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Metroid Prime: Blast Ball

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Title Screen

Metroid Prime: Blast Ball

Developer: Next Level Games
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Released internationally: July 21, 2016

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.

Metroid Prime: Blast Ball is a minigame from Metroid Prime: Federation Force, released as a free eShop demo. The game itself is pretty much Rocket League with gun-toting mechs instead of cars. Like its parent game, it is famous for its overwhelmingly positive reception.

Development Text

To do:
See if toggling an option actually has a visible effect in-game.

Located under /ini in the Blast Ball ROMFS are a variety of configs for the game. These also seem to suggest that the game was known as "Battle Ball" at some point and detail a reasonable spread of debug features.

Build Type = 1
Current Changelist = CL 430550
Build Date = May 05 2016 - 22:51
Computer Name = JUEGAMA3
#Turn off for Debug builds
#Fake Training Completed = true

#Only Show Start Button = true
Enable Link Client Update = false
Ensure Large Standard Free Block = false
#Clip Portals To Frustum = false
Only Show Level Descriptions = true
Debug Camera Button Combo = False
Display Production = true
Display Network = false
#Enable Host Migration Chameleon = true
#Startup In Chameleon = true
#Allow Backing To Game Select = false
#Startup In Battle Ball = true
#Sort Level List = false
DrawCPUGPUTimes = false
Display Net Asserts = false
Skip Net Asserts = true
Enable Performance Graph = false
#Skip SaveLoad = false
#Enable Real Chameleon Flow = false
Net Test One Machine = false
Capture Path = "g:/Capture"
#Display Disconnections = false
#Assert Get For Modify Has Changes = false
#Always Unlock All Missions = false
#Fake Training Completed = false
#Mute Audio On Startup Gameplay = true

#Settings for Flight Recorder
#Track Pose Summary = true
#Track Pose Details = true
#Track ASM Summary = true
#Track ASM Details = true
#Use ASM Names = true
#Track With COGModel Names = true
#Enable Throttle = false
#Track ASM Script Function Calls = true
#Track Free List Allocations = true

Further, in /ini/skuinfo is an additional, region-dependent config relating to the specific details of each release. Each version only includes the ini for its own region.

BattleBall-USA.ini BattleBall-EUR.ini
CTR ProductCode = CTR-N-JA5E
CTR UniqueID = 0x016F6
CTR OtherUniqueIDForDSDownload = 0x016E3
CTR GameServerID = 0x0016E400
CTR GameServerAccessKey = f79fb3c5
CTR ProductCode = CTR-N-JA5P
CTR UniqueID = 0x01753
CTR OtherUniqueIDForDSDownload = 0x01752
CTR GameServerID = 0x0016E400
CTR GameServerAccessKey = f79fb3c5