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My Singing Monsters

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My Singing Monsters

Developer: Big Blue Bubble
Publisher: Big Blue Bubble
Platforms: iOS, Android, PlayStation Vita, Windows
Released internationally: September 3, 2012 (iOS), October 17, 2012 (Android) August 12, 2014 (PS Vita) September 6, 2013 (Big Fish Windows)

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To do:
*There's debugging scripts and functions, enable them if possible.

My Singing Monsters is a mobile game that's exactly what the name suggests. The game became a hit, being nominated for several awards and even getting a prequel.



Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
1.4.2 MSM Logo Android.png
Revisional Differences
let's take a blast to the past
There isn't a lot of monsters, but theres lots of other stuff

Unused Monsters


PongPing was a monster that was mean't to take the place of Shellbeat. It appeared from versions 1.0.0 to 1.0.2. It had text for its name and description, with its description being the same as Floot Fly's (I'm green). Its design is currently unknown, as its portrait is just a blank portrait with the text "ABCD" slapped onto it.

Floot Fly

Floot Fly was an early version of Quarrister, which appeared from versions 1.0.0 to 1.0.4. It only had text for it and a breeding icon. BBB revealed its full design in a twitter post to tease at it being added back to the game with the release of Faerie Island.

My Singing Monsters Floot Fly.png


A scrapped 5-element monster from Version 1.0.4 that didn't have any sprites in-game, but had its name and a description in the text file. Its description read as follows:

The Mimic monster is an extremely unique monster among the rabble. They have three legs and they are surrounded by mysterious atmosphere. They contain luminous substance, so when they is danger, those substance lightens up to protect Mimic.

In the Extra Life stream Big Blue Bubble did on Twitch, they showed the Mimic's design and explained its intended purpose: You would've been able to record your own voice and the Mimic would play the recording. The function was reused for the Recording Studio, while a bit of its design was reused for the Rare Clamble.


In the monster_data.xml file in the root, there is code relating to the max coins, coins per minute, and the amount food required to level up Mimic. The file refers to Mimic as "Secret Quint Element" and also includes a link to a meme website. Big Blue Bubble probably added this part to monster_data.xml to fool people looking into their game. There is also some other stuff relating to Mimic, like the amount of xp you would gain by placing Mimic (357143), Mimic's size (1x1), the amount of diamonds it would cost (250), and the time it would take in the breeding structure or nursery (48 Hours).

Level Max Coins Coins per Minute Food Required to feed once Food Required to level up
1 43200 15 20 80
2 69120 24 40 160
3 103680 36 80 320
4 138240 48 160 640
5 172800 60 320 1,280
6 207360 72 640 2,560
7 241920 84 1,280 5,120
8 276480 96 2,560 10,240
9 311040 108 5,120 20,480
10 345600 120 10,240 40,960
11 380160 132 20,480 81,920
12 414720 144 40,960 163,840
13 449280 156 81,920 245,760
14 483840 168 163,840 368,640
15 518400 180 245,760 552,960
16 544320 189 368,640 829,440
17 566092 196 552,960 1,244,160
18 583075 202 829,440 1,866,240
19 594737 206 1,244,160 4,976,640
20 600684 208 1,866,240 7,464,960

Unused Graphics

Early Breeding Portraits


My Singing Monsters Beta Cybop Portrait.png

Found in version 1.0. It is a rough drawing of Cybop.


Msm beta reedling portrait.png

Found in version 1.0. It is an early sketch of reedling, which looks no way like the final design.


My singing monsters beta scups portrait.png

Found in version 1.0. It is concept art for Scups.


Msm beta pompom portrait.png

Found in version 1.0. Like Scups, it is concept art.


Msm beta riff portrait.png

Found in version 1.0. Like Scups and Pompom, it is concept art.


Msm beta shellbeat portrait.png

Found in version 1.0. PongPing is Shellbeats early name.

Floot Fly (Pre 2.3.5)


This was a placeholder for quarrister. Big Blue Bubble made a social media post showing its design. It appears that it would've played some sort of whistle (it’s possible the reason it was excluded was due to being similar to the Reedling).

