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Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven

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Title Screen

Might & Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven

Developer: New World Computing
Publishers: 3DO Company (US), Ubi Soft (EU)
Platforms: Windows
Released in US: April 30, 1998
Released in EU: 1998

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
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The sixth installment of the Might and Magic series, this game had been released after a five-year gap and is the first in the series to use an all new graphics engine with full 3D.

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Bugs in different versions. https://www.speedrun.com/mam6/thread/zx7ez


Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
M&M6 icons Npc605.png
Unused Graphics
Corpses, skulls, beer steins and more!
M&M6 Bitmaps apothmid.png
Unused Map Events & Places
Unused and partially removed events, houses and interesting places.
M&M6 Icons map.png
Unused & Deleted Dungeons
Meh, still no legendary Loretta Flaise's treasury!
M&M6 Icons SCROLL.png
Unused NPCs Texts & Development Strings
"The demons are to the west, near the coast, not in my throne room!"


He just discovered one easy trick to become a Master Thief.

Thievery is a skill supposedly intended to work in a way it does in Might and Magic VII: For Blood and Honor - to steal items and gold from NPCs and shops. The skill can be added to a character.


(1 byte) is the address for the first character's thievery skill. Setting it to a positive value will add it to the character.

Unused Sounds

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Look for more sounds
Unused Guild of Light and Dark Greeting

Unused Items

Name Graphic in equipment Graphic on adventure map Comment
Leather Pouch M&M6 Icons POUCH1.pngM&M6 Icons pouch2.pngM&M6 Icons POUCH3.png M&M6 sprites 3POUCH.png A small leather pouch.

Probably additional place in equipment for storing items.

Rose M&M6 Icons Rose.png M&M6 sprites 3Rose.png The top of a perfect, long stemmed rose. It seems curiously fresh, as though plucked moments ago.
Shovel M&M6 Icons SHOVEL.png M&M6 sprites 3SHOVEL.png A shovel. It has at least two purposes: digging a statue in the Temple of the Wolf, and digging a Pirate's treasure in Bootleg Bay.
Lock pick M&M6 Icons LOCKPICK.png M&M6 sprites 3LOCKPIK.png A simple lock pick.

In the Temple's of the Snake scripts there are these strings - looks like lock pick was at least needed to accomplish some missions.

str[5] = "You easily defeat the lock."
str[7] = "You are unable to pick the lock."
Rope M&M6 Icons ROPE.png M&M6 sprites 3ROPE.png Coiled rope of sturdy quality.
Tooth M&M6 Icons TOOTH.png M&M6 sprites 3TOOTH.png A large canine tooth from the mouth of some huge beast.

Werewolf's (?) tooth that could be collected from the body and sold. Sy Roth in Free Heaven despairingly awaits brave hero who will collect teeth for him, but noone ever coped with this mission.

Apple M&M6 Icons apple.png M&M6 Icons apple.png (the same as in equipment) A perfect, shiny red apple.

When picking fruits from the trees, players packs are filled directly, however preliminary player would receive an apple.

Map M&M6 Icons map.png M&M6 sprites 3MAP.png A map made from stretched hides and vellum.

Might uncover undiscovered parts of the map?

Name of Message M&M6 Icons Scroll5.png (graphic used for existing generic message scroll) M&M6 sprites 3SCROLL.png (graphic used for existing generic scroll) A message scroll. To read this message, pick the scroll up and left-click over the character picture in the inventory screen.
Pouch of Bat Guano M&M6 Icons POUCH1.png (the same as leather pouch) M&M6 sprites 3POUCH.png (the same as leather pouch) Quest Item: This pouch is filled with smelly bat guano.
Fire Amulet M&M6 Icons AMULET5.png (graphic used for existing generic amulet) M&M6 sprites 3AMULET.png (graphic used for existing generic amulet) Quest Item: Set in gold etched with ancient runes, the ruby heart of this amulet glows faintly. It's probably connected with this string from NPCText.txt:
401	I will only speak to the Chosen Ones; those that bring the symbol of fire.	Should never see this
Dark Containment M&M6 Icons Scroll4.png (graphic used for existing generic level 4 scroll) M&M6 sprites 3SCROLL.png (graphic used for existing generic scroll) Quest Item: Dark Containment
Rat Tail M&M6 Icons Rat-tail.png M&M6 sprites 3rattail.png Rat Tail that could be collected from the body and sold to an assigned NPC? No entry in ITEMS.txt
Dragon Horn M&M6 Icons Drgnhorn.png No entry in ITEMS.txt. This variant of Horn of Ros can be seen on an unused M&M6 intro. It falls from the Ros the Dragon that was hit by the meteor (Kreegan's spaceship?) during The Night of the Shooting Stars.
Torch OFF/ON M&M6 Icons torchOFF.pngM&M6 Icons torchON.png M&M6 sprites 3TORCH.png Would give an effect of the Torch Light spell? No entry in ITEMS.txt

