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Mother 3/Memos

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This is a sub-page of Mother 3.

To do:
Get the original Japanese text for comparison.
M3 Memo.png

The Japanese version has an unused menu which contains different gameplay tips and background info from the Japanese manual, as well as some features which aren't actually in the final game. The menu was restored in the English fan-translation and made accessible by pressing L + R while selecting "Status". Still, many memos never get triggered, rendering them unused.

Four of the untriggered memos in the English translation are due to bad flag settings or, in one case, a leftover programming error from the original Japanese game. While the text was translated, since it couldn't be seen, it's likely that it's buggy. One of them is said in-game by a Talking Sparrow, one talks about the plot of the game, and the other two talk about an unused mechanic. All four of these can be accessed normally in v1.1 of the Italian fan-translation.

Used Memos

Many memos have triggers that can unlock them through normal gameplay. A few of these memos mention old mechanics or scrapped features, so they're still worth mentioning. Many of these memos have typos riddled throughout.


Apparently, you were supposed to find acorns to buy things in the earlier chapters instead of getting stuff for free. The nuts are probably leftovers from this concept since you can't find them after the time jump, when real money is introduced.

It should be noted that one released screenshot of the ill-fated EarthBound 64 shows a store screen with an acorn currency count, indicating this memo is an old leftover (and likely not the only one).

•Since Fassad's arrival in 
Tazmily, this has been used 
instead of acorns.

•It's round and shiny, but 
unlike acorns, it cannot be 
found in the forest.

Hot Springs

According to the memo, fainted party members were to be found at hot springs a la EarthBound hospitals. Instead they just stay in your party, walking around with a sullen look and 0 HP.

•Every now and then, your friends 
who have lost consciousness 
will suddenly awake to find 
themselves in a hot spring.

•Perhaps some kind soul had 
carried them in?
•It's better not to ask.


This is interesting in that PSI Teleport was planned, hence the part about assisting in transportation. Teleport was scrapped after it became clear how badly it broke the story sequence.

•PSI is a mysterious and useful 
power that can replenish your 
energy or even assist in your 
transportation needs.


The infamous Kindness status gets vaguely introduced.

•This is one of the most 
important things for us humans, 
so let's be kind to others.

•If your "Kindness" goes up, 
something good is bound to happen.


Strange, but checking the memo never tells you about new items.

•Be sure to check here to see 
if a new item needs to be 

Item Guy

Thankfully, someone marked this memo for us.

•You know, the guy who lives in 
the tent you can take a rest 
in. (planned)

Unused Memos

All the following Memos, as well as the ones above, can be obtained by talking to the White Pigmask in the Debug Room.

Coupon Exchange

This very long memo is helpful at describing a lost game mechanic. Note the misspelling of "actualy".

•Let's say an enemy drops a 
coupon when it is defeated in 

•In your case, what would you 
do with it?

•Use it as a bookmark or 
something? That may be a 
wonderful way to make 
use of it.

•But take it to a redemption 
center, and they will actualy 
cash it in for m-m-money!

•Each shop has a different rate, 
so be sure to think about it 
before you trade.

•You can redeem up to 100,000 
Porkyupons at a time.

Magical Creatures

This memo, on the other hand, is painfully short. It could be referencing the Barrier Trio, but the Trio never trigger the unlocking of this memo. Also notice the inconsistency/typo in the spelling of the Magypsies.

•Magical dolls crafted by the 


Nothing wrong here, but this memo never gets triggered.

•Deep, deep inside Mt. Oriander 
sits this temple with the 
unpronouncable name that 
not even the residents of 
Tazmily know about.

Bird of Light

Interesting. No "Bird of Light" is ever mentioned in the game.

•That of the Dark Dragon is in 
the anithesis.
•Darkness and light.
•Despair and hope.
•Destruction and creation.

•That is what it is.

Dark Dragon

SPOILER ALERT... It isn't. It really, really isn't.

•It is said that once the 
Dark Dragon awakens, 
the world will perish...

•Is it really wise to continue 
pulling the Needles like this?

Mr. Saturn

This memo never triggers through normal gameplay, with the "Saturn Valley" memo triggered instead.

•Mr. Saturn?
•Mr. Saturn...
•Mr. Saturn!

Seven Needles

Another memo that never triggers through normal gameplay. The "Needle Locations" memo is triggered instead.

•Once all of the Needles are 
pulled, what will happen?

•The die is cast. There is no 
choice but to go on.

Pigmask Army

And another. The "Pigmasks" memo is triggered instead.

•The one called the king is in 
command of these troops.

•An outrageous gang who does 
stuff like set fire to forests, 
scientifically rebuild animals, 
and cause nothing but trouble.

•If you see them, call the police!


