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Mario Strikers: Battle League

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Title Screen

Mario Strikers: Battle League

Also known as: Mario Strikers: Battle League Football (EU)
Developer: Next Level Games
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Released internationally: June 10, 2022

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Mario Strikers: Battle League is the grand return of the most grittiest Mario sub-series after 15 years of hiatus, bringing the series into crisp HD technology with new gameplay mechanics and a seasonal club mode. However, it tones down the grit of the previous games, has the same amount of content as those, and launched with a whopping 10 characters and 5 stadiums! Needless to say, fans were not happy.

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Revisional Differences


  • Additional Content
    • Added “Daisy” as a playable character.
    • Added “Shy Guy” as a playable character.
    • Added the “Desert Ruin” stadium.
    • Added the “Knight” gear set.
  • Added Features
    • Increased how many items can be displayed in the Notifications ticker in Strikers Club.
    • When choosing "Random" on the Character Selection screen, the geared version of the character will be selected (if one exists).
  • General
    • Reduced the probability of scoring on a weak shot from far away.
    • Reduced the probability of Stars appearing when you are losing by a 1 or 2 point difference.
    • Revised the CPU behavior and opposing team composition in Cup Battles.
    • Added visible trail to the ball when it’s not in active possession, making it easier to see.
    • Made player numbers easier to see when playing online.
    • Fixed an issue when playing as Waluigi and using a hyper strike in which the ball could hit a goal post and not go in.
    • Made several other adjustments to game balance and fixed several other issues to improve the gameplay experience.
(Source: Nintendo Support - How to Update Mario Strikers: Battle League)

The changes to "other adjustments to game balance and several other issues" are mentioned here:

  • The menus and presentation got more stabilized, with them being more smoother and less consuming on frame rate (I.E Donkey Kong's goal animations and the Cup Battles menu).
  • The Technique stat had its stats lowered to be less impactful.
  • Peach's Hyper Strike now has unique voice clips for every character when they get infected by it.
  • The match results screen now has the numbers and the light from the winning team move instead of just a static image.

Glitch Oddity

While this update came with numerous improvements to the game, it also came with a glitch not present at all at launch involving Boom Boom, known as the "Death Lob" by the community. This glitch has you do a free pass right over him to the goal while a teammate is in front of you. When said teammate immediately dodges, Boom Boom keeps moving back and forth, not stopping the ball. This method consistently gives you goals and was game breaking, but fortunately...

(Source: source needed)


  • Issues Fixed
    • Fixed an issue where the goal keeper would sometimes fail to react to a free lob pass from certain positions, which would result in a goal being scored.

Almost a month after the first update, Nintendo quitely released a patch that did nothing BUT remove the Death Lob glitch.

Regional & Version Differences

USA EUR First Kick
MarioStrikersBattleLeague-NA-Title.jpg MSBL-Football-Title.jpg MSBLFK Title Screen.jpg
  • Just like in Mario Strikers Charged, "Football" is added to the European version of Battle League, most likely to make people recognize that it's a Mario Soccer game.
  • The First Kick demo had a unique subtitle card of its own, and was thusly put on the title screen.