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Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

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Title Screen

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Also known as: Metroid Prime 2: Dark Echoes (JP)
Developer: Retro Studios
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: GameCube
Released in JP: May 26, 2005
Released in US: November 15, 2004
Released in EU: November 26, 2004
Released in AU: December 2, 2004

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

ProtoIcon.png This game has a prototype article

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes is, as you may have guessed, the sequel to Metroid Prime. It's got several improvements like re-adding the screw attack and wall jumping that was cut out of the original game and a more intense storyline focusing on the battle between the Luminoth and the Ing over the planet of Aether. It's also got complex puzzles, more creative bosses, and a smooth rise in difficulty.

The only questionable thing is the Dark and Sky temple keys fetch quest toward the end of the game, due to how lengthy and tedious it is. It's also absolutely packed with unused content, likely due to a sudden deadline pushed by Nintendo. It's also notable for being one of three PAL GameCube games (the other two being The Legend of Zelda: Collector's Edition and Geist) to completely lack 50Hz support.

To do:
  • There's a lot of info from the demo disc that informs some of the text-only references we have here. Need to cross-reference that page accordingly. Also, Emperor Ing was even more over-the-top than indicated, and finally, there are some regional differences.
  • Version differences.
  • There's a number of unused room layers, including a debug layer for the Chykka fight with triggers for skipping the various phases.
  • There's an invisible Spider Ball track in Torvus Bog at Portal Chamber.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info

Unused Enemies

To do:
See if the enemies that could be loaded can be.

There were a few enemies that didn't make the cut. Unfortunately, for most of them, all that's left are some namedrops in various files. Most of these are darklings and Prime 1 leftovers; there are a couple totally unique ones, though.

  • Chozo Ghost: Still has a fully functioning loader and a .rel file; it can probably be spawned in-game if the assets are ported from Prime 1.
  • Chykka 3: This is a string present in the logbook hierarchy files sandwiched between Chykka and Dark Chykka. No other clues what it was about.
  • Dark Pirate Aerotrooper
  • Dark Shriekbat
  • Dark Sporb
  • Dark Triclops: Presumably cut at the same time as the normal Triclops.
  • Glider: Like with Chozo Ghost, it has a loader and a .rel file (Ripper.rel), and it could theoretically be spawned with ported assets.
  • Kenobite: Mechanical versions appear in the final game as the Mekenobite, but the presumable organic basis is nowhere to be found. It can be assumed to have behaved much like the Mekenobite.
  • Minirees: Also referred to as "Infant Shriekbats".
  • Phlogus: This would've been the Light World variant of the Dark Phlogus. There's references to it in several files, including the logbook hierarchy files and some of the Dark Phlogus's scan and animation data.
  • Reaper Vine: Another one with a loader and a .rel file (SpankWeed.rel). Like with Chozo Ghost and Glider, it could probably be spawned with ported assets.
  • Triclops: This is a separate listing from Mechlops.
  • Zoomer: Yet another Prime 1 enemy with a loader and a .rel file. Technically this also includes Parasite, Grizby, and Crystallite, since they were all the same object in Prime 1.

Removed Upgrades

Dark, Light, and Annihilator Bombs

Power Bombs were originally going to have dark- and light-themed variants in the form of Dark, Light, and Annihilator Bombs. There's a few unused scans detailing how these would have worked that would have shown up in the inventory screen:

  • Dark Bomb (ce14d6c5.STRG)
The Dark Bomb combines the power of the Dark Beam with that of the Power Bomb.

When in Morph Ball mode, press [C-Right] to select the Dark Beam, then press [Y] to drop a Dark Bomb. 

Samus's Notes:
Dark Bombs release a field of dark matter tendrils when they detonate. These tendrils can entangle and hinder enemies.

Dark Bombs are not effective against Denzium.
  • Light Bomb (2571e5ba.STRG)
The Light Bomb combines the power of the Light Beam with that of the Power Bomb.

When in Morph Ball mode, press [C-Down] to select the Light Beam, then press [Y] to drop a Light Bomb. 

Samus's Notes:
Light Bombs do not detonate on release. They explode when an enemy enters their detection radius, or when another Light Bomb goes off.

Light Bomb explosions are white-hot, and can set enemies on fire.

The brilliance of Light Bomb explosions can blind and stun dark creatures.

The Light Bomb is not effective against Denzium.

Notably, this text says to use C-Down to select the Light Beam, which is used to select the Annihilator Beam instead.

