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Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

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Title Screen

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

Developers: 2015, Westlake Interactive (Mac)
Publishers: Electronic Arts, Aspyr Media (Mac)
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS Classic, Mac OS X
Released in JP: February 14, 2002
Released in US: January 22, 2002
Released in EU: February 15, 2002

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
PiracyIcon.png This game has anti-piracy features.

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Medal of Honor: Allied Assault takes Saving Private Ryan into a video game with stunning graphics and a complex multiplayer. It was one of the best-selling games of 2002 and one of the first games in the Medal of Honor series to be released for Windows. The game had two expansion packs, Spearhead and Breakthrough, and three compilation releases.

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Cut Items


An item called battery was cut from the game. Its HUD icon, models, and code in items.src remain. Its purpose is unknown.

MOHAA battery.png

Spy Camera

Another item called spy camera has models, code for it in both items.src and inventory.txt and a placeholder HUD icon (see in unused graphics).

Flare Gun

The only remaining traces of this cut item is code for it in inventory.txt and models (no HUD icon).


A very curious cut item (Bratwurst is a type of sausage). This item has code in inventory.txt and models. It's likely this was going to be a joke item. Also doesn't have a HUD icon.

Unused Level

This game has only one unused level that takes place in an open terrain. It features a bunch of dogs that are not seen anywhere else in the game. The level can be accessed by typing "maplist" and selecting "m4l0.bsp". But beware - if you go into the water, you will get stuck until you change the map.

Unused Code

SP Missions script leftovers

main\Pak5.pk3 contains mission scripts (.scr file format) using the MOH script programming language. Some commented out code can still be seen and activated.

The Rescue Mission (m1l2a)

Both Grillo and/or Powell were meant to use the silenced pistol in this level. Grillo do have some additional dialog lines for this.

Secret Documents of the Kriegsmarine (m2l1)

Powell was meant to use a cut item, the spy camera, to take pictures of the Naxos prototype plans from the german base in Norway (a similar feature was present in MoH: Underground). The spy camera behavior can be restored for this mission by uncomenting line 48 // $player item items/camera.tik from m2l1.scr and pressing the item key (binoculars/papers).

Omaha Beach, bunker section (m3l1b)

The mission was planned to continue after the bunker exit with a backfield section including bombing new objectives: Destroy the 2 20mm Anti-Aircraft gun emplacements, Destroy the FLAK 88 Artillery emplacement, Destroy the 15cm Artillery emplacement and Meet up at the rendezvous point. Both the captain and the sergeant from the previous beach section were supposed to follow Powell outside of the bunker.

Rendezvous with the Resistance (m4l1)

Manon was meant to have a dialog line at the end of the level in which she gives a silenced pistol to Powell.

Unused Graphics


Scattered in Pak1.pk3 are a few demo and console remnants.

MOHAA - loaddemo sign.png

  • Demo button not present in the main menu.
MOHAA - demohelp 1.png
MOHAA - demohelp 2.png
  • A picture detailing objectives and controls for the demo level.

MOHAA - options bk1.png

  • Part of the Options menu with PlayStation buttons... which is odd since the game never saw a console release.


The common folder in Pak2.pk3 is full of textures utilized by the Radiant map editor and the map compiler to determine surface flags and contents of brushes (collision, fog, etc.). Most of them are just words pasted over generic backgrounds.

Tampered Textures

Several bushes and grass patches tagged as CULLED, NOSHADOW and NONSOLID are located in Pak2.pk3 as well.


