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Might and Magic III (DOS)

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Title Screen

Might and Magic III: Isles of Terra

Developer: New World Computing
Publisher: New World Computing
Platform: DOS
Released in US: 1991
Released in EU: 1991
Released in TW: 1992

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.

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Might and Magic III: Isles of Terra is the third entry in the Might and Magic series.

Unused Maps

"It's a Secret"

Map 105 is not a map that most players would see during the course of their journey through Terra. This is because it seems to be a developer map, or possibly a "joke" map, full of strange and interesting things.

The map is arranged in a haphazard way, forming a maze ripe with guillotine blades, Bubble Men, Carnage Hands, and a few Phase Skulls. There are also two levers which don't seem to do anything, several doors and portcullises, breakable walls, and several endless piles of treasure which randomly give your party some of the best equipment in the game. The most interesting area, however, is the room to the north which houses several golden thrones… one for each member of the game's development team at New World Computing, who each have words of encouragement, interest, or something completely random to say. Also of note: You cannot use Lloyd's Beacon (a waypoint warp spell), Time Distortion (a warp-to-exit spell), or save the game, here.

To access the map, load a save file in a hex editor and change the following values:

$2B2E - 01 01 ; Player coordinates value
                Changes the player's X/Y coordinate to X01 Y01 (near the Mirror)
                SUGGESTED, but not always necessary
$2B30 - 69    ; Maze ID value
                Places the player on map 105 ($69)

To leave the map, either use the Magic Mirror to teleport to another location or open the menu and ask Mr. Wizard for help (at the cost of all of the party's gems).

(Source: Dark Linkaël)

Unused Items

Z Item 23

The item 97 is called "Z Item 23" which is not used. Probably a test item.

(Source: Dark Linkaël)

Regional Differences

The Taiwanese release of the game had a lot of changes. The game is now fully translated to Traditional Chinese, a phonetic notation Chinese IME has been added, and some options were changed.

In the original release of the game, the SETUP program provides several graphics options, including VGA/MCGA, EGA(Low/High), Tandy and CGA. The Taiwan release "replaces" CGA with Hercules Graphic Card support, a high-res monochrome graphics standard common in Taiwan at the time for its usefulness in Chinese-language word processing.

"Replaces" was in quotation marks because it's actually implemented non-natively via MM3A.EXE - when it detects the game has been set to CGA, it will display the following text:

P.O.BOX 28-34,Kaohsiung,Taiwan, R.O.C.
BBS TEL:(07) 384-8901
    TEL:(02) 788-9184 

This program is designed to convert CGA graphics to Hercules on-the-fly! If you don't run it and boot MM3B.EXE directly, the game will boot in CGA mode normally.

Incidentally, SIMCGA is also compatible with this game and works perfectly with the English version, but readability of Chinese text will be compromised.