  • Annihilator Bomb (14d50089.STRG)
The Annihilator Bomb is a potent explosive, combining the Power Bomb with the energies of the Light and Dark Beams.

When in Morph Ball mode, press [C-Left] to select the Annihilator Beam, then press [Y] to drop an Annihilator Bomb. 

Samus's Notes:
When an Annihilator Bomb detonates, it emits a cloud of Light and Dark energy particles. These deadly particles will seek all enemies within a radius.

The Annihilator Bomb is not effective against Denzium.

Notably, this text says to use C-Left to select the Annihilator Beam, which is used to select the Light Beam instead.

Unused Multiplayer Powerups

To do:
There's a decent chance the multiplayer powerups still exist and can be used in-game with some minor tweaks. Needs testing.

In Metroid6.pak, unused text strings exist for the following:

  • Absorb Attack
Absorb Attack lost!/Absorb Attack acquired!
  • Dark Shield
Dark Shield lost!/Dark Shield acquired!
  • Light Shield
Light Shield lost!/Light Shield acquired!

Unseen Morph Ball HUD Elements

To do:
Most beam icons are white and get dynamically recolored by the game. Try to rip the colored versions, and get the Morph Ball icons transparent like how the game renders it. First-person's Annihilator icon is made of two separate textures overlayed in 3D space, see its file page for more info.
MetroidPrime2 HUD morph ball zoom out.png
Horizontal beam ammo bars lit up with Annihilator Beam selected.
Close-up of the beam HUD.

While in Morph Ball form, several HUD elements go unused from being offscreen. Using Dolphin emulator's free look to move the camera back allows these HUD elements to be seen. These elements consist of...

  • Unique horizontal beam ammo bars, which have slightly different visuals when compared to first-person's vertical beam ammo bars. Depending on the beam equipped prior to morphing, the bars can be dim or bright, and will fade to red and back when a specific ammo is low like the first-person version.
  • Beam ammo numbers, which will fade to red and back when a specific ammo is low like the first-person version.
  • A unique plus shape of beam icons. The icons used here seem to be early beam icons.
  • Beam name, displayed shortly after switching beams. Because it is not possible to switch beams in Morph Ball form, this HUD element only appears if Morph Ball form is entered immediately after switching beams in first-person.
  • The mini-map, seen in the top-right of the first-person HUD.

These HUD elements seem to be leftovers for the cut Dark, Light, and Annihilator versions of Power Bombs. After being cut, these related HUD elements were likely moved offscreen instead of properly getting removed to save development time.

Here are the Morph Ball beam textures compared to the first-person beam textures:

Beam Morph Ball
Power MetroidPrime2 HUD morph ball beam power.png
MetroidPrime2 HUD first person beam power.png
Circles are differently sized. First-person has a smaller gap between the circles.
Dark MetroidPrime2 HUD morph ball beam dark.png
MetroidPrime2 HUD first person beam dark.png
First-person dots are bigger.
Light MetroidPrime2 HUD morph ball beam light.png
MetroidPrime2 HUD first person beam light.png
Completely different designs.
Annihilator MetroidPrime2 HUD morph ball beam annihilator.png
MetroidPrime2 HUD first person beam annihilator.png
Morph Ball is using a placeholder-like design of a light and dark circle, while first-person uses a more complex graphic.

Unused Text

Airthorn Scan


Airthorns are a swarm enemy that only appear in Dark Transit Station in Dark Agon Wastes as decoration in the background of a Morph Ball tunnel, where you can't scan it or interact with it. By going out of bounds, however, they can be scanned, revealing that they have a name, a full logbook entry and a backstory. Although the scan doesn't appear in the logbook, the amount of detail suggests it was probably originally intended to.

Mechanism: Airthorns
Rogue airborne mechanoids.
Targets are small and travel in packs for safety. Avoid contact.
The Luminoth made the Airthorn to patrol local airspace. The small, speedy machines were a boon to the war effort until their programming failed. Now rogue, they serve the Ing as fiercely as they served their creators.

Rezbit Weapon Virus

One of the string files for the UI has an interesting string called RezbitWeaponVirus that references an unused Rezbit attack that would've disabled your weapons:

Weapon systems have been infected with the Rezbit Virus. Should recover momentarily.

Early Intro Text

Another FrontEnd.pak STRG file (64066d10.STRG) contains an early version of the intro text:

Galactic Federation troopers investigating Space Pirate activity are missing.
Contact with the troopers was lost 8 days ago.
Locate troopers and render assistance if necessary.
Uploading last known coordinates of troopers.
Dasha System

Unused Main Menu Text

A couple strings are left over referencing a demo for the 2004 Gamer's Summit:

2004 Gamer's Summit Demo

There's another string referencing an Extras menu. The Extras menu in Prime 1 contained the Fusion Suit and NES Metroid, but Prime 2's menu doesn't have an Extras tab. Evidently it did at one point, until whatever was behind it was cut.


