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Title Screen


Developer: Wizet
Publisher: Nexon Co. Ltd.
Platform: Windows
Released in JP: December 3, 2003
Released in US: May 11, 2005
Released in EU: April 12, 2007
Released in KR: April 29, 2003

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

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This game is still under active development.
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Unused objects, maps, items, graphics, things abandoned after major revamp patches, numerous prototypes. Some more info can be found in this Korean wiki.

Grinding, grinding, grinding. The staple of a true Korean RPG, now in multiplayer form!


Unused Music
The tunes of events and areas gone by.
Unused NPCs
Maplers lost to the ages (and updates)

Unobtainable Items


To do:
Are/were these used in other versions?

Four unused Stamp items exist in the GMS data. Unclear what they were supposed to be used for, but they may have been related to the Note system which is notably absent from GMS.

4002000 4002001 4002002 4002003

Unused NPCs

To do:
There's a lot more.

Talking Snowman

Maplestory - Talking Snowman Stand Sprite.png

This guy was apparently an exit for an unknown jump quest.

TMS Characters

To do:
Finish this content, many more of these TMS NPCs are in the files.

Characters from the TaiwanMS and ChinaMS exclusive "China" region.

Yuyuan PVP Ranking Board
Maplestory - TMS Ranking Board.png
A board that was supposed to display a player's PVP ranking.

Yuyuan Warrior
Maplestory - TMS Warrior Say Animation.gif
A warrior wearing winter clothes over his armor. It's interesting to note that his "stand" animation just refers to the 1st frame of this animation.

Removed Map Data

Beta Free Markets

During the GMS Beta, certain towns had a Free Market area where players could trade. However when the game officially released these areas were removed, and when the Free Market returned it was condensed into a single set of universal areas that could be accessed from any town, rather than having town specific ones. The original entrance maps are pretty much gone, but the graphics of the rooms were recycled.

Map Name Minimap Map.Wz Data Notes
El Nath Free Market noicon noicon Entrance: 211000110
Rooms: 211000110 - 211000115
Was fully functional in GMS Beta, but off limits to players due to El Nath not being officially released yet. A few players got to see this area due to a glitch with the Happyville event. Entrance map entirely missing in the data of official releases, rooms modified and recycled for present-day FM rooms.
Henesys Free Market noicon noicon Entrance: 100000110
Rooms: 100000111 - 100000119
Dedicated free market in Henesys was used in GMS Beta. Entrance map entirely missing in the data of official releases, rooms modified and recycled into the present-day FM rooms.
Ludibrium Free Market noicon noicon Entrance: 220000200
Rooms: 220000201 - 220000209
Was fully functional in GMS Beta, but off-limits to players due to Ludibrium not being officially released yet. Entrance map entirely missing in the data of official releases, rooms modified and recycled for present-day FM rooms.
Perion Free Market noicon noicon Entrance: 102000100
Rooms: 102000101 - 102000109
Dedicated free market in Perion was used in GMS Beta. Entrance map entirely missing in the data of official releases, rooms were heavily revamped (portals were relocated and platform length was changed) and recycled for present-day FM rooms.

Coke Town

In the Korean servers, there was an event area dedicated to the Coca-Cola® company, likely under sponsorship, in an event called CokePLAY. The area never has and most likely never will appear in GMS, but parts of it exist in the data, most notably in monsters and NPCs. There is no map data whatsoever in GMS aside from a background effect and strings referencing the map titles, which are fully localized.


File Name Track Sound.Wz Data


Map Name String.Wz Data
Coke Town 219000000
Coke Town Sundry Goods Shop 219000001
Coke Ski Camp 219010001
Coke ValleyI 219020000
Small Alley 219020001
Coke ValleyII 219020100
Coke ValleyIII 219020200
Coke ValleyIV 219020300
Coke Forest of Coke Golem 219020301


Name Animation Mob.Wz Data
Coke Pig Coke flavored pig. 9500143
Coke Snail That shell must be heavy. 9500144
Play Seal There's a power button on its stomach. 9500145
Coke Seal That's no choker. 9500146
Yeti & Coketump King sized coke. 9500147
Igloo Turtle Well designed igloo. 9500148
Coke Golem Looks like chocolate. 9500149
Ice Golem Doesn't look like chocolate. 9500150
Coke Slime Coke flavored slime. 9500151
Coke Mushroom Doesn't like coke. 9500152
Coketump Killing diabetes, one step at a time. 9500153
Coketump Lite For the dieters. 9500154

Unused Graphics

To do:
Look for pieces of the first login screen.

