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Mario Kart Wii/Oddities

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This is a sub-page of Mario Kart Wii.

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Luigi Circuit

Regular and Ending versions model differences

Normal Sunset
LuigiCircuitTriangles.png SunsetLuigiCircuitTriangles.png

For some reason, the version of Luigi Circuit used in the credits has a slightly different model than the normal one. The sunset version has a whopping 13 less triangles than the normal one.

Rankings Banner (Ending Version)

Sunset Normal
Mario-Kart-Wii-Luigi-Circuit-Sunset-Banner.png Mario-Kart-Wii-Luigi-Circuit-Banner.png

At first glance it might seem that the tall pipe was originally red, but that's not the case, as we can see part of it through the fence and that half is still green. It turns out that the sunset banner of Luigi Circuit is actually just a poorly edited version of the normal banner, which we can see when we compare the two. Where the skybox meets the course has a weird red border, and the hills in the background are half gone.

Mushroom Gorge

Minimap Model Differences

MKWii Minimap VS Course model MG.png

Some differences can be found when comparing the minimap and the collision models, possibly because the minimap model represent an earlier version of the course model. For example, a few parts of the course have less polygons in the minimap model.

Toad's Factory

Minimap Model Differences

MKWii Minimap VS Course model TF.png

Some differences can be found when comparing the minimap and the collision models, possibly because the minimap model represent an earlier version of the course model. For example, the road in the section with the lake is shorter in the minimap.

Coconut Mall

Rainbow Boost Panel Pattern

Coconut Mall All other courses
MKWii Coconut Mall Rainbow Boost Gradient.png
MKWii Rainbow Boost.png
MKWii arrow boost texture 1 coconut mall.png
MKWii arrow boost texture 1.png
MKWii arrow boost texture 2 coconut mall.png
MKWii arrow boost texture 2.png

Coconut Mall is the only track where the boost panel's gradient is rainbow. Every other track uses the Pink/Red/Yellow gradient.

It is likely this is a leftover from earlier builds of the game, in which many of the courses used this same rainbow pattern. Another piece of evidence to support this is how Coconut Mall's rainbow pattern texture is named ef_rainbow.tex0, while it is named ef_rainbowRed2.tex0 in the rest of the tracks.

The boost arrow textures are also slightly different across Coconut Mall and the rest of the courses. In addition to this, in Coconut Mall they're named ef_arrowBump.tex0 and ef_arrowGrad.tex0 respectively, while in every other course they're named ef_arrowBumpS.tex0 and ef_arrowGradS.tex0.

Balloon's Codename

The balloon that appears inside the course is codenamed mii_balloon, despite no Miis (or Mii faces) ever appearing in said object. Might either suggest the balloons were meant to have a Mii icon on the face, or the balloons were Mii-shaped.

Skybox Reflection Texture

Texture Reflection
MKWii Coconut Mall Skybox Texture.png MKWii Coconut Mall Reflection Texture.png

The skybox reflection texture that can be seen in some of the windows of the course has show some differences regarding the actual skybox texture. This may be an earlier version of the skybox texture, considering it still uses clouds from Double Dash!! or Mario Kart DS, something that was common in earlier versions of the game.

(Source: B_squo)

DK Summit

Unusually Big AREA Object

To do:
This may be the AREA that is in charge of clearing the fog?

Mkwii dks AREA.png

AREAs are invisible regions in Mario Kart Wii where, when the player is in them, the game knows which camera to use for the replays and other things. For some reason, there is one on DK Summit that is massive, way bigger than the track itself.

Minimap Model Differences

MKWii Minimap VS Course model DK Summit.png

Some differences can be found when comparing the minimap and the collision models, possibly because the minimap model represent an earlier version of the course model. For example, a few of the curves are sharper in the minimap.

Key Checkpoint 4 is missing.

Maple Treeway

ENPH Group 3 has no prev link.

Moonview Highway

Unusual Tire Objects

MKW Moonview Hidden Texture.png

4 car and 4 truck wheels can be seen underneath Moonview Highway, at XYZ location (0,0,0). They don't animate nor move from their location.

While the exact reason for this is currently unknown, it seems to be related to the course slot (Moonview Highway). The car and truck entities themselves don't seem to be the cause of the problem, since if cars/trucks are placed in other course slot, then these lonely tires won't be seen at (0,0,0).

Bridge Collision Model Shape

Visual Model Collision Model
MKWii Moonview Bridge.png MKWii Moonview Bridge KCL.png

The bridge has a very different shape in the collision compared to the visual model.

Minimap Model Differences

Some differences can be found when comparing the minimap and the collision models, possibly because the minimap model represent an earlier version of the course model.