Unused Final Report String

There's a string at the end of the GFMC Compound transmission (00e70990.STRG) that goes unused.

I'm fading fast...it's up to you now. Hit 'em where it hurts.

Early/Internal Names

The files that set up the logbook/pause menu hierarchy have quite a few alternate names for objects, enemies, upgrades, and logbook categories:

Alternate Final
Light World Aether
Dark World Dark Aether
Tunnellers Tunnel Prowlers
Space Pirate Pirate Trooper
Flying Pirate Pirate Aerotrooper
Grenadier Pirate Pirate Grenadier
GF Turret Growler Class Turret
Metroid Tallon Metroid
Pirate Turret Humility Class Turret
Heavy Pirate Turret Luminoth Turret
Sandworm Sandigger
Manned Turret Vigilance Class Turret
Minor Ing Inglet
Medium Ing Hunter Ing
Commando Pirate Pirate Commando
Wisp Tentacle Darkling Tentacle
Baby Blogg Bloggling
Puddlespore Phlogus
Dark Puddlespore Dark Phlogus
Digital Guardian Quadraxis
Emperor Ing 1 Emperor Ing Body
Emperor Ing 2 Emperor Ing Eye
Emperor Ing 3 Emperor Ing Chrysalis
Emperor Ing 4 Mutated Emperor Ing
Emperor Ing 1A Emperor Ing Head
Chykka 1 Chykka Larva
Chykka 2 Chykka
Chykka 4 Dark Chykka
Digital Guardian 1 Quadraxis
Digital Guardian 2 Damaged Quadraxis
Digital Guardian 3 Shielded Head Module
Digital Guardian 4 Stunned Head Module
Digital Guardian 5 Final Head Module
Surface Surface Prowlers
Tunnels Tunnel Prowlers
Crystallite Lightbringer
Small Mech Small
Large Mech Large
Stationary Mech Stationary
Contraption Caretaker Class Drone
Stone Toad Watchdrone
Splitter Body Quad MB
Splitter Head Quad CM
Elite Pirate Ingsmasher
Atomic Harmony Class Drone
Metaree Shriekbat
` Darkling Swarm
Metaree Swarm Chyklings
Dark Commando Dark Pirate Commando
Dark Flying Pirate Dark Pirate Aerotrooper
Dark Space Pirate Dark Pirate Trooper
Dark Metaree Dark Shriekbat
Dark Metroid Dark Tallon Metroid
Puffer Preed
Minirees Infant Shriekbats
Swimmer Swarm Hydlings
Baby Metroid Infant Tallon Metroid
Glowbug Lightflyer
Beta Atomic Diligence Class Drone
Dark Flyer Nightbarb
Triangle Swarm Airthorns
Plant Swarm Seedburster
Mega Blogg Alpha Blogg
Digital Scrubber Serenity Class Drone
Death Eyes Corrupted Sentreye
Dark Splitter Dark Quad MB
Dark Splitter Head Dark Quad CM
Digital WallWalker Mekenobite
Dark Beta Atomic Dark Diligence Drone
Alpha Sandworm Alpha Sandigger
Digital Flyer Swarm Airthorns
Bacteria Swarm Ingstorm
Ing Swarm Ing Larva Swarm
Alternate Final
Engineering Mechanisms
Technology Luminoth Technology
Security GF Security
Webbing Ing Webtrap
Dark Webbing Webling
Storage Plants Ing Storage
War Chest Flying Ing Cache
Swamp Crate Torvus Bearerpod
Sand Crate Agon Bearerpod
Ing Ball Ingworm Cache
Piggy Plant Ingsphere Cache
Xenobiology Darklings
GF Gate 6 GF Gate Mk VI
GF Gate 7 GF Gate Mk VII
GF Lock GF Lock Mk V
GF Shield GF Defense Shield
MB Cannon Kinetic Orb Cannon
Samus Ship Samus's Gunship
GF Ship GFS Tyr
Imploder Sonic Boom
Lightblast Sunburst
Crystals Luminoth Technology
Beacon Crystals Light Beacons
Supercharged Crystal Super Crystal
Supercharged Beacon Super Beacon
Plant Lift Crystal Liftvine Crystal
Shatterglobe Torvus Hanging Pod
Red Eyes Sentinel Crystal
Blue Eyes Dark Sentinel Crystal
Sand Keys Dark Agon Keys
Swamp Keys Dark Torvus Keys
Cliff Keys Ing Hive Keys
Temple Keys Sky Temple Keys
Beam Combo Charge Combo
Ing Breather Ingclaw
Ing Breather Ambient Dormant Ingclaw
War Wasp Cocoon War Wasp Hive
Metroid Hive Metroid Cocoon
Dark World Dark Aether
Light World Aether
Generator Energy Controller

Unused Hints

There's an unused hint named "Trooper" that points towards Main Energy Controller.