This monster did eventually get used in version 2.3.5, where it was given the Faerie element.

Celestials Portraits

With the lack of a castle for the Memory Game and a Breeding Structure on Celestial Island, these Monster Portraits go unused. However, the first 5 can be seen in the My Singing Monsters Official Guide.


Monster portrait square t05.png


Monster portrait square t08.png


Monster portrait square t06.png


Monster portrait square t09.png


Monster portrait square t03.png


Monster portrait square t10.png


Monster portrait square t01.png


Monster portrait square t02.png


Monster portrait square t04.png


Monster portrait square t07.png


Vhamp Portrait.png


Monster portrait square t12.png

Wubbox Breeding Icon in Box Form

In early versions of My Singing Monsters, possibly versions before Rare Wubbox, there exists a breeding icon for Wubbox in his box form.

Breeding icon for Wubbox in his box form.

Early or placeholder eggs


MSM Placeholder Cybop Egg.png

Found in version 1.0.


Msm placeholder reedling egg.png

Found in version 1.0.


MSM placeholder scups egg.png

Found in version 1.0.


Msm beta pompom egg.png

Found in version 1.0.


Msm beta riff egg.png

Found in version 1.0. For some reason, this is the only placeholder egg that has its element code on it to not be a bumpless recoloured Maw egg.


MSM placeholder shellbeat egg.png

Found in version 1.0.

Floot Fly

Placeholder Quarrister Egg.png

In versions 1.0.4 and 1.0, there exists a placeholder Floot Fly egg. It is a yellow egg that has the shape of a Mammott egg and the spots of a Maw egg with the text "ABCE" (The element code for Quarrister/Floot Fly) on it.

Early/Placeholder Monster Designs


MSM Beta Cybop.png

Found in version 1.0. Cybop originally had a stony body.


MSM Beta PomPom.png

Found in version 1.0.


MSM Beta Scups.png

Found in version 1.0. This uses its concept design.


MSM Beta Riff.png

Found in version 1.0. This uses its concept design.


MSM Early Hawlo Sprites.png

MSM Early Hawlo Breeding Portrait.png

When Hawlo first released with Bone Island it used an early design that had the cherry as a leaf. Remnants of this can be found in the sprite name of the cherry, with it being named "leaf".


MSM Early Spytrap Breeding Portrait.png

MSM Early Spytrap Book of Monsters depremultiplied.png

MSM Early Spytrap Book of Monsters Hidden.png

For a short time after it's release, all depictions of Spytrap besides the monster itself and the egg featured an early version with only 2 arm, the bulb being more transparent and there being less detail on the stem.

Early Air Island Tree Sprites

MSM early air island tree sprites.png

The only difference in this is that the big and medium trees have a branch missing, and the big trees leafless branch is shaped differently.



In the files for the structures, there is a unused Construction Site, which was originally used in early versions of the game when upgrading or building a structure

Dead Shrub Decoration

In the files for the official guide, there is an unused decoration called shrub_dead

MSM Dead Shrub.png

Hornless Epic Maw Body

In Epic Maws sprite sheet there is a duplicate of its body except without the horns

MSM Epic Maw Body No Horns.png

Blank Mech Element

In the 1.1.6 dlc, there is a blank unfinished mech element that is just the background with no mech icon.

My Singing Monsters Blank Mech Element.png

Old Supernatural Element

In the 1.1.6 dlc there is also a version of the Supernatural element that doesnt have any electricity around it. It was changed in 1.1.7

The old Supernatural element
The Supernatural element graphic that was used from 1.1.7 to 2.0.0

Generic Holiday Element

In 1.1.6, theres an element called generic_holiday that has the design of the legendary icon, just without the rays of light. It probably would have appeared as the element for all seasonals. It was removed in 1.1.7.

MSM Generic Holiday Element.png

Hornless Epic Dandidoo Head

In Epic Dandidoos sprite sheet there is an unused hornless head sprite.

