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Mario Kart DS/Unused Graphics

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This is a sub-page of Mario Kart DS.

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Early Emblem Editor

MKDS Early EmblemEditor.pngMKDS Early EmblemEditor BG.pngMKDS Early EmblemEditor graphics.png

Graphics from an early emblem editor can be found in Edit.carc. The structure is similar to the editor from the Kiosk Demo, though only three templates can be found: a ball, a star, and a heart. The eraser is also absent; instead, there is an unknown icon with a blue square. There was also only a long "START" bar at the bottom of the screen, instead of a "START" and a "SELECT" bar.

Kiosk Demo Early Final
MarioKartDSKiosk EmblemEditor.png MKDS Early EmblemEditor withBG.png MKDS Final EmblemEditor.png

It is not possible to get this working in the final game, because the archive is missing files that the final uses. When the missing files are added from the used archive, the graphics won't load correctly since the files are too different; it may have worked on an earlier version of the game, likely a later version than the Kiosk Demo.

Below is a mockup of how the editor might have looked:

MKDS Early EmblemEditor Mockup.png

Early Question Mark

MKDS unused ? sign.png
An early version of the question mark for the item box, found inside an early model of the item box. It can be seen in early screenshots.

Early Team Emblems

MKDS EarlyEmblem Blue.pngMKDS EarlyEmblem Red.png
Two early versions of the red and blue team emblems from VS Mode.

Shy Guy Character Icon

MKDS-Shy Guy Icon.png
A character selection icon for Shy Guy exists in the game, but Shy Guy is exclusive to Single-Card DS Download play.

MKDS-Shy Guy Colors.png
However, you can see this icon by using Action Replay code 023CDD40 0000000C to force Player 1 to be Shy Guy and getting a Grand Prix or Time Trial record. No icon for the "Standard SG" kart exists, however.

Press the A Button

MKDS PressTheAButton.png

This can be found in the files for the title screen, and was used in the Kiosk Demo. It's translated into the other supported languages, so it was probably scrapped late in development.

For some reason, the Italian version of this graphic doesn't have a shadow and is somewhat misaligned.

Debug Font


Most likely used for debugging and such during development.

Cup Icon Placeholder

MKDS CupIcon-Placeholder.png

Found in the files for the results graphics. A simple placeholder for the cup icons.

Friend's Emblem Placeholder

MKDS FriendEmblem-Placeholder.png

Another placeholder, used for the emblems on the friends records screen.

Results Player Icon Placeholder

MKDS ResultsPlayerIcon-Placeholder.png

Another placeholder, used for the player icons for the battle results screen. It has two sizes and multiple palettes.

Multiplayer Select Game

MKDS-Select game.png

An unused graphic of the multiplayer select game screen with only two cells, called select_game_m_single.

Early Emblems


The textures of the kart models contain some early designs for emblems, most of which are numbers. They were shown in some early screenshots of the game. It's unknown if these emblems are just placeholders, or if they were going to be in the final version.

Beta Cup Icons in Manual

Manual NintendoDS MarioKa-132.png Manual NintendoDS MarioKa-134.png
At page 35, the cup icons have different renders than the ones from the final game.