These graphics are from the first version of the UI, which was used in the Korean beta and shortly after release, as well as from the first few Japanese versions. Nexon apparently forgot about Omok and Match Cards when they decided to scrap this UI, and so they use this insanely old style of graphics even today.

Item Movement

What's a man gotta do to move his items?
Was likely never used. Unknown what purpose it would have served.

I don't need a button to move my items, thanks.
A movement item buttons for the item movement menu.

Are you sure about that?
Buttons that cancel movement of items.


You can't close these.
Close buttons from menus and such.

Check out these cool buttons! (they're unused)
Cool looking buttons.


Action packed.
A minigame table.

High stakes.
Appears to be a tournament roster.

You would be at the top.
Another roster.



A big ol' notice.

Beta Version

Bet you miss those days.

This used to be displayed in the corner during the GMS beta.

Skill Name Graphics

To do:
  • There are a ton of these: the only way we could feasibly incorporate all of them into the article would be to make a sub-page.
  • Find a better video, this feels like 2006.

Graphics for a scrapped feature where using a skill would show the name of it above your character. They only exist for up to 2nd job skills, so they were likely removed when the UI was redone, but despite this they've been in the GMS data since launch. Example in-game.





Japanese New Years Content

Maplestory-Global-Unused New Years Graphics.png
A graphic showing a Torii, presumably an accidental copy over from Japanese MapleStory. The file name indicates it was from a New Years event, this one being from 2014.

Maplestory-Global-Unused New Years Graphics 2015.png
Another Torii graphic, this time for 2015. Compared to the 2014 image, it has some additional detail and does not have any dithering.

Maplestory-Global-Unused New Years Graphics Bamboo.png
A third New Years graphic from Japanese MapleStory, depicting a Kadomatsu.

Nexon Game Card Promotion

Graphics from a promotion for the launch of the Nexon Game Cards in various stores.

Maplestory Rite Aid Storefront Graphic.gif
A graphic of a Rite Aid storefront with an animated "SALE" sign. It's also the only storefront to feature any animation. It once resided in Amoria with its representative, Alex The Rite Aid Guy.

Maplestory Duane Reade Storefront Graphic.png
A graphic of a Duane Reade storefront, which once resided in New Leaf City with its representative, Kate The Duane Reade Girl.

Maplestory CVS Pharmacy Storefront Graphic.png
A graphic depicting a CVS Pharmacy storefront, with grass on top? Odd. Once resided in Amoria with its representative, Nicholas The CVS Guy.

Maplestory Best Buy Storefront Graphic.png
A graphic depicting a boxy Best Buy storefront. Once went with its representative, Jill The Best Buy Girl.

Maplestory 7 Eleven Storefront Graphic.png
A graphic depicting a boxy little 7-Eleven storefront, even with a little vending machine to the side. It once resided in Henesys with its representative, Barry the 7-Eleven Guy.

Maplestory Target Storefront Graphic.png
A graphic depicting a small little Target storefront with a large open front design. It once resided in Henesys with its representative, Andy The Target Guy.

Editor Portals


Crudely drawn graphics representing portals for use in Nexon's map editor.

Caffe Maple

"Caffe Maple" (appears to be) a cross promotion event with the Korean Caffe Bene chain. Despite being used in the Korean version exclusive Flower Violeta(꽃보다 비올레타) zone, some of the files found their way to the international versions.

Is Maple Coffee a thing?
The logo for the event.

Anniversary Posters

Posters of various anniversaries of MapleStory's existence.

A poster for MapleStory's 4th Anniversary. It's also in Korean, so most likely wasn't even used in GMS during the 4th Anniversary.

Maplestory - KMS 5th Anniversary Poster.png
A poster for MapleStory's 5th Anniversary, it's also in Korean.

A poster for MapleStory's 6th Anniversary.

Maplestory - KMS 7th Anniversary Poster.png
A poster for MapleStory's 7th Anniversary, also in Korean.

I'm not sure which region this is from.
A poster for MapleStory's 8th Anniversary. The main text is English but there's the "MapleStyle" thing in the corner is in Korean, so I don't know.

You think we need a bigger number?
A poster for MapleStory's 9th Anniversary, in Korean again.

A poster for MapleStory's 10th Anniversary, once again language confused like the 8th Anniversary poster.

I'll have what the Mushroom's having.
A poster for MapleStory's 11th Anniversary, in Korean as well.

Game Master Tools/Content

Wizet Invincible Armor

A set of equips specifically for the Game Masters. Normal players cannot obtain them. The hat gives 999 to each stat and the suitcase has an average Weapon Attack of 200. Used to be the best items in the game by a huge margin. Today, not so much...