MSM Hornless Epic Dandidoo Head.png

Level icons past level 20 (Old GUI style) and level 0

In early versions of My Singing Monsters, there were level icons for levels past level 15, meaning they had planned for monsters to go past level 15 in the very beginning. There was also an icon for level 0, which also appears in the new GUI art style.

My Singing Monsters Level Icons Past Level 15 Old Style and Level 0.png

Epic Mammott open smile mouth

Mammott has a mouth of an open smile that went unused until Shugabush Island released, where it was used. It was then used again on Composer Island. Due to Epics not being on Shugabush Island or Composer Island, this mouth goes unused. This mouth does appear in Epic Mammott's image from the My Singing Monsters fankit, though that still doesn't make it not unused in the actual game. It has been confirmed that there are plans to add epics to Shugabush Island, making this mouth be used in the future.

My Singing Monsters Epic Mammott Open Smile Mouth.png

Spunge Cheeks

Spunge has sprites for cheeks that are never used in the game. It seems these were scrapped early on in development as they were never polished to be in the MSM art style and are solid colour.

MSM Spunge Cheeks.png

Unused Fluoress Purple Light Sprites

There are 4 sprites for an unused purple light on Fluoress. They do appear on some promotional art for the version 3.0.1 update though. The hex recolour value for these sprites is F000FF.

MSM Purple Flouress Lights.png

Unused Fluoress Hair Sprite

There is a sprite for the back of Fluoress's hair called "W_hat_back" that goes unused. It is seemingly in beta form as it is solid colour.

MSM Flouress Hair Back.png

Early Epic Hoola Hips

In the sprite sheet for Epic Hoola, there is an early version of it's hips that resembles the hips of the common Hoola.

MSM Unused Epic Hoola Lower Body.png

Obscured Graphics

Dragongs Neck Eye

On the neck sprite for Dragong, there is an eye on the spot where the head goes. It is possible that this would have been used and Dragong would have never had a head.

My Singing Monsters Dragong's Neck Eye.png

Cybops Unused Eyeball and Pupil

On Cybops head sprite, there is an unused pupil and eyeball on it. the colour of the pupil is red, and is very similar to the pupil in the concept art of cybop. This eyeball and pupil can be seen on the head sprites for the Natural, Rare, and Epic Cybops.

Rare Cybop
Epic Cybop

Green Part of Floot Flys Head

In Floot Flys head sprite there is a green patch that is covered up by a mask sprite when in game. It is probably a reference to Floot Flys "I'm green" description in 1.0.4. This part of the head could be seen in the Magical Sanctum trailer, where Floot Fly was chilling in a hot spring with it's mask off.

MSM Floot Fly Head.png

Zuuker's Red Dot

Hidden on Zuuker's body sprite is a red dot that was used as reference for rigging it. These red dots can be seen on many beta sprites from Dawn of Fire.

MSM Zuukers Red dot.png

Celestial Island Golden Cork

Hidden under the cork sprite on Celestial Island is a golden cork that is cut off where the ear ends.

MSM Celestial Island Gold Cork.png

Non-existant Sprites

There are some references to sprites that never appear in the game files.

Missing Monster Parts

Maw mouths 8 and 9 and body 2

There are 2 missing mouth sprites and 1 missing body sprite belonging to Maw. In the behind the scenes video of My Singing Monsters from 2012, there is an early Maw sleeping animation that has 2 never before seen mouths and 1 never before seen body. It is assumed those are the missing sprites.

Early Thrumble Feet

There are references to 2 early versions of Thrumble's feet in its animation file called CDN_adult_left_foot and CDN_adult_right_foot. The used feet go under the same name except with _HEEL at the end. These feet sprites were most likely based off the ones from Dawn of Fire, which didn't have heels.

Early Floot Fly Head

In Floot Fly's animation file, there is a reference to an early head sprite simply called "head". Considering the final head sprite is called "head_hairy", this early head most likely didn't have any fur like the original concept.

Broken Wimmzies Shadow

In the Wimmzies animation, there is a reference to an early shadow named "shadow". The final shadow is named "shadow_fixed", meaning this shadow was probably broken.

Missing Decoration Parts

Trees 1 and 8

The codenames for the tree decorations have ids 1 and 8 missing.

