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My Singing Monsters: Composer

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Title Screen

My Singing Monsters: Composer

Developer: Big Blue Bubble
Publisher: Big Blue Bubble
Platforms: iOS, Android
Released internationally: April 25, 2018

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

PrereleaseIcon.png This game has a prerelease article

My Singing Monsters: Composer is a My Singing Monsters app based off of Composer Island that cost $5.


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Prerelease Info

Unused Sounds

Old Boodoo Sample Sound

There is an unused sample sound for Boodoo that uses its sounds from this game instead of its memory game sound from MSM.

Unused Text

Composer Originally Being Free

Near the beginning of Composer's text file, there is text that says:

PLEASE NOTE: My Singing Monsters Composer is free to play, but charges real money for additional in-app content. You may restrict in-app purchases by adjusting your Google Play account settings.

This means Composer was originally going to be free with in app purchases (Example: Rares Pack, Dipsters, Ethereals Pack etc.) until they decided to make it cost money and make stuff like Dipsters, Rares and Ethereals be free.

The Google Play billing service is not available at this time.  You can continue to use this app but you won't be able to make purchases.

Your transaction was not completed.

My Singing Monsters Composer is free to play, but you have the option to purchase extra Diamonds, Treats, or Coins. These items cost real money and will be charged to your iTunes account. You can adjust your device settings to lock the ability to make in-app purchases.

Leftover Text From MSM

MSM Composer has some left over text lines from MSM.


Top Regular Islands

Visit Top Composer Islands

Visit Top Tribal Islands

Visit Random Island

Select Island


Welcome to Composer Island!

This is your chance to harness the musical powers of the monsters and create your own compositions! Know what you're doing? Great! Don't know what you're doing? Also great. Music has rules, but those rules are meant to be broken. Mess around, try new things, tap every button once, and see what happens!

Your Best Score

Worldwide Best

Current Level

Player Information

Authorization Failed.


Your current song contains unsaved changes. Please save your song before starting tutorials. Would you like to save it now?

Display Name

This item is not available on this Island.

Movable Object




Time Warper

You currently have no friends. Invite friends below.


Only Composer Islands can be renamed!

Composer Island exists in the fantastic dreamspace between the Monster World and the human universe. This is where you can unleash your pure musical creativity! Singing Monsters have been aching to learn some new songs for years, and now there is no limit to the potential that can be achieved. The possibilities are endless!!! ... Alright, settle down. It's easy to lose one's composure when describing Composer Island. 

Level XXX

Game Over

You don't have any other monsters on Composer Island.

Submit Referral





One step closer to collecting them all!


Your referral has been received. Thank you! You have been awarded some Diamonds!

Old Keyboard Description

In 1.0.1, there is an old version of the description for the keyboard compose mode, with keyboard being misspelled.

Tapping this button will open the keybor compose mode! Press record and use the keyboard to write your part! Press stop when you're done. 
Keyboard parts can replace the part you're working on, or add to it. 

Unused Song Templates

There is text for Gold Island, Shugabush Island and Wublin Island song templates.

Gold Island

Shugabush Island


Advanced Tutorial

There is some text relating to an advanced tutorial.

Advanced Tutorial

Start Advanced Tutorial now?

Game Testing Text

Bug Report Text

There is a line of text relating to what could be a bug report feature that was exclusive to the game testers.



There is some text lines that could have been used for a clock.


Error Messages

MSM Composer, like every other game out there, has some error messages. These are all of them:

Error: Could not open database

Error: Could not write data

Error: Could not connect to host

Error: Remote file not found

Error: Song file is corrupted.  Please have your friend re-export and send the song again.

Error: Could not send data

Error: Opening downloaded file

Error: Could not insert patch data into database

Error: Send failed to rewind

Error: Could not read data from host

Download Error

Error: Bad content encoding

Error exporting file: Compression failed.

Error: Error receiving data from host

Error: ran out of memory during export

Error: http error occurred, could not download

Unknown error occurred