Extra Lamp

MKWii Minimap VS Course model MH.png

When looking at the wireframe of the minimap model, one can see a spot for an additional lamp that would have been placed behind the start line. Besides, the spotlight for the lamp placed in front of the line is smaller.

Upside-down Pyramid
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Add image.

On the north of the minimap model (very far away from it), there's a very small inverted pyramid model. This is so small it can't be seen in-game (only with a model viewer).

(Source: AtlasOmegaAlpha)

Bowser's Castle

Cannon sounds

Track slots that have cannons load up cannon sound effects from the revo_kart.brsar, and tracks that don't have cannons do not. Bowser's Castle loads the cannon sound effects even though there are no cannons on the track, suggesting that it had them earlier in development. Supporting this is the fact that course.0 had a cannon point.

Rainbow Road

Minimap Model Differences

MKWii Minimap VS Course model RR.png

Some differences can be found when comparing the minimap and the collision models, possibly because the minimap model represent an earlier version of the course model. For example, the section with the double paths is noticeably steeper in the minimap.

Backface Culled Road

MKWii Rainbow Road Backface Culling Oddity.png

Most of the road can be seen from both the upper and lower sides, however there's an exception to this. Some polygons in the section with the 8-shaped road have their culling set to "Backface". This means that only the upper side can be seen, and not the bottom.

GCN Peach Beach

Enemy routes 4, 5, 6 and 7 are exactly the same and duplicates of each other. ENPH Group 4 is missing a prev link.

N64 Mario Raceway

Unusually Long Invisible Wall

MKWii N64MR KCL.png

The walls on N64 Mario Raceway have invisible walls above them to prevent players from going over top of the walls, however on the U turn with the mushroom, the invisible wall juts out a lot further than the brick wall.

Key checkpoint 3 is missing.

N64 Sherbet Land

MARIO KART Logo Texture Mapping Oddity

The finish line poles in N64 Sherbet Land don't have their own texture, instead borrowing from the "I" from the "MARIO KART" banner.


You can even see that the pole has a slight gradient to it: SherbetLandPole.png

DS Delfino Square

ENPH Group 7 has no prev link.

GCN Waluigi Stadium

Duplicated Item Boxes

MKWii Double Itembox.png

GCN Waluigi Stadium has two item box objects placed in exactly the same coordinates (the top box over the first big jump). You can sometimes see them clipping through each other during gameplay.

The duplicate one is the final entry in the item box list in the parameters (KMP) file, so it was likely duplicated by mistake at some point after all item boxes were put in the course.

SNES Mario Circuit 3

Key checkpoints 1 and 4 are missing.

GCN DK Mountain

Missing transparent transition

Mario Kart Wii Mario Kart: Double Dash!!
MKW DKM Transition.png MKDD DKM Transition.png

When porting GCN DK Mountain to Mario Kart Wii, the developers seemed to have removed the transparent transition from rock to dirt from Double Dash!! making it look a lot more ugly. This occurs because the vertex colors that made up the transparent transition are missing (which is odd, since the rest of the track has pretty much the same vertex coloring as the original).

There are two key checkpoints with ID 2


French Lap 3 Texture

For some reason, the French version of the "Lap 3" texture is stored in a palette format. All other HUD textures, no matter what language, are stored in an IA8 format instead.


Out-of-Bounds Button

There is a button that appears to have no text or properties tied to it just outside of the visible area of the menu.

MKWii OutsiderButton.png

Blank Text Entries

When online, the game shows the name of your country under your Mii when you join a room. For some reason, the text entries for Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and China are blank (but the game still tries to display them, there's just nothing to display)


Mii T-Pose Oversight

A very obscure oversight where if you are playing 2 player online and someone else in the lobby is using a Heavy Male Mii Outfit A on either the Wario Bike, the Shooting Star or the Phantom, then their Mii will be constantly in a T-Pose. The reason this happens is because Nintendo seems to have forgotten to put the Mii in the sitting back position in files le_bike-la_mii_m_4.szs, lb_bike-la_mii_m_4.szs, and lc_bike-la_mii_m_4.szs. This does not happen when you play as a Mii, and it doesn't appear anywhere else in the game because Mario Kart Wii loads higher quality versions of those files for offline play and single player modes (and these files don't have this oversight). If CPU racers were allowed to use Miis, then it would be possible to view this in 4 players multiplayer too.

Donkey Kong's feet texture mapping oversight

MarioBroth MKWii DK Model.jpeg

On the character selection screen (as well as in the Award Ceremony), looking closely at Donkey Kong's innermost toes shows a red texture resembling painted nails (left: normal view, middle: zoomed in). This is actually a texture mapping error that applies Donkey Kong's mouth texture to his feet (right). This is a leftover oversight from Double Dash!!, and the model used for single player gameplay fixed this.