Enemy forces attacking local sentients.
Locals are gathered in a nearby structure.
Establish contact and render assistance.
Assist local sentients.

Unused Lightbringer Behavior

Lightbringers are an "enemy" which act as mobile Light Crystals. Quite useful. However, the only ones in the game disappear after getting the Space Jump, before getting any of the alternate Beam weapons.

Despite this, using glitches to skip the Space Jump reveals that Lightbringers have unique reactions to all three Beam weapons! The Light Beam supercharges them, and the Dark Beam nullifies them, just like the normal crystals/beacons. However, the Annihilator Beam destroys them, a behavior unlike the standard crystals, but which is actually mentioned in the Lightbringer's scan data! They drop an Ultra Energy when destroyed; you can also use a charged Dark Beam shot to freeze one and fire a missile at it. This behavior would suggest that the Lightbringers were intended to see greater use than they wound up getting.


A debug room called 00_scandummy is present in Temple Grounds. It's attached to Defiled Shrine, but since it seems to be attached using a virtual dock, there doesn't seem to be a way to actually enter it in-game. The room geometry is just a box with a flat metallic material on it; there's no lighting or lightmap on the material so it appears pitch-black. Aside from the dock attaching it to Defiled Shrine, the room contains PointOfInterest objects for every inventory scan file in the game, including a few for unused items.

MetroidPrime2GC scandummy.png

Removed Music

An early listing of the game's streams present on the disc references eight tracks which are not present in the final game. Many of these seem to have been replaced, as pirates_kyu.dsp is nowhere to be found but pirates_kyu-3-32.dsp is on the final disc and is used. It stands to reason that pirates_kyu.dsp would have been a predecessor of this track.


Additionally, some strings in FrontEnd.pak reference several Prime 1 music tracks that were evidently intended to be playable in multiplayer at one point:


Emperor Ing Oddities

Guy probably has damn good depth perception.

The penultimate boss of the game, the Emperor Ing, has a few discrepancies in its final phase which suggest the fight was to be a much more complex, strategic affair than it wound up as.

"Further exposure to Phazon has mutated the Emperor Ing. It is now capable of shielding its vulnerable areas with energy barriers. Beams of opposite polarity can damage these barriers, however. Heavy damage to these barriers will cause them to drop, exposing the creatures weak spots. Target the weak spots to immobilize and damage the enemy."

This text from Mutated Emperor Ing's scan data mentions it putting up barriers around its weak points, of which there were multiple. The description suggests you need to switch beams to match the barrier color at the moment, and destroy the barrier before letting loose on that weak spot...but there is nothing like this in any phase during the Emperor Ing battle.

However, If Samus performs the Screw Attack at a tiny area of space just behind any one of Emperor Ing's five feet, it will take massive damage. It has no reaction to being damaged in these locations; it just continues moving, and no barriers are put up. Some data remains in the game which suggests how the fight would have worked.

There are empty Ing "eye" sockets at the joint of each leg. A piece of concept art in the Image Gallery reveals that these were intended to have fleshy orbs matching the color of the core in them, which were presumably the barriers. It can be assumed you'd have targeted and destroyed these (thus breaking their barriers, and leaving the empty sockets on the model) before attacking the weak point they protected. This piece of concept art also reveals with a Samus scale indicator that Emperor Ing was roughly the size of Quadraxis so it's possible the original idea for breaking leg joints in a large spider like enemy was reused for the first phase of the Quadraxis fight.

It should be noted that the game handles damage to these weak points and damage to the core differently; if the Emperor Ing is damaged using one of the weak points on his legs while the core is any color but red, and beam damage is dealt to the core after this but before it changes color, all of the damage dealt through the old weak points will be completely recovered. This means that the game keeps track of the damage dealt to these weak points separately, which suggests they were to be destructible. The code allowing the Emperor Ing to heal in this situation probably has something to do with the barrier color switching.