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My Singing Monsters

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Title Screen

My Singing Monsters

Developer: Big Blue Bubble
Publisher: Big Blue Bubble
Platforms: iOS, Android, PlayStation Vita, Windows
Released internationally: September 3, 2012 (iOS), October 17, 2012 (Android), August 12, 2014 (PS Vita), September 6, 2013 (Big Fish Windows), March 24, 2021 (Steam Windows)

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To do:
  • There's debugging scripts and functions; enable them if possible.
  • All the seasonals on the Colossingum have 2 unused note animations (only 1 for Blabbit) that were later reused in My Singing Monsters Composer. Document these.
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This game is still under active development.
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My Singing Monsters is a mobile game that's exactly what the name suggests. The game became a hit, being nominated for several awards and even getting a prequel.



Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Unused Sounds
Let's start by buying a Noggin egg.
Unused Text
I'm green.
Unused Graphics
Many unused graphics.
1.4.2 MSM Logo Android.png
Revisional Differences
Let's take a blast to the past!
There aren't a lot of monsters, but there's lots of other stuff.

Unused Monsters


ABC was an early version of Reedling. Its design consists of 3 flowers with big mouths, and it seems it would've taken up 1x2 spaces. It was likely a vocal monster, and may have actually been an early version of Potbelly. Its name of "ABC" is an obvious placeholder name, being the codename of its elements; whether it ever had an actual name is unknown.

Msm beta reedling portrait.png


PongPing was a monster that was meant to take the place of Shellbeat. It appeared from versions 1.0.0 to 1.0.2. It had text for its name and description, with its description being the same as Floot Fly's ("I'm green"). Its exact design is currently unknown, as its portrait is just a blank portrait with the text "ABCD" slapped onto it. During a Handler Hangout in the Ockulo Grove Discord, it was described as a gangly monster with a central spherical body, 2 arms holding ping pong paddles and some splayed toed feet at the bottom. According to Ultimate Creator Quinn, the designer of Hyehehe, its arms came out from its knees, being connected to the legs.

The monster was later added back to the game as a Fire Monster on Amber Island. It also appeared in the prequel on the same day as the monster was added to Amber Island.

Floot Fly

Floot Fly was an early version of Quarrister, which appeared from versions 1.0.0 to 1.0.4. It only had text for it and a breeding icon. BBB revealed its full design in a twitter post to tease at it being added back to the game with the release of Faerie Island.

My Singing Monsters Floot Fly.png

Mimic (pre-4.3.0)

Mimic used to be a scrapped 5-element monster from Version 1.0.4. His animations were just placeholder Furcorn animations (explained below in this article), although it had leftovers in the game's text files with a name and a bio. It was later implemented in the prequel game, Dawn of Fire, and then it was finished properly and added in 4.3.0, having an updated design.

The original unused description read as follows:

The Mimic monster is an extremely unique monster among the rabble. They have three legs and they are surrounded by mysterious atmosphere. They contain luminous substance, so when they is danger, those substance lightens up to protect Mimic.

In an Extra Life stream Big Blue Bubble did on Twitch, they showed the Mimic's original design and explained its original purpose: You would've been able to record your own voice and the Mimic would play the recording. The function was reused for the Recording Studio, while a bit of its original design was reused for the Rare Clamble.


In very old versions of the monster_data.xml file, there was data relating to the max coins, coins per minute, and the amount food required to level up Mimic. The file refers to Mimic as "Secret Quint-Element!" and also includes a link to a meme website. Big Blue Bubble probably added this part to monster_data.xml to fool people looking into their game files. There was also some other stuff relating to Mimic, like the amount of XP you would gain by placing Mimic (357143), Mimic's size (1x1), the amount of diamonds it would cost (250), and the time it would take in the Breeding Structure or Nursery (48 Hours).

The Mimic on Fire Oasis is actually separate from the original Mimic entity, and the leftover original Mimic has different production and feeding stats, which are the same as they were before Mimic got added.

Level Max Coins Coins per Minute Food Required to feed once Food Required to level up
1 43200 15 20 80
2 69120 24 40 160
3 103680 36 80 320
4 138240 48 160 640
5 172800 60 320 1,280
6 207360 72 640 2,560
7 241920 84 1,280 5,120
8 276480 96 2,560 10,240
9 311040 108 5,120 20,480
10 345600 120 10,240 40,960
11 380160 132 20,480 81,920
12 414720 144 40,960 163,840
13 449280 156 81,920 245,760
14 483840 168 163,840 368,640
15 518400 180 245,760 552,960
16 544320 189 368,640 829,440
17 566092 196 552,960 1,244,160
18 583075 202 829,440 1,866,240
19 594737 206 1,244,160 4,976,640
20 600684 208 1,866,240 7,464,960

Nonexistent Sprites

There are some references to sprites that never appear in the game files.

