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Monsters, Inc. Scare Island

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Title Screen

Monsters, Inc. Scare Island

Also known as: Die Monster AG: Schreckens-Insel (DE)
Monsters en Co.: Schrik Eiland (NL)
Monsters, Inc.: Skræmmeøen (DK)
Monsters, Inc.: Skrämmarön (SE)
Monsterit Oy: Säikkysaari (FI)
Monsterbedriften: Skrekkøya (NO)
Monstruos, S.A.: Isla de los Sustos (ES)
Monstres & Cie: L'ile de l'Épouvante (FR)
Monsters & Co.: L'Isola dello Spavento (IT)
Monsters, Inc. – Monstros e Companhia: Ilha Assustadora (PT)
Developer: Artificial Mind and Movement
Publisher: SCEE
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in EU: February 1, 2002

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

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A PlayStation 2 remake of Monsters, Inc. Scream Team, released only in Europe. While it's assumed that Europe received this due to the mixed-to-negative reception of the North American-exclusive Monsters, Inc., Scare Island was actually released a month before the North American game - looks like Europe got lucky!


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Read about notable bugs and errors in this game.

Cheat Codes

The following cheat codes can be input ingame while holding L1 and R1:

Full ooze: Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Circle, Cross, Square, Square
Full energy: Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Cross, Square, Cross
Full extra tries: Circle, Circle, Circle, Triangle, Square, Cross, Cross
Unlock all movies: Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Square, Square, Cross
Unlock the cheats menu: Circle, Circle, Circle, Circle, Square, Square, Square

Cheats Menu

The cheats menu was used in development builds and is disabled in the retail version. However, with memory editing it is possible to unlock it. If the address doesn't work, there is a method of scanning the value with Cheat Engine.
Address: 0x856AFC
Set the value from 0 to 1

Alternatively, this save enables the menu with a new game created, useful for debugging game data.

Download.png Download Monsters, Inc. Scare Island Memory Card Save data (Cheats enabled)
File: MISI_2001_Cheats_Menu_Save.7z (4 KB) (info)

Reversing the game reveals that using cheat codes write strings into the debug output. It is unclear how to display the debug output.


When the cheat code is enabled, the "Cheats" is meant to pop up under "Options" in the pause menu, also written to memory card on save. The cheats menu has the following options:

Load Level

  • Opens a list of all the levels you can warp to. Level names show their internal filenames.

Open All Levels

  • Presumably this unlocks all the training grounds in Scare Island, however it doesn't work. (This is also broken in prototypes)

Unlock All Enhancements

  • Unlocks trampolines, speed boost arrows and slingshots in every level. A reload is required to see the changes.

Switch Hero

  • Lets you switch between Sulley and Mike on the fly.

Reload Current Level

  • Self-explanatory. This doesn't clear the progress of the level.

Display Level Name

  • Displays the internal filename of the current level in a red font at the top of the screen.
    • Pressing this option makes all text in the Load Level menu invisible, for some reason. (This also happens in prototypes)

Unused Graphics



MINCScare Movie2.png

In TITLE.BIN is the extras icon crudely painted blue.


Some localized variants of the Monsters, Inc. logo are present in every version, despite the fact that each language was released as its own individual version.

Version Differences

Differences compared to the first release, which was English*


To do:
The Finnish version has some FMVs with pitch-black parts, explain in more detail
  • Title screen opening sounds different.
  • There are no driving car sounds when standing next to the door of Urban Training Grounds.
  • Randall's laugh is silent when talking to him in Scare Island.

Out of Bounds

The Sphinx

MISI OOB Sphinx Nerves.png

The 3 nerves that spawn from the button puzzle are located under the map.

The Ski Lift

MISI OOB SkiLift InvisibleNerve.png

Next to the breakable ice door, out of bounds there is a deactivated red nerve. The nerve gets teleported near spawn at the ice rink after getting the level's silver medal.

MISI OOB SkiLift Ooze.png

Past the snow slide gate, there is a floating green ooze in the sky.