Fallen Tree 1

The codename of the Hollow Log decoration is "fallentree2" indicating that there was a second fallen tree decoration.

Metal Stuff 2 to 5

The codenames for the Bottomless Pit and Toob are metalstuff01 and metalstuff06 respectively, with a large 4 id long gap in between.

Unused Animations

Ghazt (Composer Island)

The monster Ghazt has unused animations and sounds for Composer Island. These animations were later used in My Singing Monsters: Composer.

Flowah (Light Island)

In the Light Island Recording Studio, Flowah uses a unique animation for its second track. However, while its second track is heard in the song itself, the Flowah strangely uses its animation used for its first track.

Early Test Furcorn Animations

In the animation files for Reedling, Shellbeat, Quarrister, and Mimic before they actually had animations were placeholder animations for Furcorn that were likely made early in development. You can't view them in the current version of the game, as they crash the game due to bin files changing in some version after 1.3.0, but it may be possible to view them in the Chinese and PS Vita versions of the game.

Unused Sounds

Prototype Dandidoo Sound (Tribal Island)

This is a prototype sound for Dandidoo in Tribal Island. It was sung by Dave Kerr, composer of My Singing Monsters. It was in the game files when Tribal Island first came out and had a chance of appearing in game. It was removed from the game an update later.

Unused Noggin Second Track (Faerie Island)

Noggin on Faerie Island has an unused second track that can never be heard in-game, even in the Recording Studio, due to its info being replaced by the first track. The track uses the same tune used for Drumpler's sound on the same island.

Prototype Brump Memory Game Sound

In the 1.4.0 APK for My Singing Monsters, there was an unused memory game sound for Brump. Its sound resembles the sound of the Dermit, but it sounded much more like a Mammott than a new Monster. It was probably scrapped since the original name for the Wublins were the Underlings, and Brump wouldn't have been able to sing "Wake up the Wublins".

Prototype Thwok Memory Game Sound

In the same version as the Brump memory game sound, there was an early version of Thwok, having the same tune as the final game, but a different bass instrument.

Glowls Non-existant Fire Oasis Track 2

There are references to a track 2 of Glowl on Fire Oasis in versions before the release of Fire Oasis, but the sound never existed in-game.

Poppettes Non-existant Track 2

In the midi of Psychic Island on old versions there were tracks for a Poppette track 2. Due to the sound and animation not existing, it instead played track 1, while the animation was just the idle.

Unused Colossingum Moves

There are some unused Colossingum moves that can be found in the files.

Ode to Joy

A sequence that is a rendition of the song Ode to Joy.


A short test sequence.

Freezy Chill

In the menu files battle_training_complete_popup.xml and battle_training_popup.xml are placeholder text strings for an unused cold move called "Freezy Chill". There is nothing known about this move besides the name and element.

Unused Text

Developing/Test Text

There are some text lines in MSM either put in for developing or for testing purposes. These are some of them



Mimic's Bio

Mimic was a 5 element monster that would later become the Recording Studio. In versions 1.0.0 to persumably sometime around the release of Sox, it's bio was in the game's files. The bio has some broken English, possibly meaning it was originally done by someone who didn't speak English, and then got translated.

The Mimic monster is an extremely unique monster among the rabble. They have three legs and they are surrounded by mysterious atmosphere. They contain luminous substance, so when they is danger, those substance lightens up to protect Mimic.

Early Monster Names/Bio's



Species: ABC


Hatch an ABC.



Species: PongPing

I'm green.

Hatch a Pongping.

Floot Fly

Floot Fly

Species: Floot Fly

I'm green.

Hatch a Floot Fly.