Missing Monster Parts

Maw's Mouths 8 and 9 and Body 2

There are two missing mouth sprites and one missing body sprite belonging to Maw. In the behind-the-scenes video of My Singing Monsters from 2012, there is an early Maw sleeping animation that has two never-before-seen mouths and one never-before-seen body, so it is assumed those are the missing sprites.

Early Thrumble Feet

There are references to 2 early versions of Thrumble's feet in its animation file, called CDN_adult_left_foot and CDN_adult_right_foot. The used feet go under the same name except with _HEEL at the end. These feet sprites were most likely based off the ones from Dawn of Fire, which didn't have heels.

Early Floot Fly Head

In Floot Fly's animation file, there is a reference to an early head sprite simply called "head". Considering the final head sprite is called "head_hairy", this early head most likely didn't have any fur, like the original concept.

Broken Wimmzies Shadow

In the Wimmzies' animation, there is a reference to an early shadow named "shadow". The final shadow is named "shadow_fixed", meaning this shadow was probably broken.

Broken Maw Body

In Maw's animation, the body is named "DE_body_FIX", instead of just "DE_body", meaning that the body was probably broken.

Missing Decoration Parts

Trees 1 and 8

The codenames for the tree decorations are missing IDs 1 and 8.

Fallen Tree 1

The codename of the Hollow Log decoration is "fallentree2", indicating that there was a second fallen tree decoration.

Metal Stuff 2 to 5

The codenames for the Bottomless Pit and Toob are metalstuff01 and metalstuff06 respectively, with a large 4-ID-long gap in between.

Placeholder Attunement Structure & Synthesizer Sprites

There are references to placeholder sprite names inside of the animation files for the Attunement Structure & Synthesizer, those being "window_placeholder_01", "window_placeholder_02", "window_placeholder_03", "window_placeholder_04", "window_placeholder_05", and "spore_place holder_01".

Unused Animations

Early Rare Spunge Animations

In version 1.3.0, early animations existed for Rare Spunge in which none of its sprites were recolored.

Early Rare Entbrat Animations

In version 1.3.0, early animations existed for Rare Entbrat in which none of its sprites were recolored to be orange.

Oaktopus (Shugabush Island)

Oaktopus has an unused alternate idle animation called "01-BD_Dance_01" in which it looks at the birds nest on its head. This is unused due to a bug in the midi where the notes for Oaktopus' idle animation are too low down, causing its idle animation to default to the animation called "Idle". This can be seen in game by moving these notes up.

Spunge Track 2 (Tribal Island)

Spunge has an unused animation for a scrapped second track that would've played directly after the first track, most likely having the same notes as Dandidoo's second track.

T-Rox (Tribal Island)

In the animation files for T-Rox, there is an early version of it's animation on Tribal Island. The main difference is that it is split into 4 animations, but some movements are visibly different.

Rare and Epic Tribal Island Animations

Some rare and epic variants of monsters have unused Tribal Island animations. Some of these animations have been removed in newer versions of the game.

Kayna (Fire Oasis)

An unused animation for Kayna's second track on Fire Oasis. For whatever reason, the game uses the first track instead of the second one.

Noggin Track 2 (Bone Island)

Noggin (and its rare and epic variants) have an unused second track animation for Bone Island. The animation is just a duplicate of its first track animation but with slightly earlier finger movements, though the existence of it implies that Noggin was supposed to have a second track.

Enhanced Breeding Structure

MSM Enhanced breeding structure upgrade.gif

The Enhanced Breeding Structure has an unused animation for being unlocked named "structure_breeding_activate".

Early Test Furcorn Animations

In the animation files for Reedling, Shellbeat, Quarrister, and Mimic before they actually had animations were placeholder animations for Furcorn that were likely made early in development. You can't view them in the current version of the game, as they crash the game due to bin files changing in some version after 1.3.0, but they can be viewed in older versions of the game. Many of the "voice" animations seem to match up with the sounds of Plant Island vocalist monsters.

Animation Name Monster
TESTbudd_voice03 Mammott
TESTbudd_voice05 Toe Jammer
TESTbudd_voice07 Maw
TESTbudd_voice09 Fwog
TESTbudd_voice11 Potbelly
TESTbudd_voice12 Doesn't match up with any sounds, likely an unused track for Potbelly.
TESTbudd_voice15 Oaktopus
TESTbudd_voice16 Furcorn (Half of this animation could be seen in the reveal trailer for My Singing Monsters)

Unused Colossingum Moves

There are some unused Colossingum moves that can be found in the files.

Ode to Joy

A sequence that is a rendition of the song Ode to Joy.


A short test sequence.

Freezy Chill

In the menu files battle_training_complete_popup.xml and battle_training_popup.xml are placeholder text strings for an unused cold move called "Freezy Chill". There is nothing known about this move besides the name and element.

Unused Costs

Some monsters have costs for certain currencies that are never used.