MOHAA - greytest1.png
MOHAA - greytest2.png

MOHAA - greytest3.png

  • Some greyscale graphics. The first picture is also made up from two others.
Texture Filename Description
MOHAA - item camera.png
item_camera.tga A blank inventory display.
The game chooses not to display anything instead.
MOHAA - item binoculars.png
item_binoculars.tga An inventory display for the binoculars. Same as above.
MOHAA weap empty.png
weap_empty.tga Unused icon for the weapons bar.
MOHAA - deepbluesea editor 1.png
deepbluesea_editor.tga A blue/cyan checkerboard graphic.
MOHAA - vehicle.png
vehicle.tga The word "Vehicle" written twice in a dark green background.
MOHAA - ripple2.png
ripple2.tga A water ripple texture.
Two small color bars.
MOHAA - test color.jpg
test_color.jpg Cream.
MOHAA - test1.jpg
Clouds and whatnot.
MOHAA - wdw4 noalpha.jpg
wdw4_noalpha.jpg NO
MOHAA - allgrey.jpg
allgrey.jpg all-grey (x6)
MOHAA - allwhite.jpg
allwhite.jpg All White (x5)

Additionally, norbasedoor.tga in Pak2.pk3 is a placeholder image that doesn't display correctly once extracted from the archive.

Unused Sounds

Unused Development Dialogues

Pak4.pk3 contains audio files for unused dialogues. It includes alternative variants of the dialogues, audio files with different actors, unused multiplayer and campaign voice lines.

Unused Retail
Unused Retail

Unused Companion Voice Lines

For the final mission, there are unused audio files for allied soldier, suggesting he was going to accompany the player in the latter parts of the mission, as well as an altered objective. One of the voice lines includes reference to Patterson, the main character of the original Medal of Honor, Frontline and Heroes. In the final game, instead of planting explosives, the NPC orders the player to release the prisoners and leaves the player on their own.

Blank Sound Files

In the root directory of Pak3.pk3 are two files labeled default.wav and temp.wav, which are blank.

Regional Differences

The German version removes a lot of unconstitutional imagery, due to Germany's stricter laws that prohibits Nazism in the media and teachings. Also, the dancing Nazi Easter egg has been removed.

(Source: Schnittberichte)

The German and the French version both feature a localized dubing of allied characters.

Developer Message

Inside Pak5.pk3\maps there's a file m3l1a.scr, which is a script file for the game's iconic Omaha Beach level, which includes a humorous quote list from the development team in the comments.



//********  These are the 'acceptable' quotes from the 2015 quote list, which was updated over the course of this project
//********  There are a bunch more that can't be shown here ;)p

