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Moontra Kid Buggy

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Title Screen

Moontra Kid Buggy

Developers: CyberPlanet Interactive, Maya Wizard[1]
Publisher: CyberPlanet Interactive
Platform: Windows
Released in AS: July 2004[2]

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.

Moontra Kid Buggy is one of four games in the Moontra Kid compilation CD, which was created as part of an anti-drug campaign in Thailand. It is a racing game, in which the titular protagonist races against five other antropomorphic animals while avoiding getting high on various types of drugs.

Unused Graphics

Early Item Icons

Game\Buggy\Data\Item contains the graphics for the game's items, as well as the drugs scattered around the track. With this in mind, BG_CURE.tga and BG_SPEED.tga are earlier, more generic variations for the icons of the Milk and Nitro items. They might be leftovers from a different game, but this cannot be verified.



While Moontra Kid Buggy does not use backgrounds in the menu screens, images for them can be found, including unique images for the title screen and the Help/Hall of Fame/Options screens. It's also worth noting that the Name Entry screen was going to use the same background as the loading screen.




Found at Game\STD_SCENE\Data\Menu\Logo\presentss.tga is an early version of the "Presents" graphic seen in the game's title screen.

Unused Final
Moontrakidbuggy-present.png Moontrakidbuggy-presents.png

Unused Models

Early variations of some of the game's courses can be found unused within the game's data:

Level 1 (Game\Buggy\Data\Map1)

Final file: Map1New.MWZ

  • Map1.MWZ
Unused Final
Moontrakidbuggy-1early1.png Moontrakidbuggy-1final1.png
  • There are higher guardrails in the first descent.
Unused Final
Moontrakidbuggy-1early2.png Moontrakidbuggy-1final2.png
  • An island near the first chicane, before the first descent, is completely covered in a grass texture; this error does not exist in the final model.
  • Map1N.MWZ
  • Differences unclear.

Level 2 (Game\Buggy\Data\Map2)

Final file: M001_EDIT.MWZ

  • M001.MWZ
  • Differences unclear.

Level 3 (Game\Buggy\Data\Map3)

Final file: RALLY001.MWZ

  • MAP41.MWZ
Unused Final
Moontrakidbuggy-3early.png Moontrakidbuggy-3final.png
  • The circuit is much bumpier overall, with a higher number of elevation changes.
  • MAP4.MWZ
  • Seems to be an exaggeratedly larger version of MAP41.MWZ.

Unused Music

Found at Game\STD_SCENE\Data\Menu.wav is an unused music track. It is likely a leftover from a different game.

Developer Messages

Found at offset 0x10C300 of the game's executable is a series of strings that form developer messages.

The first message seems to be an apology from the game's staff:

Real Information
This project use 1 Month and 1 Week
to develop all part of game. If this game
make you bad feeling. We're so sorry because
we have no time to develop good game. We hope
someday we can develop good game for you.

The second message is a series of additional credits. Notably, Boonyarat Thanachote is not listed in the game's used credits text.

Anusorn    Krasantisuk

Boonyarat  Thanachote

Sucheep    Wongtasang

Graphic Desiger

All Staff

And the third message seems to be a love confession:


She is so important for me because
She is my love. I want to tell her since
first day that we date togather. I Love you

Momo Jimi Eiei Ngao Ngao Ud Ud