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Mega Man Star Force 3

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Title Screen

Mega Man Star Force 3
Black Ace/Red Joker

Also known as: Ryuusei no Rockman 3
Black Ace/Red Joker (JP)
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Platform: Nintendo DS
Released in JP: November 13, 2008
Released in US: June 30, 2009

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

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Mega Man Star Force 3 is the third and debatably last game in the Star Force sub-series. Oh, and the Star Break and Tribe On features have been replaced by Noise Changing. Fun!

Unused Graphics


Sirius-ly? I can't think of anything funny.

Unused backsprites for both Sirius and Club Strong. It is possible that there would have been a freefight with Sirius after the bonus chapter at one point, but he never appears in the overworld after said chapter. In the case of Club Strong's sprites, it is impossible to talk to him from behind because of invisible walls blocking the player from doing so.

Leftover Geo Stelar mugshots

I'm running out of things to say asdfdsfojbdfs

Geo Stelar's mugshot from Mega Man Star Force 2, which was used in early screenshots of this game.

MegaMan.EXE and Lan mugshots

Hey remember me?

The reason why the MegaMan.EXE overworld sprites aren't here is because they're exactly the same as Mega Man Star Force 2's unused overworld sprites.

Unused mugshots for Lan and MegaMan.EXE are also present, although in this case they are simply leftovers from Star Force 2.

Sky Hertz

Fly away now!

It seems the Sky Wave was planned to re-appear in the third game, seeing as this Sky Hertz mugshot was updated from Star Force 2, but since the Sky Wave doesn't appear neither do the Sky Hertzes.

Trader Man mugshot

MMSF3 - TraderManmug.png

The TraderMan's mugshots, almost the same as the ones used in Star Force 2 except that the second mugshot is different.

Intro Screen

Early Final
I'm blue da ba dee da ba di~ (Obviously, you know that would happen.) That song was so two thousand and late!

A blue-tinted, earlier-looking intro screen with "1a" written on it. The most notable difference between this and the final version is that everyone is placed closer together and there is significantly less damage on the road.


MMSF3 - HeyitsSolo.png MMSF3 - Largeending.png

Smaller versions of the images of Solo and Laplace and the Stelar family reunion (including Omega-Xis) used during the ending exists for whatever reason.

Unused Textures

Dark Phantom

MMSF3 - UnusedDarkPhantom.png A texture of Dark Phantom grinning.


MMSF3 - RogueSword.png
MMSF3 - RogueSword2.png

The textures for Rogue's sword from Star Force 2 are present within the game. Unused because he uses the Laplace Blade in this game instead.

Regional Differences

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Three separate power-up systems, collectively forming the Noise Kaizou Gear system, were removed from the localized versions of Star Force 3. All three function in a similar manner to the Wave Command Code system in Star Force 2, and the White Cards system that still exists in Star Force 3. Through hacking, these features can be re-enabled, and have been fully translated save except for one error described below.

The first and most notable of the three is the Noise Poker mechanic, which allows players to acquire up to five sets of abilities through certain inputs, using a poker hand-style system to determine compatibility as per the motif of the game's antagonists. The access method is the only part of this system that has been dummied out, a player who has already equipped Noise Poker abilities may freely access and disable them without any further hacking.

The game also features Purpose Card codes, which allow changing the player's abilities of their Finalized Noise super mode after the main storyline has been beaten. One of these codes raises the rank of the form's folder by one level, which if used in conjunction with accessing the normal maximum level allows reaching an additional, even more powerful version of the folder never seen in normal gameplay.

The last of these is the Secret Satellite Server, which allows replacing up to three of the player's Brothers with a special card which can be used to access various folders based off characters from the Mega Man franchise by going through a complicated unlocking system in battle. Each time a new level is unlocked, the game will display a message providing a six-character input code meant for use with a touchscreen overlay. While this feature has been fully translated, as have all the others, it suffers from an unusual translation error wherein every code provided by the game gives only the first five letters of the code rather than all six. Because of this, a guide is still needed in order to navigate the system.

Because of the region lockout, the English version of the "Download" voice line can't be heard through legitimate means. Also, due to the Secret Satellite Server being unused in the localized versions, the battle cards Dragon Sky GX, Pegasus Magic GX, and Leo Kingdom GX (all of which appeared and were usable in previous Star Force games) all go unused as well, due to only being usable via the SSS.