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MatchBox Caterpillar Big Dirt Movers

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Title Screen

MatchBox CATERPILLAR Big Dirt Movers

Developer: AWE Productions
Publisher: Mattel Media
Platform: Windows
Released in US: 1999
Released in EU: 1999

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

A game about controlling CATERPILLAR vehicles to help blasting and pushing boulders to building a bridge, collecting gold, saving a sandcastle, cleaning up the city, and making the road for the airport.

Unused Images/Sprites

MCBDM AweZome.png
A rare aweZome logo, likely an early version of an AWE Productions logo.

BigDirtMovers cat matl.png
The static game logo. It was probably used as the setup's image. The intro movie however has the final animated logo.

BigDirtMovers ambientSound.png
A marker for (likely toggling) Ambient Sound. There is no way to change this feature and this was likely a placeholder.

BigDirtMovers help.png
A Help marker. The manual mentions a help button in a zone but doesn't appear anywhere.

BigDirtMovers trigger.png
A placeholder marker for triggers.

BigDirtMovers bush2.png
This kind of bush like the other bushes in this game serve no purpose anywhere else.

BigDirtMovers Q LiteR1.png BigDirtMovers Q LiteR2.png BigDirtMovers Q LiteY1.png BigDirtMovers Q LiteY2.png
Post lights that are yellow and red. Only the green ones are used in the Quarry Zone.

BigDirtMovers skyback.png
A placeholder sky background.

The \PICS folder which contains 2D sprites also contains placeholder graphics for each object and action.

BigDirtMovers C bActive.png BigDirtMovers C Collision.png BigDirtMovers C CollisionMesh.png BigDirtMovers C NextFrame.png BigDirtMovers C Pushable.png BigDirtMovers C SetGroundHeight.png BigDirtMovers C UpDown.png BigDirtMovers CAirportCar.png BigDirtMovers CAmbientSound.png BigDirtMovers CAsphaltPaver.png BigDirtMovers CBackHoe.png BigDirtMovers Cbarricade.png BigDirtMovers CBld1.png BigDirtMovers CBld2.png BigDirtMovers CBld3.png BigDirtMovers CBld4.png BigDirtMovers CBld5.png BigDirtMovers CBld6.png BigDirtMovers CBldAir1.png BigDirtMovers CBldAir2.png BigDirtMovers CBldTower.png BigDirtMovers CBreakableRock.png BigDirtMovers CBucket.png BigDirtMovers CBuildCrush.png BigDirtMovers CBulldozer.png BigDirtMovers CJackInBox.png BigDirtMovers CJunkCar1.png BigDirtMovers CJunkCar2.png BigDirtMovers CJunkCar3.png BigDirtMovers CLog.png BigDirtMovers CMarble.png BigDirtMovers CMarkerFlag.png BigDirtMovers CMaterialHandler.png BigDirtMovers CMotorGrader.png BigDirtMovers CMountainLeft.png BigDirtMovers CMountainLeft2.png BigDirtMovers CMountainRight.png BigDirtMovers CPavedCube.png BigDirtMovers CPipe.png BigDirtMovers CPipeLayer.png BigDirtMovers CPipeTrench.png BigDirtMovers CPlaySet1.png BigDirtMovers CPlunger.png BigDirtMovers CProxHelp.png BigDirtMovers CPushableRock.png BigDirtMovers Cquarry.png BigDirtMovers CQuarryMount.png BigDirtMovers CQuit.png BigDirtMovers CRedLight.png BigDirtMovers CRoadRoller.png BigDirtMovers CRoadTile.png BigDirtMovers CRockSolid.png BigDirtMovers CRubble.png BigDirtMovers CRunway1.png BigDirtMovers CRunway2.png BigDirtMovers CRunway3.png BigDirtMovers CRunway4.png BigDirtMovers CRunway5.png BigDirtMovers CRunway6.png BigDirtMovers CSandDisp.png BigDirtMovers CShed.png BigDirtMovers CSoccerBall.png BigDirtMovers CSoilCom.png BigDirtMovers CSolidBridge.png BigDirtMovers CSolidTile.png BigDirtMovers CStop.png BigDirtMovers CTree.png BigDirtMovers CTrench.png BigDirtMovers CWoodBlock.png BigDirtMovers CWoodBlock2.png BigDirtMovers CWoodBlock3.png BigDirtMovers CYellowLight.png

Unused Texture/Model

To do:
Get the model for it.

BigDirtMovers Car1.png

A model of an airport security car. It was supposed to be in the scenery of the Airport Zone but doesn't appear in-game.

Unused Music


This music was likely for the next section of Blast Zone, but only level_1 plays. It also includes a short hidden section after its song loop.


This music was likely to be played during the completion scene on certain zones, but only new2 and level3 are used.


Apparently an early version of the City Zone music. Only Ork_2-a is played.

Truncated Music

This "finished zone" music for certain zones have its full length, but only several seconds are played during the animation. new2 however plays the full length and its loop during the credits.

Music Oddity

The music for Blast Zone has a short section that is after its song loop which normally can't be heard in-game.

Unused Sounds

Dialogue of the narrator kid saying "Great work! You saved the castle!". It was supposed to be said but never does.

User Options was likely to be an early version of Game Settings, but no option in the Command Center exists for it.

Some sound effects have names for specific stuff, but some of those do not have a use for it:

Sound Name Sound Comment
A sound of people cheering.
Variation of bucket1
Variation of carhit1
Likely to be in the Airport Zone (or maybe City Zone).
Engine noise for a specific vehicle?