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My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire

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Title Screen

My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire

Developer: Big Blue Bubble
Publisher: Big Blue Bubble
Platforms: iOS, Android
Released internationally: September 23, 2015 (iOS), September 25, 2015 (Android)

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

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Prerelease Info

Many stuff in this game has codenames!

Unused Graphics

Unused Starhenge Symbol


Present in the files for Starhenge Island is a 13th symbol in the model for the main ring which is located inside of the island.

Early Skyship Sprites

MSM-DOF-Early Skyship.png

Before the Skyship was released, there were sprites for it hidden inside the executable. The file name of it was "Boat", meaning the skyship was originally a boat. The final Skyship doesn't use sprites, and instead is a 3D model.

Early Monster Files

To do:
Put the sprites together

Early versions of monster sprites exist in the files of versions of the game from before they were released.


Baby Dandidoo Sprites
Adult Dandidoo Sprites (Version 1)
Adult Dandidoo Sprites (Version 2)
Adult Sprites Put Together

Adult Pango

Adult Pango Sprites


Baby Thumpies Sprites (Version 1)
Baby Thumpies Sprites (Version 2)
A concept for Baby Thumpies found in the files
Adult Thumpies Sprites
Adult Sprites Put Together

Adult Barrb

Adult Barrb Sprites


Baby Clamble Files
Adult Clamble Files


Baby Repatillo Sprites
Adult Repatillo Sprites


Baby Wynq Sprites
Adult Wynq Sprites


Baby Shellbeat Sprites
Adult Shellbeat Sprites (Version 1)
Adult Shellbeat Sprites (Version 2)

Baby Quarrister

Baby Quarrister Files


Baby Bisonorus Files
Baby Bisonorus Put Together (Was used as the shop icon until 2.0.0)
Adult Bisonorus Sprites
Adult Bisonorus Put Together


Baby Yelmut Sprites
Adult Yelmut Sprites

Baby Entbrat

Baby Entbrat Files
Baby Sprites Put Together


Baby Candelavra Sprites
Baby Candelavra Put Together
Adult Candelavra Sprites
Adult Candelavra Put Together

Prismatic Furcorn

Early Prismatic Furcorn Files
Early Prismatic Furcorn
Early Blue Prismatic Furcorn
Early Green Prismatic Furcorn
Early Orange Prismatic Furcorn
Early Purple Prismatic Furcorn
Early Red Prismatic Furcorn
Early Yellow Prismatic Furcorn

Prismatic Mammott

These designs for Prismatic Mammott are slightly different then the used ones, as the legs are lava instead of rock. The yellow Prismatic Mammott's face is also different.

Early Blue Prismatic Mammott
Early Green Prismatic Mammott
Early Orange Prismatic Mammott
Early Purple Prismatic Mammott
Early Red Prismatic Mammott
Early Yellow Prismatic Mammott

Unused Structure Sprites


Dawn of Fire Volcano Png.png


My Singing Monsters Dawn of Fire Whirlpool.png


My Singing Monsters Dawn of Fire Satellite.png

Piggy Bank

My Singing Monsters Dawn of Fire Piggy Bank.png

Referral Stand

My Singing Monsters Dawn of Fire Referral Structure.png

Wishing Well

MSM DOF Wishing Well Ingame.png

Old Coin and Diamond Particles

In dlc.bbbgame.net, in the earliest version of the misc.unity3d file for dof, there are old particle graphics for the coins and diamonds. They resemble the old MSM coin and diamond graphics, as they have the same shape.

Old My Singing Monsters Dawn of Fire Coin.png

Old My Singing Monsters Dawn of Fire Diamond.png

Old Achievement Star Icons

Located in the same place as the old coin and diamond sprites (except in atlas.unity3d instead of misc), is an old sprite that would have shown how many stars you have for an achievement. The pink icon is used when the achievement is completed.

My Singing Monsters Dawn of Fire Old Achievent Star Icon.png

My Singing Monsters Dawn of Fire Old Achievement Star Icon Star Slots.png

MSM Dawn of Fire Old Achievement Star Icon Bronze Star.png

MSM Dawn of Fire Old Achievement Star Icon Silver Star.png

Old Achievement Star Icon Gold Star.png

Early Party Island Icon

In the BBB database there is a unity3d file that has an early Party Island icon in it. It seems Party Island was originally going to be a sandy beach island. More evidence towards this is it's diffuse calling it "Vacation Island".

My Singing Monsters Dawn of Fire Early Party Island Icon.png

Unused Models

Early Starhenge Model

In version 1.2.0 there was an early version of Starhenge.

MSM DOF Early Starhenge Model.png

Some of the differences include: A strange structure on the main island, presumably a placeholder for the Observatory.

MSM DOF Early Starhenge Model Strange Structure.png

The smaller platform is further away from the main island.

MSM DOF early starhenge model small platform further away.png

The elements and sand are missing.