MapleStory WizetInvincibleHat.png MapleStory WizetPlainSuit.png MapleStory WizetPlainSuitPants.png MapleStory WizetSecretAgentSuitcase.png

GM Character Class

Job IDs 900 and 910 are a character class specifically for the Game Masters. They are named GM and SuperGM respectively. Almost every skill is a tweaked version of a previously existing skill down to sharing the same graphics. There's lot of overlap between the jobs and some duplicates, and not all of the skills were updated to match modern appearances, giving them that vintage MapleStory feel.


MapleStory Haste.png
GM Haste: Same effect as the normal Haste thieves have access to, but unlike most GM skills this only works on the caster. Was not updated to match Haste's modern appearance.

MapleStory GM SuperDragonRoar.png
Super Dragon Roar: A much stronger version of the skill formerly used by Dragon Knights before the class was reworked as Berserker.

MapleStory Teleport.png
GM Teleport: Same icon and effect as the normal teleport mages have access to, but teleports a greater distance.

MapleStory GM AdminsBlessing.png
Admin's Blessing: ATT/Magic ATT +30, Max HP/Max MP +30%, DEF/Magic DEF +100, Avoidability +100, Speed +40 for 30 minutes.

MapleStory DarkSight.png
Hide: Same icon as the skill Dark Sight for thieves. Makes a GM completely invisible on the map and also unable to be tracked, doesn't expire until manually deactivated.

MapleStory GM Resurrection.png
GM Resurrection: Revives all dead characters on the map. Because this skill existed before 4th jobs, it uses the icon and old graphics for the Shining Ray skill from Priests rather than sharing them with the actual Resurrection skill that Bishops have.

MapleStory GM SuperDragonRoar.png
Another Super Dragon Roar, but much better than the other one. Damage: 9,999%, Attack Range: entire screen, Max Damage: 99,999,999.

MapleStory Teleport.png
A duplicate of Teleport. Unclear if/how it's different from the other one.

MapleStory AdminAntimacro.png
ADMIN_ANTIMACRO: Yes, that's the name. Gotcha! Activates the Lie Detector on suspicious macro users.

MapleStory GM HyperBody.png
GM Hyper Body: A better version of the Hyper Body skill that Spearmen have. Increases Max HP/MP by 60% for 15 minutes. Uses the old Hyper Body icon and was not updated to match Hyper Body's modern day appearance.

MapleStory MagicClaw.png
Super Magic Assault: 9999% *chance* to attack 6 enemies 8 times, apparently? The description is a little nonsensical. Uses the icon and graphics for Magic Claw from Magicians.


Did you know? Game Masters can job advance too! But given that almost every skill in this book is a duplicate, it's likely that this isn't used anymore.

MapleStory GM Dispel.png
Heal+Dispel: Heals and casts Dispel on all characters on the map. Uses the old Dispel icon and was not updated to match Dispel's modern appearance.

MapleStory Haste.png
Haste (Super): Same as the other Haste, except this one works on everybody in the map!

MapleStory GM HolySymbol.png
GM Holy Symbol: 150% exp for 30 minutes for everybody on the map. Uses the old Holy Symbol icon and was not updated to match Holy Symbol's modern appearance.

MapleStory Bless.png
GM Bless: Uses the same icon and graphics as the Bless clerics have access to. Kind of useless now that they have Admin's Blessing, though.

MapleStory DarkSight.png
A duplicate of Hide from the other skillbook. Unclear if/how it's different.

MapleStory GM Resurrection.png
A duplicate of Resurrection from the other skillbook. Unclear if/how it's different.

MapleStory GM SuperDragonRoar.png
A duplicate of the crappier Super Dragon Roar from the other skillbook. Exactly the same according to the description.

MapleStory GM HyperBody.png
A duplicate of Hyper Body from the other skillbook. Exactly the same according to the description.

Banning Tool

MapleStory banning tool.png

There's graphics for a banning tool in the client. This is notable because the game masters are known to use a different client than the players with text commands for banning and all that jazz, whether or not this still functions despite that is unknown. Graphic was not updated to match current day UI.

GM Map

MapleStory GM map.jpg There's a map strictly for GM use in the client. It cannot be accessed by players unless they are brought there by a GM. It's an empty map that shares a name with the actual town Ellinia, with two invisible ropes as well as platforms. There are two NPCs here named KIN and NimaKIN who (judging by their text bubbles alone) act as GM aides: NimaKIN allows players to level up if a GM authorizes it, while KIN changes a GM's in-game job to the GM class.