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Monaco Grand Prix (Nintendo 64)

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Title Screen

Monaco Grand Prix

Also known as: Monaco Grand Prix: Racing Simulation 2 (EU), Racing Simulation: Monaco Grand Prix (UK), Racing Simulation 2 (GER)
Developer: Ubisoft Paris
Publisher: Ubisoft
Platform: Nintendo 64
Released in US: September 1999
Released in EU: June 1999

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.

Development Text

Present at 0x40560 in the ROM is text for a memory manager.

Mar 12 1998
Memory Manager
MMG V6.0.1
You are not allow to use another group to the default
You try to release the default channel (0), you not allow to do that !
Strange, the number of free was not valid
The debug function TestMalloc has repaired this data
Please warn the developper of Mmg to fix the Bug
Strange, you have request a free with a NULL pointer, please change that
Strange, you have request an allocation of 0 Byte, the return value Will be NULL, please change
Can not free the Block (in Mmg_fn_vDeleteblock)
The number of requested allocation are too high, the debug information memory is full
Can not allocate (the block is full)
The Static memory address is not valid (not referenced in the debug table), or using a wrong static block
The dynamic memory address is not valid (not referenced in the debug table)
Can not allocate dynamic memory (in fn_p_vDynAlloc), the system function for allocation failed (return NULL)
Impossible to Allocate the block (in Mmg_fn_vInitblock), the system function for allocation failed (return NULL)
Can not free the dynamic memory
You can NOT use this function with this kind of block: block without Free management
The last Allocation Overwrite the Remain check Key, just after the p_cMaxMen
The size of the allocation is not compatible with the alignment requested duing the initialization of the block
Problem the Mmg_M_SetModeAlloc is not appropriate .Example: you try to use Dynamic memory but Mmg_M_SetModeAlloc is set for the Static memory
You have selected the Dynamic mode But __DYNAMIC_MALLOC_ALLOWED__ is not defined
The Mmg initialization have to be done before the Erm initialization
Malloc system failed in Mmg_fn_vInitBlock function
Malloc system failed in InitMmg function
Malloc system failed in FirstInitMmgModule function
Sorry, too much channels are used
Invalid number of channel
You've try to access to the memory through Mmg module
But the memory have been locked with Mmg_fn_vLockAlloaction!
There is no static memory
The BlockId is impossible
The moduleId is impossible
The address is not a static address
The static block that you try to use, is not valid, it's should be not well initialize !
The virtualAlloc function failed (return NULL). Is that enough memory ??
There is too many allocation
Overflow after an allocation
Overflow before an allocation
Overflow after a static malloc
Overflow before a static malloc
Overflow after a dynamic malloc
Overflow before a dynamic malloc
the dynamic memory allocated is not aligned
(from the 'malloc' system function, in fn_p_vDynAlloc)
Alignment error of the beginning address of my block
(from the 'malloc' system function, in Mmg_fn_vInitblock)
The block tested by testMalloc is not valid, it's should be not initialize !
Because 0X%X it's not multiple of %d
there is no free space enougth big (i.e. %db)
,even with the 'added debug information' memory
the is not enought memory(%db) for the allocation size requested (%d)
The key expexted should be 0X%X, but we have 0X%X
the size requested (%d) is not a multiple of the alignment(%d)
In [    ] %s    ]   
], for Dynamic mode.%s
], for Dynamic mode
], for Static mode (Block #%d).%s
], for Static mode (Block #%d)
%sMemory Channel=Default
%s{Memory Channel=%d [0X%X, %d]
Apr 22 1997
Module Timer
Tmr V5.0.2
Module Tmr
The system is unable to create an event!
The timer isn't ready. Try to the fn_wTimerResetTimer before
Too many timer. The library support a fix count of timer
Event timer can't be start, stop or reset
Unknow timer handle
This timer type isn't supported. Try a lower precision
You specified an unknow timer type
The Timer lib isn't initialize. See fn_wTimerInitLibrary
Erm_M_InitErrMsg was called for a module already initialized
The string variable for The Error message is too short, please change C_ucSizeOfErrTxt
There are too many Modules (>255)
SEP 06 1997
Error Manager
ERM V5.1.0
Jan  0 1900
F1 Racing Simulation
F1R V5.0.0
Failed in deleting a static block of memory
Failed in reinitializing a static block of memory
Failed in initializing a static block of memory
Failed in freeing memory
Failed in allocating memory
No space for circuit in Circuit array
Found PilotLap section out of Circuit section
Found Lap section out of Circuit section
Found Pilot section out of Circuit section
Internal error?!?
Gfx %d  Mtx %d  Missed %d
Main Raster.%4.2fms

Present at 0x42790 in the ROM are audio related error messages.

Jan  0 1900
Sound Module for CPA
Moteur sonore ACP - Version M5.6.0
Module Snd
Bank containing sound event is not loaded
Sound Event is in no sound bank
Mixer : close command
Mixer : Getcaps command
Mixer : Open command
Mixer : No mixer Id available
Mixer : No mixer available
MIDI : All tracks used
MIDI : Bad MIDI error
MIDI : Seek command error
MIDI : Fade error
MIDI : Close command error
MIDI : Open command error
MIDI : CreateThread failed
MIDI : Notify superseded
MIDI : Notify aborted
MIDI : Notify Failure
MIDI : Stop command error
MIDI : Play command error
MIDI : Set command error
MIDI : Status command error
MIDI : Unloading resource error
MIDI : Loading resource error
CD : Register wnd class failed
CD : Bad Cd error
CD : Seek command error
CD : Fade error
CD : Close command error
CD : Creating thread failed
CD : Notify superseded
CD : Notify aborted
CD : Notify Failure
CD : Stop command error
CD : Play command error
CD : Set command error
CD : Status command error
CD : Loading resource error
Cannot create Wave thread
API-System error
Multi-threading not allowed with SoundLibrary
 Invalid static parameters for resource 
 Invalid dynamic parameters for resource 
 Too many Voices for SNDSplits
 Too many Voices for SNDSwitch
 Too many Voices for SNDXD 
 Too many Voices for SNDSEQ
 Invalid type of Sound Resource 
 Too many Voices for SNDPLAY 
 Invalid type of Sound Event 
 Too many Events for SOUND3D 
 Missing Windows-Resource for Sound Library
Cannot load DLL 
Cannot dynamically resolve function 
error while loading from script 
INI file for Sound options cannot be found
Error reading file
Cannot open file
Cannot (re)allocate memory for sound data
Cannot allocate memory for sound data
 text of the error # E_uwSndFatalError4
Sound Engine cannot be runned on this Machine
 Missing component:
Sound Engine cannot be used before initialization
Detected Re-entrance in SoundLibrary
Possible DeadLock with Sound Engine
Cannot allocate main memory-block for sound engine
Sound-Assertion failed in 
 (Line n° %d)
(Source: Ferrox)