(Source: Supper Mario Broth)

Miis Facing the Camera

To do:
It seems Miis do look at the camera even on 3/4 player modes. However, they barely turn their heads, hence why it looks like they're not looking at all.
Regular 3 player Local Multiplayer
MKWiiMiiFacingCamera.png MKWiiMiiNotFacingCamera.png

Miis are the only characters in the game that face the camera when a race is over, as well as in the after-race and replay cameras, when it's close enough to them. However, this is not true for 3/4 player Local Multiplayer, as well as for 2 player Online mode. In fact, in online play, when looking at a Mii character on Live view, it won't face the camera either. Additionally, Miis do not look at the camera when a competition/tournament is over (in most instances), and Miis won't look at the camera at all in a ghost replay of them.

(Source: B_squo)

3rd Battle Balloon

The backmodel when in the battle menu normally shows two balloons and a coin, but originally it was meant to show 3 balloons. There is a 3rd tiny balloon located in the same place as the coin, which was scaled to 1/100th the size of the other balloons. It is still visible in game but so small that no one would ever see it due to the low resolution of the Wii.

MKW 3rd Battle Balloon.png

Additional German Text

German Other Languages
MKWii-Online-Voting-German.png MKW-online-voting-english.png

Only in the German language version of the game, text is displayed in the bottom right while the track roulette is spinning. "Das Roulette entscheidet..." roughly translates to "The Roulette is Deciding...". In every other language in Mario Kart Wii, this text is left blank.

Ending Screen Mii Oversight

Regular Fixed
MKWii Original Ending Screen.png MKWii Custom Fixed Ending Screen.png

In the ending screens, the Mii's body incorrectly has a transparent square located in its chest, roughly in the place for the "M" graphic. While the actual reason behind this behaviour is still unclear, it seems to happen because the associated model (found in /Scene/UI/MenuOther.szs -> /./ma_mii_m.brres / /./ma_mii_f.brres for Male / Female Miis respectively) has a square (polygon1) placed behind it in said position, which uses a material named dummy and also uses a placeholder texture seen here. Changing the material used by this polygon to other, like for example, ma_mii_all / lambert6 (the material used by the Mii's body for Male / Female Miis respectively in this particular model) will fix this.

Obscure sound effect

A few of the now unused competitions/tournaments could only be played using the Wii Wheel / Wii Remote. Because of this, a confirmation screen, exclusive to this mode, can be seen right before starting. If the player connects any controller other than the Wii Wheel / Wii Remote and attemps to use it by pressing A, a unique sequenced sound effect, named SE_UI_CTRL_REJECT, can be heard. This is the only instance of this sound effect ever being able to be played in the game.

Rare Mario Voice Clip

In one of Mario's Title Screen images (when the game is completed), Mario has a voice clip assigned to it, with him quickly saying ma-ma-Mario Kart. While not unused, this sound plays very rarely. This is actually an edited version of Mario saying Mario Kart in the Mario Kart Channel's banner. Its filename in /sound/revo_kart.brsar is VO_TITLE_MR_MK_MISS.

It can be heard in this video.

Game's font origin

The propietary text font files the game uses are stored in /Scene/UI/Font.szs. Among the files in that archive, there's one, named tt_kart_font_rodan_ntlg_pro_b.brfnt whose filename indicates the game's font origin: RodinNTLGPro-B, made by FontWorks Japan in 2003.

Unseen White Square

MKWii bottom white square.png

In the course selection screen videos that are used when the player has not selected a cup in the course selection screen (/thp/course/cup_select.thp and /thp/battle/battle_cup_select.thp), there is a white square at the very bottom of the video that moves from left to right when the video switches to the following course.

This is actually used to highlight the text corresponding to each course shown, which explains its movement.

Opaque Screen Footer

To do:
This also appears when selecting a ghost from the Rankings menu?
Most of the menus Top 10 Rankings screen
MKWii Top10 Footer Oddity Transparent.png MKWii Top10 Footer Oddity Opaque.png

Normally, the squared pattern seen at the bottom right part of the screen is semi-transparent. However, a few menus actually show it opaque (such as the Top 10 rankings screen), despite the graphic being stored with transparency in the files. This could also be seen in many prerelease screenshots, such as this one.

CPU racers driving backwards in the ending sequence

When the ending sequence in Luigi Circuit is almost over, the CPU racers will start going backwards when reaching the first curve of the course (although the player's character continues to drive in the correct route). This is not seen in regular gameplay, as the camera points upward when this happens.

Absent CPU racers' tagnames in Grand Prix

For some reason or another, the tagnames that show the CPU racers' names in VS. Race do not appear in Grand Prix mode.