Placeholder Island Descriptions

Water Island

Monsters Available:
- Tweedle
- Potbelly
- Noggin
- Toe Jammer
- Dandidoo
- Cybop
- Quibble
- Shrubb
- Oaktopus
- Fwog
- Spunge
- Scups
- Pummel
- Pongping

Earth Island

1.0.0 - 1.0.2

Monsters Available:
- Tweedle
- Potbelly
- Noggin
- Mammott
- Dandidoo
- Cybop
- Pango
- Shrubb
- Furcorn
- Drumpler
- Thumpies
- Pompom
- Clamble
- Floot Fly

1.0.3 and 1.0.4

Monsters Available:
- Tweedle
- Potbelly
- Noggin
- Mammott
- Dandidoo
- Cybop
- Pango
- Shrubb
- Furcorn
- Drumpler
- Reedling
- Thumpies
- Pompom
- Clamble
- Floot Fly

Placeholder Android Share Text

In version 1.0, before the game released on Android, there was placeholder text for when sharing the game to a friend. The link leads to a game called "First Kids Puzzles: Snakes". This game was probably chosen because one of the workers at BBB's kid played the game.

I'm playing this cool new game My Singing Monsters and I thought you might want to try it out.

Just click on this link:

Early Wubbox Bio

In 1.1.4, Wubbox has an early version of its bio, where the last part of it is missing and it says that wubbox produces diamonds

Eureka! The Wubbox awakes! As it turns out, this extraordinary Electric elemental is vital to the life processes of the colossal island monsters that the other singing denizens call home. The shrunken monsters used to powerup the creature report that the inside is as fun as any playground they've ever seen, so they are happy to stay indefinitely.

The Wubbox's unique energies can conjure Diamonds out of thin air! The robotic chirps and whistles it uses to express itself can take some getting used to, but eventually become a beloved and inextricable part of the island's tune. Besides, it's all the rage in "current" music. 

Unused Gui


A version of the market for admins that most likely has everything in it for free.


This file is what the title of it says. Just a blank gui template.


A short menu file that links to template_admin_panel.xml.


An admin panel with a header saying "ADMIN PANEL" and 3 options: BBB_Id Entry, SupportID Entry, and Web Tool. This admin panel could be seen in the Fire Oasis reveal episode of My Singing Monsters Live. Each of the buttons on it have Bowgart's egg on them. There is a gap between BBB_Id Entry and SupportID Entry, meaning that there might have once been a 4th button inbetween those 2. BBB_Id Entry probably gives people items in their mailbox, SupportID Entry probably gets someones account back if they lost it, and the Web Tool is currently unknown.

MSM Admin Panel.png


This seems to be a way to switch between islands quickly, and delete them if you want to. Each of the buttons have Deedge's egg as an icon. The code for it says that if the player has more than 1 island then the panel would appear, but if they don't it won't appear. Its look is currently unknown, but a mockup can be seen below.

My Singing Monsters Admin View Panel Mockup.png


This was probably used to auto complete goals.


Most likely was used as a test for selecting monsters to breed.


Ziggurab Book of Monsters Design

For some reason, Ziggurab in the Book of Monsters uses its Dawn of Fire design instead of its design from My Singing Monsters. This may have been used as a placeholder for its icon during testing, but they forgot to change it.

Ziggurab Book of Monsters design Dawn of Fire design My Singing Monsters design
My Singing Monsters Ziggurab Book of Monsters.png My Singing Monsters Dawn of Fire Ziggurab.png My Singing Monsters Ziggurab.png

T-Rox as the single elemental of Earth

In the names for T-Rox's sprites, the element letter for it is C (the letter for Earth) instead of CDE.

Meet the Monsters early monster bios

Early Mammott bio

In the Mammott image, the bio starts off with "A" instead of Mammotts. the apostrophe is also before the s in Mammotts instead of after.

Msm mammott press release image.jpg

Early Furcorn bio and Furcorn as the single elemental of Plant

The Furcorn image uses plural words in the bio. There is also the word "and" before delicate instead of a comma. An image of Furcorn from the press release (seen below) has Furcorn with only the Plant element.

Msm furcorn press release image.jpg

Early Maw bio

The Maw image is missing "Maws are a little mouthy. Tonguey too."

Msm maw press release image.png

Early T-Rox bio

For T-Rox the word "spikelets" was originally "spines".

Msm trox meet the monsters.jpg

Screemu releasing before Zuuker

The names of Screemu's sprites called it U06, indicating that it was meant to release before Zuuker.