// Benson Russell - [edited version] Poop on my butt!
// Benson Russell - suck a duck
// Benson Russell - Ohhh you son of a crackhead!
// Benson Russell - [edited version] It feels like you're hitting your butt on the head.
// Benson Russell - It went tap, ta ta tap, ta tap tap, on his head, hu hu head, hu head! [playing counterstrike]
// Benson Russell - There is no jumping in WWII!!!
// Benson Russell - I wouldn't want to hire him with a ten foot pole.
// Benson Russell - [edited version] Your butt better be sealed!
// Benson Russell - Once you've had stick you never wanna go back.
// Benson Russell - [edited version] I have to go get my butt a haircut.
// Benson Russell - I don't go to dentists......dentists piss me off!
// Benson Russell - If we can impress Todd, we can impress the marketing guys.
// Benson Russell - [edited version] Stupid math stuff, being so perfect.
// Benson Russell - Can we split the training level into multiple BSPs?
// Steve Fukuda - Alright, who's running the random tone generator? Could you turn that down a bit? (about a trance techno artist)
// Steve Fukuda - [edited version] I am so the man! This is total man stuff! Sometimes my man'ness just blows me away.
// Steve Fukuda - Well that's just lousy penetration code.
// Steve Fukuda - Come back tomorrow with fresh new ideas swimming in your brain... What? What's so funny about that?
// Steve Fukuda - [edited version] 3D snack chips? What will they think of next?
// Steve Fukuda - There's nothing wrong with being german. They make good cars.
// Steve Fukuda - [edited version] Dude... you haven't lived until you've ridden a dog sled to Wallyland. [he's from Canada]
// Steve Fukuda - "I'm a genious."
// Steve Fukuda - [edited version] Carl's like a backseat driver! You just wanna smack him upside the head and tell him to go get some coffee!
// Steve Fukuda - [edited version] Jon: How was your christmas Steve?  Steve: It was good.............. no actually it was pretty crappy!
// Steve Fukuda - So this is what it feels like to own...
// Steve Fukuda - Thats all I live for... the gripe sessions.
// Tom Kudirka - Shut the mouth.
// Tom Kudirka - There's madness behind my method.
// Tom Kudirka - [edited version] Remember when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor...we didn't sit on our butts...we kicked back  [supposedly quoting a movie]
// Tom Kudirka - [edited version] Look at my butt... [said loudly from behind Vince's closed office door]
// Tom Kudirka - Balls to me is the best! [in reference to the drink similarly named]
// Tom Kudirka - It wasn't just a gay bar, it was a great gay bar!
// Tom Kudirka - Woh, woh, woh, woh... [said with the exact same timing, everytime]
// Tom Kudirka - I need to illiterate something...
// Mike Milliger - I'll probably fix the problem tomorrow or this weekend...whichever comes first.
// Carl Glave - Because it makes very much logical sense.
// Carl Glave - [edited version] The server is down like a drunken b***h.
// Carl Glave - I say we need a sequence where a guy scratches him butt then smells his funger, winches, than makes the guy next to him smell his finger.  [Carl's email suggestion for a scripted sequence, demonstrating his wonderful spelling prowess]
// Justin Thomas - [edited version] I like it because I haven't eaten the crap out of it like everything else.
// Justin Thomas - We rock! Intimidation is cool!
// Justin Thomas - First I've gotta build it, then an animator's gotta go in and bone it.
// Ken Turner - Hey! Children need lubrication too!
// Vince Zampella - Finger yourself. Go on... do it.  [in reference to .plan files when we got them working]
// Vince Zampella - I can't deal with more than 19 inches.  [???]
// Adam Bellefeuil - Ooh! What is that? Frozen balls?  [in reference to the drink similarly named]
// Adam Bellefeuil - [edited version] Yeah, and someone keeps sticking a hot poker up my butt
// Adam Bellefeuil - All the programmers have squishy balls...  [all the coders got squishy toys from nVidia]
// Adam Bellefeuil - [Funny Editing Questions From Non-English Speaking Countries] Hi my name is ******** i´m from argentina, i´m learning how to make the q3 maps with the radiant, when i do the bsp fullvis the program never finish, i know that is not the time, the problem becouse when i erase a simple, whith a simple texture, whith no shader, the program finish the bsp proccess in 5 feet´ , i have read the junk.txt file and it says in a line, "Warning couldn´t find image shader for noshader". please if you know something mail me.
// Adam Bellefeuil - [Funny Editing Questions From Non-English Speaking Countries] I have problem........ When i'm going in a server in the sky is grey (build of grey squares) and thesmoke of my rockets are grey squares. This is in most of the server in the chello server it's just normal with normal smoke. How can i get rid of my problem?!?!? please e-mail back
