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Maka Maka

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Title Screen

Maka Maka

Developer: Office Koukan
Publisher: Sigma Enterprises
Platform: SNES
Released in JP: April 24, 1992

ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

Maka Maka is one of the most infamous RPGs among Japanese gamers. This is due to a combination of a bizarre plot, weird art style, and being just plain glitchy all throughout the game. Good luck trying to dig through the game's code, as it's quite borked.

It's also not to be confused with an adult manga named Maka-Maka, which has no relationship to this craziness (for better or worse).

To do:
Unused enemy data and unused Confusion status.

Debug Mode

When beginning a game, enter your name as 019477X, where "X" is any number from 0-9. This affects RAM variable 7E0F14. The following effects have been confirmed:

  • 0 - normal gameplay.
  • 1 - makes sure no random encounters happen.
  • 2 - returns to the overworld from a battle without sending you back to the previous town.
  • 3 through 9 have no apparent effect.
(Source: Game Center GX)

Unused Item Names

Original Translated
バカぢからのけん Brute Force Sword
しゅりけんナイフ Shuriken Knife
シシのつるぎ Sissy's Sword

There are a handful of item names not seen in the game, but these appear to be all that remains of them.

(Source: Game Center GX)