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Mario is Missing! (DOS)

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Title Screen

Mario is Missing!

Developer: The Software Toolworks
Publishers: The Software Toolworks, Mindscape
Platform: DOS
Released in US: 1992

SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

Mario is Missing! for DOS is one of the few Mario games that ended up on the PC; while it's fallen into obscurity in the years following its release, it is notable for the fact that its bizarre character designs gave birth to Malleo and Weegee.

Unused Sounds

Unused sounds have been discovered in the CD-ROM Deluxe edition of the game released the following year. They do not exist in the original floppy disk version, as the game did not originally have voice acting (provided by the people who worked on the game), and associated text and/or graphics have not been located if they exist.

Star Trek Quote

Seminars and lectures to rows of fools who couldn't begin to understand my systems. Colleagues. Colleagues laughing behind my back at the boy wonder and becoming famous building on my work. Building on my work.

An audio excerpt from the Star Trek: The Original Series episode "The Ultimate Computer" appears in PAT.WAV, which is located in the VOICE folder. The file is interesting, as every other file is both located in sub-directories and is PCM encoded. The filename may possibly refer to Pat McCarthy, one of the programmers.

Alternate Mario

To do:
Try to find these voice lines.

Mario has two distinct voices in this game: an Italian one heard in the intro, and a New York rendition heard during in-game phone calls. There is an alternate take of most of his lines with each accent, so the programmers likely designated the wrong pair of files.


This game normally features five Koopalings. The missing two bosses, Morton and Lemmy, also have voices, but never actually appear in the game. It is currently unknown if they were intended to appear in the game originally, or if the CD-ROM version was to add significant additional content.

Lemmy Koopa


You know, Luigi, a smart guy like you ought to join up with the winners. Here's a nice turtle shell you can wear. If you can't defeat us, you might as well join us.


What's a nice plumber like you doing in a place like this? With your talent, you ought to be unclogging drains somewhere, not trying to embarrass yourself as a detective.


So, you had a little trouble in the city. Not everyone's cut out to be a superhero. Take a job with us, Luigi - you can always dump our trash and maybe do a little cooking.


On the level, Luigi. Put down that burning bloom, man, and let's talk reason. There's no reason to get all fired up.


You're very strong and powerful, pal, but excuse me for not running. I mean, you don't have a Fire Flower, do you?

Morton Koopa


Go away, plumber's helper! The only place you'll see your brother's face is on a milk carton!


Want an onion bagel with that lock? It's the only lock you'll ever see!


Nanny nanny nanny! Luigi fell on his fanny! Try again some other time, pipe cleaner.


Still burning to find silly old Mario, huh? Oh, no! It's a Fire Flower! Yikes!


The cold truth of the matter is, this turtle is only afraid of one thing - and it's one thing you haven't got, buddy. Fire Flowers!

Unused Ending Dialogue

There is some cut dialogue intended for the ending.


Bowser: So, Luigi, you're looking for your brother! I can easily kidnap two plumbers as cheaply as one. C'mere, you!


Luigi: Ha ha, Bowser! I always suspected that underneath that macho shell, you were just a boxer turtle.


Luigi: You'll never find it now. I threw it over that wall.


Bowser: D'oh! That was the only copy, too! Gee... the penguins kind of look like ants from up here.


Luigi: Sayonara, fly-breath!


Penguin: Whoa! That has to be the ugliest penguin I've ever seen!


Luigi: I got the key, now Mario goes free. Bowser's sucking ice, the Koopas aren't nice.


Mario: Oh, Luigi, it's a great thing you did. It's much nicer to be free. I was getting so sick of Bowser's cooking!


Luigi: Yes!


Luigi: I never thought I'd see you again. It's a happy day! A happy day!


Mario: Thanks for all your hard work, Luigi. You went across the world for me, and I won't forget it. Let's go now, bro. I'm dying for a piece of good old New York pizza.


Yoshi: Yo, welcome back, Mario! We racked up tons of frequent globulator miles looking for you!

The reconstructed ending, including the unused dialogue, can be seen on the right.

Revisional Differences

As mentioned above, the major change the later CD-ROM release made was added voice acting. There are other changes, such as load screens replacing brief moments of darkness, live-action visuals and clips for most of the landmarks, and other Mario series characters (such as Peach, Toad and the original Donkey Kong) replacing certain NPCs on the phone; although they all have different voices and phrases, the written dialog did not change to reflect the character's speech.