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Mass Effect 3

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Title Screen

Mass Effect 3

Developer: BioWare
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platforms: Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U
Released in JP: March 15, 2012 (Windows/360/PS3), December 8, 2012 (Wii U)
Released in US: March 6, 2012 (Windows/360/PS3), November 13, 2012 (Wii U)
Released in EU: March 9, 2012 (Windows/360/PS3), November 30, 2012 (Wii U)
Released in AU: March 8, 2012 (Windows/360/PS3), November 30, 2012 (Wii U)

SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

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Mass Effect 3 is the final game in the Mass Effect trilogy, whose ending was so controversial that people filed complaints with the FTC about it. It was also a Wii U launch title for some reason.

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There's a prototype that was accidentally uploaded to Xbox Live. Also, Ken and Gabby Recruitment.

Glitched Zaeed Dialogue

By importing a Mass Effect 2 save file in which Zaeed survived the suicide mission, he'll appear in a short sidequest in Mass Effect 3. Afterward, Shepard can speak to him in the refugee docks, but most of his conversation loop does not actually trigger despite the recorded dialogue being present in the game files.

One of the game's writers stated at San Diego Comic-Con 2012 that the conversation loop broke several days before the game's release and the programmers were unable to fix it in time.

(Source: watsernameanyways)