Wooden Flute

M&M6 icons FLUTE.png

The item Wooden Flute doesn't have any use in-game. This led to fans speculating about secret uses of the item, and a few fans formed a guild in celebration of the item. The guild, as well as one active fan who had passed away, Lord Brinne, are name-dropped in Might and Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer. The flute in that game has the secret use of allowing players to enter the NWC dungeon in that game.

(Source: http://mightandmagic.wikia.com/wiki/Guild_of_the_Wooden_Flute)


M&M6 sprites 3Horn.png

The Horn of Ros adventure map graphic is a lot different from it's equipment graphic - it's a trumpet. It was probably another quest item, that was scrapped from the game.

Unused Quests

Bat Guano Quest

Guano Rocks in Abandoned Temple.

There are only a few remnants of this quest. The Pouch of Bat Guano was mentioned above. In npctext.txt there are three cells containing this information:

Removed Bat Guano Message

Quests.txt also has a short note pointing a row with cancelled mission:

bat guano quest

Decompiled D02 map scripts contain these unused lines:

Guano Rock
This Rock is covered in bat guano
You harvest the guano and put it in your pouch
You pick up some guano, but have nowhere to put it.

Decompiled GLOBAL scripts inform that questgiver was Barrad Unter who would give our heroes a Leather Pouch for collecting a bat guano. But what's that all about? What were our heroes supposed to do? The answer can be found in the Abandoned Temple in New Sorpigal. There are a few rocks in one of the Temple's caverns. After clicking on them, white squares appear on a minimap. Yes, you've just intended to scratch the bat guano off the stone...

After completing the quest, adventurers would receive such entry in their "awards" tab:

"Gave Bat Guano to Barad"

Alternative Lair of the Wolf Quests

Once again Quests.txt reveals a lot of interesting information (D17 is Lair of the Wolf dungeon name, D15 - Icewind Keep):

D17, given when party is turned into Werewolves.
D17, given when party buries torture victims.
D17, given when party buries more torture victims.
D17, given when party digs up tiger statue quest item.
D17, Given when Paladin Ghost tells party where Tiger Statue is.
D17, Used when QB 18 corpses buried.
D17, Used when QB 19 corpses buried.
D15, Given to find merchants White pearl

What was changed?

  1. Removed quest for buring massacred corpses (unused shovel purpose?)
  2. Tiger statue is not a part of Twillen quest (place five animals statuettes across Enroth) and can be dug up (unused shovel purpose?). Ghost of Balthasar is called "Paladin Ghost".
  3. White Pearl isn't used for destroying a wolf altar, a part of separate mission in D15 - Icewind Keep.
  4. Party would be turned into Werewolves. There is this short text placeholder in the Lair of the Wolf scripts, it probably would appear on the day of transition:
str[7] = "After 7 days."

NPCtext.txt is another place with unused pieces of text, suggesting the possibility of being a werewolf was very close to come true:

Blackshire has been plagued by werewolves lately.  These caves must be where the werewolves are coming from!  However, I will need help destroying them.  You're welcome to any of the treasure we find.  I'm only concerned with destroying them once and for all!
You see, I am a werewolf and soon you will be one too!

There are also strings connected with burring corpses mission in Lair of the Wolf scripts:

str[12] = "The Werewolves butchered us.  Will you avenge us - so our souls may rest in peace?"
str[13] = "Reply?"
str[14] = "Yes"
str[15] = "Y"

In the game files one can find empty poles and a noose, identical to the ones with massacred bodies that can be found in the Lair of the Wolf and other dungeons.