Debug Symbols

To do:
Cover this in more detail?

The executable and level binaries have debug symbols.

Hidden Text

Unused Level

There are references of a "level" that isn't shipped with the game.



There are references in strings about the MIPS compiler used.

MW MIPS C Compiler


RenderWare Version

A build date for RenderWare is in the executable at 0x1BA118.

Core built at May 26 2001 03:31:33

Repository Logs

The executable has logs containing filenames and information pulled from a source code repository relating to the RenderWare SDK.

@@(#)$Id: babinary.c,v 1.132 2001/04/05 16:38:53 katherinet Exp $
@@(#)$Id: bacamera.c,v 1.353 2001/04/05 12:24:04 katherinet Exp $
@@(#)$Id: badevice.c,v 1.191 2001/04/05 13:42:59 katherinet Exp $
@@(#)$Id: bamatrix.c,v 1.177 2001/05/25 15:35:51 johns Exp $
@@(#)$Id: batextur.c,v 1.218 2001/04/30 22:37:32 iestynb Exp $
@@(#)$Id: baim3d.c,v 1.114 2001/04/05 15:57:12 katherinet Exp $
@@(#)$Id: nodeClipLine.c,v 1.56 2001/02/13 16:49:37 Roba Exp $
@@(#)$Id: nodeClipTriangle.c,v 1.82 2001/02/13 12:16:25 Roba Exp $
@@(#)$Id: nodeImmRenderSetup.c,v 1.69 2001/02/13 16:00:35 Roba Exp $
@@(#)$Id: p2heap.c,v 1.78 2001/04/05 17:22:09 katherinet Exp $
@@(#)$Id: badma.c,v 1.108 2001/05/21 10:28:08 Rabin Exp $
@@(#)$Id: basky.c,v 1.179 2001/05/24 12:22:22 johns Exp $
@@(#)$Id: dmaalloc.c,v 1.19 2001/02/01 12:51:47 johns Exp $
@@(#)$Id: skyblit.c,v 1.20 2001/05/17 16:14:52 johns Exp $
@@(#)$Id: skyconv.c,v 1.35 2001/02/13 12:59:32 Rabin Exp $
@@(#)$Id: skyinst.c,v 1.46 2001/05/09 15:51:52 Rabin Exp $
@@(#)$Id: texcache.c,v 1.97 2001/05/25 15:21:54 Grahamd Exp $
@@@@(#)$Id: RpMatFX.c,v 1.68 2001/05/24 08:08:08 johns Exp $
@@(#)$Id: bageomet.c,v 1.288 2001/03/22 15:30:19 katherinet Exp $
@@(#)$Id: nodeAtomicInstance.c,v 1.84 2001/02/14 12:38:19 Markj Exp $
@@@@(#)$Id: native.c,v 1.7 2001/05/25 11:28:37 johns Exp $
@@(#)$Id: rtquat.c,v 1.45 2001/05/24 09:04:47 johns Exp $


hum... quekchose qui cloche avec un lancer de particules

Level binaries include a bunch of comments in French. The developers (A2M) are from Quebec.


Here is an... interesting one, which appears multiple times. Tabarnak is a popular swear word in Canadian French, being an equivalent to "fuck".

Project Filename


Multiple strings in the level files indicate the game's internal project name.

Memory Addresses

Despite the game having its own versions for each language (along with executables and game folders having differences) every single version uses the exact same memory addresses. This means a user-made mod for the English release will work in any other release.


Every release has a LANG.BIN file, which contains one byte indicating the language of the release. The possible values are:

0 = English
1 = German
2 = Dutch
3 = Danish
4 = Swedish
5 = Finnish
6 = Norwegian
7 = Spanish
8 = French
9 = Italian
10 = Portuguese

With memory editing, it's possible to change the language byte without ISO editing. This will change the language of all text, not affecting voicelines of course.

Base address: 0x2E67A0
Offset: 0x1080

Note: Value 10 doesn't work in any other release than Portuguese.