// Earl Hammon - Smurf it!
// Earl Hammon - What the smurf!?
// Earl Hammon - Classical music is great for killing to!  [playing Q3 CTF deathmatch]
// Earl Hammon - I love you Adam!
// Earl Hammon - I am quick, like a planet.
// Earl Hammon - Genius is designed to be questioned... unless it's my genius.
// Jon Olick - If it compiles and runs there are no bugs.
// Jon Olick - There's no bugs, it just doesn't run right.
// Jon Olick - Thats not a bug, thats an undocumented feature.
// Jon Olick - (jon): It's like a binary octree! (Carl): You mean a BSP tree? (Jon): Well kinda, yea.
// Jon Olick - What do people taste like?
// Jon Olick - Woah, I got panties. Hey, look, look! I've got panties on! [playing a game in software etc.]
// Jon Olick - I'm a hot chick.
// Jon Olick - I eat my butts.  [in reference to when he used to smoke]
// Jon Olick - violence and good looking women go together......ain't nothing wrong with that!  [said after watching an action movie]
// Jon Olick - Oh wait that was a previous excuse. The current excuse is.....
// Jon Olick - If you hide it, it will be hidden
// Matt Campbell - Bottomless tossed salad! No way! [sounding really excited while checking out the menu at a restaurant]
// Matt Campbell - Jesus, I'm gay
// Preston Glenn - Preston: So... anyone want my sausage?  Steve: Is that SPAM?  Preston: No, it's real meat! [said while at a pancake house]
// Preston Glenn - Dude... if you were my cow I'd slap you.
// Preston Glenn - [edited version] You look like a friggin' retarded walrus (to Nate with chopsticks in his mouth)
// Preston Glenn - Paul was not stiff
// Brad Allen - People don't say hello to me in the street, they just move their children out of the way.
// Brad Allen - [edited version] I had a dream like that.  where I took a big devils tower crap.  Then aliens came down and shaved a crop circle in my butt hair. Then there was the monolith shaped one that all the apes started to worship and then they beat the crap out of each other with dinosaur bones. Then I took a big black poop in a cape and it cut off my hand and told me it was my father. "THAT"S NOT TRUE!!! THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!!"
// Jeff Heath - Bring it on Tuffy!
// Jeff Heath - There is a difference between "not lit" and "african american".
// Nate Silvers [for the record, Nate is not gay, but took an 'are you gay' test on the internet and scored the highest out of everybody with a 67]
// Nate Silvers - My gayness owns joo!
// Nate Silvers - You wish you were as gay as me!
// Nate Silvers - Being gay is alright.
// Nate Silvers - Wow! You sure are errect!
// Nate Silvers - Bend over i'll lick it... [that wasnt taken out of context either!]
// Nate Silvers - Ned doesn't push hard enough!!  [refering to Neds lack of skeel in pressing the elevator button]
// Mackey McCandlish - If I blow everything in the beginning it just sucks me dry in the end!
// Mackey McCandlish - Preston can take me all day long.
// Mackey McCandlish - Ohhhh, get out of my tongue!!!  [????]
// Mackey McCandlish - Boon: "Stand.scr?"  Zied: "Formerly known as stop running dot scr"  Mackey: "Now known as occasionally stop running dot scr"  Zied: "AKA Random behavior dot scr"  Mackey: "Now known as break the game dot scr."  Zied: "Soon to be known as eradicated from all my scripts dot scr"
// Keith Bell - I'm a fixing to fix that right now.
// Keith Bell - And you reach right up there and grab her uterus! [REAL loud talking about cows in a resteraunt in Los Angeles, Nedman used to own a dairy farm]
// Keith Bell - I've had a cow lick my ass before...
// Keith Bell - Ned: "I ain't never seen THAT before!!!!"  Benson: "What the hell you doing over there ned?!?!"  Ned(casually): "Ohhh......I got my thing out and I'm playin' with it!"  [????]
// Chance Glasco - Adam: Why is your monitor all rainbowy?  Chance: The whole gay pride thing, ya know?  Adam:  Oh?  Chance:  Yeah I figured working with 30 guys, there wouldn't be a better time to start being gay.
// Bryan Kuhn - [First thing ever said to Carl] : Hi, would you like a massage?
// Zied Rieke - [edited version] the longer we wait before making that tough decision to stop trying to tie ribbons around pieces of crap and call them chocolate the harder it is to fix things... 
// Zied Rieke - Thats unbelievably lame Carl.
// Zied Rieke - There is no Fukuda bug! Fukuda off! Mother Fukuda!
// Michael Heilemann - Radiants undo function is just about as useless as teets on a volkswagon!
// Jerry Keehan - Why can't this be simple and intuitive.. like everything else

//  One of the biggest gripes when working with 30 other guys with only one public bathroom, FLUSH AFTER YOU'RE DONE!!!!!!!!


This game features the same anti-piracy measures that are present in Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast.