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Mary-Kate and Ashley: Magical Mystery Mall

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Title Screen

Mary-Kate and Ashley: Magical Mystery Mall

Developer: n-Space
Publisher: Club Acclaim
Platform: PlayStation
Released in US: October 27, 2000
Released in EU: March 9, 2001

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

To do:
The disc contains alternate versions of all the .STR files. Document them, if possible.

Placeholder Graphic

A placeholder for some of the menu graphics is present on the disc.


Debug Menu Text

Text for a debug menu.

Camera Stuff       
  Camera Pos/Rot   
  Camera FOV Value 
  Camera y-offset  
  Camera distance  
  Camera lookat    
  Camera z-distance
  Player height    
  Lookat ysmoothing
  Path camera speed
  Path grad lookat 
Game Settings      
  Split Screen Type
  Action Distance  
  Action Radius    
Player Stuff       
  Player Pos/Rot   
  Max Speed        
  Max Rot Speed    
  Player Size      
  Nature PlayerSize
Snow Racing Stuff  
  Gravity Damp     
  Snow Friction    
  Snow Boost       
  Snow Top Speed   
  Auto-Turn Scale  
  Upward Jump-Boost
  Steering Scale   
  VRAM Viewer      
Draw Stuff         
  Draw Terrain     
  Draw Quads       
  Draw Tris        
  Draw Models      
  Draw Model Id    
  Model BBox       
  Model Axis       
  G4 Character BBox
  F2 Character BBox
  Room Portal      
Enemy Stuff        
  AI Speed