Dry Bones' Standard Kart S Body Texture Versions

Vehicle Selection Screen Gameplay
MKWii Dry Bones Standard Kart Vehicle Selection Screen version.png MKWii Dry Bones Standard Kart Gameplay version.png

In the vehicle selection screen (as well as in an official render), Dry Bones' Standard Kart S has the line in front of the vehicle in white, while in gameplay, it is black. In addition, much of the yellow line that appears in the sides of the kart has been covered in black in the version used in gameplay.

Dry Bones' Low Poly Model Texture Mapping Oversight (Bikes)

Regular Fixed
MKWii Dry Bones Regular Low Poly Bike Model.png MKWii Dry Bones Fixed Low Poly Bike Model.png

The low poly version of Dry Bones (loaded when the camera is far away from the character) has seemingly wrong texture mapping (only when playing on bikes). This is because the "UWrapMode" setting in the model's material (UVW mapping mode) is set to "Repeat" instead of "Mirror".

Male Mii Outfit B Texture Mapping Oversight

Regular Fixed
MKWii regular Mii Male B Model.png MKWii fixed Mii Male B Model.png

The left side of the back of the male Mii Outfit B models extend unnaturally, making an edge look visible (albeit hard to see because of the dark blue color) and some details also get lost. This is because the "VWrapMode" setting in the main model's material (UVW mapping mode) is set to "Clamp" instead of "Mirror".

Home Menu Banner Logo Flash

Ripped Texture Screenshot
MKWii Banner Logo Flash.png MKWii Banner Logo Flash Screenshot.png

The flash logo texture used in the Home Menu banner always uses the Japanese version of the logo, despite the language or version of the game that is inserted, as the Japanese name can be seen blurred. As a matter of fact, the banner in all versions of the game (except the Korean one) contains both the international and Japanese versions of the logo.

Home Menu Banner Item Codenames

The items seen in the Home Menu banner are named P_bike_X and P_kart_X (with X = a number from 0 to 5), depending on the item. This implies kart and bike icons would have originally appeared here, much like in the Home Menu version of the Mario Kart Channel.

These don't seem to be simple leftovers from the aforementioned version either, as the vehicle icons in there are named differently: kartX_Y (where X = 1 or 2, and Y = a number from 00 to 35).

Misspelled name

MKWii misspelled name.png

In the credits of the game, Mercedes Rose (who voiced Rosalina) has her name misspelled as "Mercedez Rose".

Untranslated Character Names

In the American French and Spanish translations, the character names were not translated from English, unlike in the European version.

Cut Lap Graphic

German Spanish
MKWii Multiplayer Lap Cut Graphic German.png MKWii Multiplayer Lap Cut Graphic Spanish.png

In 3/4 Player Multiplayer Modes, if the console's language is set to Spanish or German (only possible in the European version) and the aspect ratio is set to 16:9, the "LAP" graphic ("RUNDE" for German, "VUELTA" for Spanish) will be cut slightly off-screen for players 1 and 3. This may explain why both of these graphics were originally thinner in prerelease versions of the game.

Wrong Competition/Tournament Description

When the first competition/tournament of February 2009 was aired, its description was wrong, as it actually described the text for the competition/tournament following that one. This only happened in this particular occasion, and never happened again, not even when the competition/tournament was aired again a few years later.

(Source: MarioWiki)

Music Filenames Oddity

The filenames of some songs in the game are interesting, as they suggest that they were originally created for the unused Mission Mode:

Filename Game Mode Codename Use in the game. Comments
n_BossMI_32.brstm MI Spiky Topmen Competition/Tournament theme. Its filename suggests it was a boss theme for the unused Mission Mode (competitions/tournaments are usually codenamed as "Event", as seen in UI files).
o_Crs_In_Fan_mission.brstm mission Competition/Tournament Boss Introduction Theme. Its filename suggests it was intended for the unused Mission Mode (competitions/tournaments are usually codenamed as "Event", as seen in UI files).
o_FanfareMIlose_32.brstm MI Battle / Time Trials losing theme. Its filename suggests it was intended to be a losing theme for the unused Mission Mode.
o_FanfareMIwin_32.brstm MI Battle winning (not first place) / Time Trials (no new record) theme. Its filename suggests it was intended to be a winning theme for the unused Mission Mode.
o_FanfareMIWinBoss_32.brstm MI Unused boss winning theme. Its filename suggests it was intended to be a winning theme that would play after winning bosses in the unused Mission Mode.

GBA Peach Circuit Leftover

Curiously, the bone used for the skybox from GBA Battle Course 1 is called VR_peach, which is a leftover from GBA Peach Circuit from Mario Kart DS, as the battle course reuses the same skybox (albeit with updated textures).

(Source: B_squo)