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Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge

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Title Screen

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge

Developer: LucasArts
Publisher: LucasArts
Platforms: DOS, Mac OS Classic
Released in US: 1991
Released in EU: 1991

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Prototype Info

Unused Item Icons

There are a number of unused icons, for unused items or for use as placeholders. They can be seen by modifying a backup of the game with a hex editor.

MKY2 Icon1.png 8103

MKY2 Icon2.png 8203

MKY2 Icon3.png 8303

MKY2 Icon4.png 8403

MKY2 Icon5.png BE03

MKY2 Icon6.png F203

MKY2 Icon7.png F903

Debug Mode

Like other LucasArts games, it is possible to enter full debug mode by typing a debug password along with pressing an activation combination. In Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge, enter the password monkeyspit and then press Ctrl, Shift and D together. If successful, this operation will allow you to perform several actions, such as teleporting to any room in the game or running the game in fast mode.

DOS Version Keys

Key Action
Ctrl + E Set a SCUMM variable.
Ctrl + F Fast mode.
Ctrl + G Go to a room.
Ctrl + O Pick up an object in a certain room.
Ctrl + L Enter a boot parameter.
1 Change character.
2-6 Change pick up animation.
7-8 Change text color.
F Face the player character forwards.
R Face the player character toward the left side of the screen ("stage right").
B Face the player character backwards.
M Add 100 pieces of eight to the player's inventory.

Boot Parameters

Boot parameters allow you to skip to a specific point within the game story, such as story points and special events. Upon setting a boot parameter via the debug menu, you will be teleported to the related area, eventually with some new items. Some boot parameters, such as forest and fish, will show an error and make the game crash.

In this case, the boot parameter corresponds to Largo LaGrande claiming his laundry event, therefore Guybrush is teleported to the related area with a laundry claim ticket.
123 - Men of Low Moral Fiber, laundry claim 
213 - won drinking contest, telescope, mirror, bottle near-grog 
323 - call box in forest 
332 - booty island overhead, invitation 
333 - booty island overhead, invitation dress 
353 - booty island outhouse 
408 - scabb island swamp with crate 
409 - stans with hammer and nails 
415 - costume shop with invitation 
456 - woodtick 
494 - captain dredd's ship, heap of stuff 
495 - woodtick, gold, monacle, shovel 
498 - woodtick hotel, voodoo doll, pins 
300 - governor phatt 
400 - forest? 
500 - hotel with mud 
550 - outside drinking contest house 
600 - elevator 
800 - card catalog 
850 - map 
900 - scabb island overhead, with crypt key, pirate quotes, ash-2-life 
1000 - scabb island outside shack, heaps of stuff 
1050 - phatt island overhead 
1100 - wally hanging on chains in lechucks dungeon 
1300 - scabb island swamp 
1350 - lechuck's fortress docks 
1550 - Men of Low Moral Fiber 
1600 - fish? 
1700 - underground tunnels 
1800 - wally at desk 
1850 - cliff side 

Room Numbers

Rooms, as the name suggests, are areas of the game, characterized by a background image and can contain items and NPCs. Rooms are involved in two of the debug actions listed above. By pressing Ctrl and G a box of text will appear, allowing you to enter a room number (or a room name), followed by another box asking the xpos, that represents the horizontal position occupied by Guybrush after teleporting. Rooms can also be used to pick up certain objects, by pressing Ctrl and O and specifying the object and the room number (or room name). Some rooms, such as copycrap and raft, are only used in cutscenes and menus, therefore they have little to no available actions.

Room 1: part1
Room 2: scabb-isl
Room 3: sky
Room 4: shore
Room 5: campfire
Room 6: weenie
Room 7: woodtick
Room 8: cartograp
Room 9: bar
Room 10: cu-spit
Room 11: grill
Room 12: inn
Room 13: largos
Room 14: laundry
Room 15: woodshop
Room 16: cemetery
Room 17: graves
Room 18: crypt
Room 19: cu-coffin
Room 20: swamp
Room 21: voodoo
Room 22: dred-cabi
Room 23: dred-clif
Room 24: dred-deck
Room 25: part2
Room 26: phatt-isl
Room 27: wharf
Room 28: pier
Room 29: jail
Room 30: library
Room 31: catalog
Room 32: cards
Room 33: casino
Room 34: alley
Room 35: waterfall
Room 36: faucet
Room 37: beach
Room 38: cottage
Room 39: rums
Room 40: basement
Room 41: phatts
Room 42: stairs
Room 43: bedroom
Room 44: cu-phatt
Room 45: booty-isl
Room 46: ville
Room 47: spitvile
Room 48: antique
Room 49: costume-s
Room 50: funeral-p
Room 51: kiosk
Room 52: mansion
Room 53: front-man
Room 54: back-mans
Room 55: entryway
Room 56: boudoir
Room 57: kitchen
Room 58: clifftop
Room 59: cliffbot
Room 60: tree-base
Room 61: tree-top
Room 62: tree-hous
Room 63: under-shi
Room 64: water
Room 65: over-gall
Room 66: galleon
Room 67: part3
Room 68: le-fortre
Room 69: le-explos
Room 70: le-dock
Room 71: le-passag
Room 72: le-hall
Room 73: le-door
Room 74: le-office
Room 75: le-jail
Room 76: le-cel
Room 77: le-dynomi
Room 78: le-closeu
Room 79: le-tortur
Room 80: bone-map
Room 81: kates-shi
Room 82: map
Room 83: raft
Room 84: part4
Room 85: dinky-bea
Room 86: dinky-spo
Room 87: dinky-hol
Room 88: elevator
Room 89: melee
Room 90: storage
Room 91: maintenan
Room 92: lost-foun
Room 93: undergrou
Room 94: icons
Room 95: whoopmap
Room 96: junglea
Room 97: jungleb
Room 98: junglec
Room 99: f-turf
Room 100: f-foregro
Room 101: f-trees
Room 102: f-plants
Room 103: open-cred
Room 104: f-rapinfl
Room 105: f-rapothe
Room 106: f-rap2inf
Room 107: f-rapshri
Room 108: copycrap
Room 109: long-shot
Room 110: bigwhoop
"raft" room
"copycrap" room (with an available action)
"f-turf" room

Change Character

By pressing 1 while in debug mode, it is possible to change character, as long as it is on the screen. If you enter the carpenter shop, for example, you will be able to control the shop owner, who might perform the same actions as Guybrush. Other characters, such as Wally and the Men of Low Moral Fiber, can be moved but won't perform a complete walking animation, as they are busy with other actions (for instance, Wally will go on reading his maps). For some reason, the shipwreck floating in water under the Woodtick bridge is playable as if it was a character.

Carpenter Wally Shipwreck
MI2-control carpenter.png
MI2-control Wally.png
MI2-control wreck.png

Browsing Pick Up Animations

Guybrush will perform five different pick up animations, mapped from 2 to 6, which include crouching and standing actions.

Crouching Standing
MI2-couching pickup.png
MI2-standing pickup.png

Change Text Color

It is possible to change Guybrush's speech text color from the default white to various other colors by pressing the 7 or 8 keys. Repeated presses change the color further.

(Source: bgbennyboy)

Face A Direction

Press the F key to make the player character's sprite face forward, B to make it face backward, and R to make it face the left side of the screen ("stage right").

Get Money

Press M to add 100 pieces of eight to the inventory. Repeated presses add more money. Of note is that at 500 pieces of eight the inventory icon switches to the "colossal number of coins" icon instead of the standard icon.