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EarthBound Beginnings

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Title Screen

EarthBound Beginnings

Also known as: Earth Bound (US/EU, in-game title), Mother (JP)
Developers: Nintendo, Ape, Pax Softnica
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: NES
Released in JP: July 27, 1989
Released in US: June 14, 2015 (Virtual Console)
Released in EU: June 15, 2015 (Virtual Console)

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EarthBound Beginnings: Shigesato Itoi's famous American-setting RPG grind-fest. After years of being ignored, it was finally given a 2015 Wii U Virtual Console release overseas, based on an unpublished English localization that had been done in 1990.


Mother - Title Logo.png
Regional Differences
An RPG such as this was bound to be retooled some for the United States.

Unused Enemies

Such a pretty dress--OH GEEZ SHE'S EATING MY BRAINS The most threatening enemy in existence.

Two unused enemies remain in the final game: Pippi and a possessed pillow, both with intact stats. Due to the way the game reads enemies when a battle starts, they do not have intact palettes (the palette settings are stored in the encounter group, not the enemy itself). The two enemies share name pointers with the used enemies Gang Zombie and Doll, due to appearing next to them in the game's code.

Stat-wise, the Pillow's stats are identical to the Lamp enemy fought at the beginning of the game, except for its HP, which is two points lower. It is functionally complete in comparison, just not named.

Pippi's stats, however, may simply be garbage data. All of her stats are exceedingly low, aside from her PP stat, placing her at a point in the game directly after Ninten would leave his home (perhaps she was intended to be encountered when Ninten would open the coffin she was trapped in). She also has an absurd amount of PP points, when at that point in the game none of the enemies use PSI techniques.

Their AI in battle consists solely of regular attacks.

(Source: BB Gang Zombie)

Unused Graphics

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Mmmmmm, metal donut.

This graphic is loaded with the factory tileset.


Version Identifier

The following version numbers are found in the ROM at 3FFF0.

Mother EarthBound Beginnings

Doll Text

The text string below is found in both versions.

Spooky!! The doll walks by itself!

B.B. Boss description

During this battle, you can only Fight; the Check option is unreachable. If you could, the description would be:
Maybe he's not really rotten to the core....

Unused trapped person

Near the end of the game, there are two people trapped in pods that you can speak to. The game has text for a third person not actually present anywhere in the game:
Not that I have claustrophobia... but I can't stand  small, close spaces!


In all versions, modifying RAM address $29 will modify the items in your inventory.


Functions like the spell.


Functions like the spell.


This item cannot be thrown away. In the GBA release Mother 1+2, there was an added item called "Memory Chip".


(72-7F) The version at 7F has a unique description of "......."; in the Japanese version, this item is called ざひょう (Coordinates) and its usage pointer seems to point to code that is no longer there, often leading to random effects/crashes. The English prototype fixes this bug with a unique message of "Nothing happened."


This item is used in an event in EarthBound Beginnings at Twinkle Elementary School, but it was never intended to be in the player's inventory. By looking at it, the text "System Error!!!" is displayed.

(Source: Lost Levels: Earth Bound Prototype Screenshots)

Unused Overworld Areas

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The EarthBound Beginnings overworld is huge and a significant amount of it cannot be seen during normal gameplay.

Virtual Console Changes

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Like the other games in the EarthBound series, a few changes were made to this game when released on the Japanese Virtual Console.


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The Crow enemy's cigarette was erased, as in the localized version and Mother 1+2. This appears to be the only art change made to the game, done either to avoid a higher age rating, or due to Shigesato Itoi quitting smoking after the original release of the game.


In the Japanese version, a kid in Twinkle Elementary asks you if you've played Dragon Quest IV yet, and admits that he hasn't because he's still stuck on the third game. This text was rewritten to avoid any specific references. This same change was previously done in the Mother 1+2 version of the game.