And another... Oh yeah, play EarthBound.

•A chubby little brat born near 
the end of the 20th century in 
a town called Onett, in Eagleland.

•Before long, he was plotting 
evil schemes and setting them 
into motion, one after another, 
wicked beyond imagination...

•... and a far cry from the mere
pranks of a childish bully.

•For those who would like more

•Well, this is by no means an 
advertisement, mind you, it 
just boils down to a simple 
note for your adventure...

•...so if you don't mind my 
saying, you should try playing 
that one thing called 
EarthBound, dude!


There are unused sprites for someone peeking out of the Item Guy's tent. This would be no more useful than a hot spring or revitalizer, which is probably why it was cut.

•The man who lives in the Item 
Guy's tent with him. When your 
body feels strange, one miracle 
from him will leave you feeling 

Comment Box

This is actually a comment board in the final game, but whatever.

•The residents of this world can 
leave their opinions, requests, 
and complaints in here.

•Whether someone is actually 
checking the box is anyone's 

Wooden Box

Originally, gift boxes were supposed to be regular wooden boxes before the time jump.

•Anyone is free to use the items 
found in these wooden boxes.

•It's just the law of the land.

Charging Device

From here on, the memos are pretty boring and unremarkable.

•Evidently, Pork Beans run on 
something called "electricity".

•Pork Beans consume this 
electricity when in use, so 
use this charger to completely 
fill it back up.

•Actually, it's really no 
different from this Game Boy.

Stone Sheet Clippers

Chances are Duster is named whatever you named him in your playthrough.

•It's a Stone-Sheet-Clippers 
match. In the case of a tie, 
go one more round.

•The condition for taking back 
Duster, otherwise known as 
Lucky of the DCMC, was the 
defeat of 5 opponents in a row.

•It was a tough game, but somehow 
it ended with the defeat of the 
fifth member, the leader of the 

Tickle Stick

•Koochie koochie koo! Use this 
stick to tickle under the arms 
of your enemy and they'll
naturally drop their rock-solid 

Scary Mask

•Put this mask on, and no matter 
who you look at, you're sure to 
shock the "Ack!" right out of 
their attack.

Smoke Bomb

•Throw it against the ground to 
break it open and release smoke 
from within.

•The enemies may have a hard time 
attacking through the smokescreen.


•Staring at this may induce a 
sleepy trance.

•Be careful to divert your own 
eyes when using it. 

Siren Beetle

•Raised by Wess. It isn't silent, 
it's a siren, and this stag 
beetle will give off a piercing 

•Perhaps some animals are 
weak to this sound.


It's hard to notice, but each party member only crouches 2-3 frames after the one in front of them, so telling you to wait for everyone is pointless unless you're playing in slow motion. This memo indicates that earlier in development, it took longer for everyone to crouch.

•Hold the B Button for a short 
time and the character will 

•Upon release, the character will 
move at twice the normal speed.

•When several party members are 
present, wait until everyone 
has crouched.

•Use the D-Pad to direct the 
path of the characters' dash.


•During a dash, try charging into 
different objects to see what 

•Ramming into an enemy that 
is weaker than you will stun 
it temporarily.

•However, if the enemy is 
stronger, you will be thrust 
into a battle as usual.

•If the enemy is simply no match 
for you, it will be defeated 
upon contact.


A memo dedicated to a mechanic only used twice in the entire game? Strange.

•Sometimes, there are things in 
this world that are just 
begging to be pushed

•If you keep the D-Pad pushed 
down in the direction of one of 
these objects, there's a chance 
that it will move.

Arrow Lizard

•A slightly odd lizard in the 
shape of an arrow.

•When you've lost your way, if 
you visualize your destination, 
it will somehow point you in 
the right direction.

•They have come in handy in 
Tazmily for generations

•They are a protected species, 
so don't tease them!

Battle Secrets

•Press the button with the music 
rhythm, whaddya get? A feeling 
so enlivening you'll never forget!

Unobtainable Memos

About Leder

•This elder may be the only one
who knows everything.

•Where has he ended up now?
Ironically, he is the only one
who could know that, too...

Battle Tips

•If you manage to approach an
enemy from behind, the screen
will turn green.

•In that case, when you enter the
battle, the enemy has its back
to you and you gain
an advantage.

•On the other hand, if you have
your back turned when the enemy
approaches you, the screen will
turn red and the enemy will
make the first attack.


•This is a piece of paper that is
occasionally dropped by enemies
or found in boxes.

•Bring this to a shop to have
them exchanged into Porkyupons.

•Seems an awful lot like
some kind of pun.


•This is the universal currency
in this world.

•It is rumored that the name
Porkyupon comes from the name
of the King who commands
the Pigmasks.