Monsters Starpower Cost Coin Sell Cost
Core Seasonals and Gobbleygourd 302
Rare Core Seasonals 452
Double Element Ethereals N/A 937,500
Double Element Rarethereals N/A 1,500,000
Kayna, Rare Kayna, Epic Kayna, Yelmut, Krillby, Edamimi, and PongPing (Amber Island) N/A 450,000
Glowl, Rare Glowl, Phangler, Rare Phangler, Stogg, Rare Stogg, Flowah, and Rare Flowah (Amber Island) N/A 112,500
Boskus and Rare Boskus (Amber Island) N/A 84,375
Floogull, Ziggurab, Thrumble, Barrb, Repatillo, and Whaddle (Amber Island) N/A 225,000
Sooza and Rare Sooza (Amber Island) N/A 168,750
Flum Ox and Rare Flum Ox (Amber Island) N/A 337,500

Unused GUI


An alternate version of the market meant for admins.


This file is what the title of it says: just a blank GUI template.


A short menu file that links to template_admin_panel.xml.


An admin panel with a header saying "ADMIN PANEL" and three options: BBB_Id Entry, SupportID Entry, and Web Tool. This admin panel could be seen in the Fire Oasis reveal episode of My Singing Monsters Live. Each of the buttons on it uses Bowgart's egg as an icon. There is a gap between BBB_Id Entry and SupportID Entry, meaning that there might have once been a fourth button in between those two. BBB_Id Entry is possibly for delivering items to users' mailboxes, while SupportID Entry is possibly for restoring users' lost accounts, and the function of Web Tool is currently unknown.

MSM Admin Panel.png


This seems to be a way to switch between islands quickly and to delete them. Each of the buttons uses Deedge's egg as an icon. The code for it says that the panel will only appear if the player has more than one island. Its look is currently unknown, but a mockup can be seen below.

My Singing Monsters Admin View Panel Mockup.png


This was probably used to auto-complete goals.


When opening this menu, it brings up the old Book of Monsters.


This file has the layouts of the Memory Game, as well as featuring unused ones.

"spaceInvader" Layout.


"test1" Layout.


"test2" Layout.


"expSmDiamond" Layout.


"expMedDiamond" Layout.


"expLgDiamond" Layout.


"expRSmDiamond" Layout.


"expRXXLgmDiamond" Layout.


Early Attunement Menus

Inside the files of the 4.1.0 update, there are 2 early versions of the Attunement menus for the Meebs. There aren't any huge differences, but the main differences are that the Meeb and Mirror Island locations are switched, and the effects on the arrows aren't there.

Early Attunement Menus.png

Unused Fonts


An unused font of the Monstrous, the monster alphabet. There is also test text in daily_cumulative_login.xml that uses this font.

My singing monsters monstrous font.png


A font that seems like it's meant to be used in a command prompt, as the xml for it refers to it as "font_console"

My singing monsters console font.png


Ziggurab's Book of Monsters Design

For some reason, Ziggurab's entry in the Book of Monsters uses its Dawn of Fire design instead of its design from My Singing Monsters. This may have been used as a placeholder for its icon during testing and accidentally left in.

Ziggurab's Book of Monsters design Dawn of Fire design My Singing Monsters design
My Singing Monsters Ziggurab Book of Monsters.png My Singing Monsters Dawn of Fire Ziggurab.png My Singing Monsters Ziggurab.png

Earth Epic Wubbox Icon

For some reason, The Fankit uses a different Epic Earth Wubbox image for the icon.

Fankit In game
Msm wubbox epic earth fankit.png Msm wubbox epic earth in-game.png

T-Rox's Element

In the names for T-Rox's sprites, the element letter for it is C (the letter for Earth) instead of CDE.

Rare Oaktopus Nest

Oaktopus' nest from Shugabush Island has "_RARE" at the end of its sprite name, indicating it was originally planned to be part of Rare Oaktopus.

Screemu Being Made Before Zuuker

The names of Screemu's sprites called it U06, indicating that it was made before Zuuker.

Early Bone Island Toe Jammer Animation

The animation for Rare Toe Jammer and Epic Toe Jammer on Bone Island were an early version of the Bone Island Toe Jammer animation when they first released. The animation is very incomplete, being very stiff and not being as smooth. The most noticeable difference is Toe Jammer standing on its toes, when in the final animation it stays on the ground, instead crouching down. This was fixed shortly after their release.

Early Shugabush Island Quibble Animation

Epic Quibble accidentally uses an early version of Quibble's Shugabush Island animation in which it hits a note at the very end of the animation.

Early Fire Oasis Whaddle Animation

The rare and epic variants of Whaddle also use a seemingly early version of Whaddle's animation on Fire Oasis. The animation is almost identical to the final version, except there's a hop at the end of the first tracks animation. This has not yet been fixed.

Composer Island Deedge Originally Using T-Rox's Sounds

According to the metadata of Deedge's sound files on Composer Island, all of them have the project title "Recording_T-Rox_20161017", suggesting that T-Rox on the said island was originally intended to have the aforementioned monster's sounds.

My Singing Monsters' Paid Version

The Android package name for My Singing Monsters is "singingmonsters.full", indicating there were once plans to have a paid version of the game.