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Lua:Pinball (NES)

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This page contains Lua scripts for the game Pinball (NES).

Simple script to place the ball where you click (and hold). Note that placing the ball out of bounds will cause the game to lag/crash.

while true do
	inpt	= input.get();

	gui.line(inpt['xmouse'] - 2, inpt['ymouse'], inpt['xmouse'] + 2, inpt['ymouse'], "white");
	gui.line(inpt['xmouse'], inpt['ymouse'] - 2, inpt['xmouse'], inpt['ymouse'] + 2, "white");

	ball	= { x = memory.readbyte(0x0016), y = memory.readbyte(0x0018) };

	gui.line(ball['x'] - 2, ball['y'], ball['x'] + 2, ball['y'], "white");
	gui.line(ball['x'], ball['y'] - 2, ball['x'], ball['y'] + 2, "white");

	if inpt['leftclick'] then
		memory.writebyte(0x0016, inpt['xmouse']);
		memory.writebyte(0x0018, inpt['ymouse']);