M&M6 Sprites stick02.png M&M6 Sprites stick03.png M&M6 Sprites stick04.png M&M6 Sprites stick05.png M&M6 Sprites stick06.png M&M6 Sprites stick09.png M&M6 Sprites stick10.png M&M6 Sprites stick16.png M&M6 Sprites stick17.png M&M6 sprites NOOSE.gif

This event shows that primarily in place where White Pearl is hidden, once there was a tiger statue buried (the developers were too lazy to change adnotation on finding the second artifact):

event 56
  0:  Cmp  {"QBits", Value = 20,   jump = 2}         -- 20 D17, given when party digs up tiger statue quest item.
  1:  Cmp  {"QBits", Value = 142,   jump = 3}         -- NPC
  2:  Exit  {}

  3:  Add  {"HourIs", Value = 900}
  4:  StatusText  {Str = 5}         -- "You find a Pearl."
  5:  Add  {"Inventory", Value = 459}         -- "Pearl of Purity"
  6:  Set  {"QBits", Value = 20}         -- 20 D17, given when party digs up tiger statue quest item.

Dark Containment Quest

Not only a scroll of Dark Containment was forgotten to be remove, Quests.txt contains this short information on the quest:

Dark Containment quest taken by Archibald in Library
scroll of dark containment

It's very likely that preliminary Ritual of the Void was called Dark Containment, but to the late stages of development there was no agreement on how does the mission shoud look like. NPCtopic.txt contains this string:

What should we do with the Archibald statue and the release method?

Retrieving Dead from Abandoned Temple

From Quests.txt (D02 - Abandoned Temple):

D02, is given when you get all the dead guys

From Abandoned Temple scripts:

str[9] = "Cage"
str[10] = "You open the cage and remove the bones."

In northern part of the dungeon there is a room with some cages - they give the player weak items, but it seems that they were meant to be used in an unused quest.

Missions cut on early stage of development

Once there was a Smoking Gun in the chest. Now there is Letter from Zenofex
Quest Details
Divine Intervention - Cleric Promotion Quest According to NPCdata.txt Marton Ferris from Blackshire was preliminary a questgiver of the "Divine Intervention" Quest. Npctopic.txt and npctext.txt contains the enigmatic note "divine intervention" in place of NPC text. Quest.txt informs, that it was a cleric promotion quest.
White Witches Crown Quest Only one remnant of it can be found in Quests.txt (D19 is Agar's Laboratory map name):
D19, Given to find White witches crown
Smoking Gun Mission From Quests.txt (T7 - Superior Temple of Baa):
T7, given when you find the smoking gun
Becoming a Lich From Quests.txt (CD2 - Castle Darkmoor):
CD2, given when you get the knowledge to become a lich

In vanilla the player has to destroy the Book of Liches, but earlier he was probably going to use it to transform members of the party into Liches.

Eagle Statuette Mission From Quests.txt (D16 - Warlord's Fortress):
D16, Given when characters find the Eagle Statuette

In vanilla the Eagle Statuette is given to a player by Twillen.

Caves of the Dragon Riders Quest From Quests.txt (D20 - Caves of the Dragon Riders):
D20, given when 1st artifact chest opened
D20, given when 2nd artifact chest opened

In vanilla there are no artifacts in chests, nor is there a mission connected with this dungeon.

Destroy the Altar of Evil From Quests.txt. Looks like it was connected with existing quest of retrieving the Chime of Harmony, however in Might and Magic VI there is no altar to be destroyed.
Destroy the Altar of Evil in the Temple of Baa and return with the Chime of Harmony

Inaccesible Tiles

All these tiles are non-interactable, they were probably used for testing purposes.

Developer Credits

New World Computing (NWC) Dungeon

To do:
Go more into detail on the characters and names that can be found in the NWC dungeon.

There is a hidden dungeon named New World Computing (the company who developed the game) which contains hallways and rooms that appear to resemble the offices of the company at the time. There are characters, friendly and hostile, that are named after the developers. The dungeon can be accessed by following these steps from a newly started game:

  • Go to the west side of the bank and click on the wall to get a Fly scroll.
  • At the north end of the Buccaneer's Lair, use the scroll to fly up to the roof and click on the wall up there. You will be taken to Dragonsand.
  • Run forward and click on the obelisk and get 20 stats added permanently for each character.
  • The left wall can now be clicked on, which will send you to the NWC dungeon.

The dungeon can be looted for unlimited money (until it caps at 10,000 gold), unlimited food and bottles and various other items. There is a well which grants +256 to all stats temporarily. To leave, you must exit the dungeon and click on a specific wall outside the structure.

MightAndMagic6 DevMap.jpg