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Midtown Madness

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Title Screen

Midtown Madness

Developer: Angel Studios
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Platform: Windows
Released in US: April 30, 1999
Released in EU: 1999

CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

ProtoIcon.png This game has a prototype article

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Midtown Madness is the somewhat rushed debut installment of video game series of the same name, despite being the first open world racing game, beating out Driver by a couple of months. It has unpolished keyboard and mouse driving controls (they actually can be sometimes buggy), complicated driving physics, etc. The Midtown Madness series would spiritually be succeeded by the Midnight Club series.

Now that's racing Chicago style!


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info

Extra Files

The retail version of the game shipped with MIDTOWN.MAP, for EXE version 1.0. The file contains a full listing of function and variable symbols, along with the addresses and object files they were given at compilation time. This would have been used for debugging the game. Unsurprisingly, this was removed from later versions.

Unused Cars

To do:
A picture or two would be nice. We don't need a video.

A yellow monster truck was found in the game files. It resembles a second-generation Dodge Ram pickup truck with flared fenders, a hood scoop, and wheels that oddly look similar to the wheels found on the 1992 Dodge Viper.

Extra Cheats

The game contained a couple unused "cheats".

Single-Player Cheats

"xcam" - This cheat allowed the player to use a modified version of the "V" cam, which locked the rotation to the vehicle's rotation.

"ver" - This cheat echoed the game version into the chat.

Multiplayer Cheats

"rc edit" - This cheat allowed developers to place around gold/hideout/bank positions while in Cops n Robbers mode. By entering this cheat, you would toggle a message "edit on", which can allow you to place positions with your keyboard.

Unused Graphics

You might wanna replay your handwriting.

REPLAY.DDS is the word "REPLAY" most likely written in Paint. During a replay this would flash on-screen. Replays are inaccessible without editing the games' executable.

Unused Text

midtown.exe (the game's executable) has some noteworthy strings.


At 1AE230 is a... test.

This is a test

Debug Texts

Contained inside Version 1.00.1588 at 0x1A42A4:

CPU:%3d%% PageIn:%4d PageOut:%4d Idle:%04d
Load:%3d%%  T.Phys:%5dK A.Phys:%5dK

There's also some info for texture loading at 0x1BA38C:

END SURFACE DUMP: %d bytes (%dK) total.

Error Messages

Scattered throughout the executable are some interesting error messages, as well as vulgar ones, which are shocking to see in the parameters of an executable file of a family-friendly driving video game. It's likely that they were worked on by an angry video game development team member being under stress considering the fact this game needed more time for completion, yet it contains an excess amount of problems.

Blitz checkpoint count greater than 6!  Fred lied to me.
Cheating bastard!
Path %d, has a cop initial position conflict.
I'm trying to pop a vehicle off a non-existant lane.
Can't set the position of an aiPedestrian through instance API!
ERROR: I'm Lost!!
This kind of damage is no longer implemented
NetAudioManager::AssignSounds police siren not stopped major error!
Negative RPM's on the engine!!!
asNetwork lib: NetObject::PositionUpdate() - should never be called
Someone is still holding a ref on the city's template
Hey!  Some hoser is oversampling.
Drawbridge -- already one in this cullroom.
::DeclareMover : An unparented instance is being declared to the PhysMGR - ignoring it.
mmPhysicsMGR::Cull - Bound got paged out before I could draw it.  No big deal, really.
PHYS.Collide : fucking piece of shit computers 1!
PHYS.Collide : fucking piece of shit computers 2!
asBound::Collide()- NumVerts over 120! Breaks our hack.
Fades don't work in release build.
Separate texture memories (probably a voodoo!)
No perspective texturing, useless to me!
Trying to restore stuff...
Oh, dear!  DLPGroup hosed.
Tell Dave to implement (%x,%x,%x,%x)-->(%x,%x,%x,%x) copyrow function.
You are problem-free!
asBound::Collide()- NumVerts over 120! Breaks our hack.
mmBoundTemplate::AddIndex() - More than 25 errors, I'll stop bugging you about it.


By running Midtown.exe with the parameters "-console -help" you will get a list of these parameters;

Argument Result
-console Live output game messages
-dplay Likely related to multiplayer joining/hosting (DirectPlay)? Doesn't seem to do anything.
-help "Show list of available command line arguments", requires -console to see.
-sw Set graphics to software rendering mode.
-window Launch game in windowed-mode instead of full screen.

Unofficial parameters

Found by using Process Explorer; in the string-tab of the properties of the executable.

Argument Result
-noui Launch game immediately into playing without menu.
-blitz <0-999> Used with -noui; Set game mode to "Checkpoint Race", and choose index of the race.
-circuit <0-999> Used with -noui; Set game mode to "Circuit Race", and choose index of the race.
-race <0-999> Used with -noui; Set game mode to "Blitz Race", and choose index of the race.
-keyboard Used with -noui; Set controller to Keyboard.
-joystick Used with -noui; Set controller to Joystick.
-wheel Used with -noui; Set controller to Wheel.
-archive Seems to be related to; -record, -playback.
-blitztime Used with -blitz; Change the blitz time.
-triple Seems to be related to; -single.
-single Seems to be related to; -triple.
-primary Seems to be related to; -secondary.
-secondary Seems to be related to; -primary.
-noai No civilians and traffic?
-damagescale Seems to affect how much damage your car can take.
-record Seems to be related to; -playback, -archive.
-playback Seems to be related to; -record, -archive.
-simdbg Seems to be related to; -updatememdbg, -updatedbg, -heapdbg, -leakdbg.
-updatememdbg Seems to be related to; -simdbg, -updatedbg, -heapdbg, -leakdbg.
-updatedbg Seems to be related to; -simdbg, -updatememdbg, -heapdbg, -leakdbg.
-heapdbg Seems to be related to; -simdbg, -updatememdbg, -updatedbg, -leakdbg.
-leakdbg Seems to be related to; -simdbg, -updatememdbg, -updatedbg, -heapdbg.
-noblit Seems to be related to; -notexblit
-notexblit Seems to be related to; -noblit
-fullmip Seems to be related to; -automip, -nomip.
-automip Seems to be related to; -fullmip, -nomip.
-nomip Seems to be related to; -automip, -nomip.