saren";
                        $ male = True
                        $ mainc = "saren"
                        jump start
                    "* Change to {i}Elenor{/i} (Currently {image=male.png}) *" if male:
                        $ he="she";his="her";him="her";He="She";His="Her";mainc="elenor";pname="Elenor"
                        $ male = False
                        $ mainc = "saren"
                        jump start

                    "* Change to {i}Human Path{/i} (Currently Elf) *" if not hpath:
                        $ hpath = True
                        $ sword_name = "Ember"
                        jump start
                    "* Change to {i}Elf Path{/i} (Currently Human) *" if hpath:
                        $ hpath = False
                        $ sword_name = "Hawk"
                        jump start
                    "Full Party Members":
                        $ party.switchParty([loren,PC,ramas,amukiki,karen,rei,dora,draco,apolimesho,myrth],[])
                        jump start
                    "Full Party Members (+ Expansion)":
                        $ party.switchParty([loren,PC,ramas,amukiki,sauzer,karen,rei,dora,mesphit,draco,apolimesho,myrth,chambara],[])
                        jump start
                    "Saren Cutscene 3":
                        jump mesphit_cg
                    "Loren x Saren CG":
                        jump loren_cg_saren
                    "Loren x Elenor CG":
                        jump loren_cg_elenor
                    "Karen CG":
                        jump karen_cg
                        jump citadel_karen
                        jump gallery