MSM DOF early starhenge no element symbols and sand.png

Unused Monster Midi Tracks


FJ_Monster is an unused monster found in the Continent midi. The FJ in its name is its elements, with its elements being F, which is the fire element in DOF and J, which is the shadow element in the original game. It plays 3 times near the beginning, and then doesn't play anymore after that. There is a chance is could come into the game with different elements, possibly a Quad or Quint element monster.


FB_Monster was a monster found in the Continent midi from versions 1.0 to 1.2. It played in the same parts as Yelmut and ended up being replaced by Yelmut in version 1.3, so it's safe to say it was Yelmut.


NF_Monster could be found in the Cave Island midi in versions 1.0 to 1.2 when opening it in notepad. It had no data except for the name, so it doesn't appear in software that can open midi's such as FL Studio. It's either Yelmut or Wynq, as when it was removed in version 1.3 those monsters got added to the midi.

Bass_Play and base_Monster

There were tracks in the Continent midi from versions 1.0 to 1.7 called Bass_Play and Bass_Mute and a track in the Space Island midi from versions 1.0 to 1.9 called base_Monster. These were early tracks for Sneyser.


HooGah_Monster was a monster that could be found in the Continent midi in version 1.3. It played in the same part as Barrb and was later replaced with Barrb in version 1.4, meaning that it was an early version of Barrb.


In versions 1.5 to 1.7, there was a track in the Cave Island midi called Recorder_Monster. Recorder was an old codename for Krillby, being used in its text string codenames in early versions of 1.8.


In 1.10 and 1.11 there was a track called ADCF_Monster in Party Island's midi. At first glance it may seem as if its a track for Flum Ox, but in version 1.12 it was replaced by Edamimi; the letters were later rearranged to copy Edamimi's elements.


In version 1.8 a whole bunch of tracks were added to the Continent midi as _Monster as placeholders for fire monsters. The first of these to be filled in was Tring in version 1.9, and the last to be filled in was Incisaur in version 1.20.

Unused Structures


The Volcano is an unused structure that would break crystals down into their components. It would have been unlocked with Earth Lands, due to its appearance on Mirror Earth Island in the original game.

MSM DOF Volcano png HD.png

These are what you can get from each crystal:

Vegidian Crystal: Plant Essence

Frozium Crystal: Cold Essence

Skylite Crystal: Air Essence

Aquanine Crystal: Water Essence

Stonyx Crystal: Earth Essence

Pyrozite Crystal: Fire Essence


This structure allows you to create items by putting random items into it. Because of the design, it may have originally been the structure to be unlocked when unlocking Water Lands, but got replaced with the Wishing Well.

MSM DOF Whirlpool png HD.png

The items you can make with this are:

Breakfast Cereal

Dart Board

Healthy Smoothie

Hot Chilli

Ice Cream Sandwich


Layer Cake

Rock Candy


Toy Plane

Oddree Trap (Only in early versions of the game)

Glitter Torch (Only in early versions of the game)

Mud Spa (Only in early versions of the game)

Funguy Rest (Only in early versions of the game)


This structure was used to send updates and messages to players, before it was replaced by the Bulletin Board.

MSM DOF Satellite png HD.png

Piggy Bank

The Piggy Bank most likely would have been used for storing diamonds because of there being a diamond in the sprite sheet (seen above). That's most likely why it was removed, as there is no point in storing diamonds.

Referral Stand

The way this structure worked is you would get a code from Big Blue Bubbles social media page and put it in here. This feature was moved to the options menu during development before being scrapped. The name and description text for this just say "Placeholder". The name and description originally was "Referral Stand" and "Referral Stand Description" but for some reason they changed it to just say "Placeholder".

MSM DOF Referral Stand png.png

Wishing Well

This was the structure that would have been unlocked with Water Lands, due to its appearance on Mirror Earth Island in the first game. It never got far in development, due to the only appearance of it being a placeholder png of it in its spritesheet.

MSM DOF Wishing Well.png

Unused Decorations

To do:
Add more images

When more decorations were added to DoF, there were lot's of unused decorations left in the files of the game. Some of these decorations made an appearance in the Starshop and the Colossingum in the first game as part of a later update. Some of these are also either decorations from the first game, or similar ones.

Design Name Cost Recipe Unlock Level
MSM DOF Hammock.png Bed (DoF)/Hammock (MSM) N/A N/A N/A
MSM DOF Chip Stump.png Chip Stump N/A N/A N/A
MSM DOF Cloud Swing.png Cloud Swing 110,000 Coins N/A 24
Coconut Bongos (DoF)/Bingo Bango Bongos (MSM) 100 Diamonds N/A N/A
MSM DOF Coral Fountain.png Coral Fountain 100 Diamonds N/A N/A
MSM DOF Fluffy Tree.png Fluffy Tree 100 Diamonds N/A N/A
MSM DOF Fossil-osaurus.png Fossil-osaurus N/A N/A N/A
MSM DOF Eerie Remains.png Eerie Remains N/A N/A N/A
MSM DOF Giant Fossil.png Giant Fossil 100 Diamonds N/A N/A
MSM DOF Glitter Torch.png Glitter Torch (DoF)/Spatial Sapling (MSM) 100 Diamonds N/A N/A
MSM DOF Gongtree Swing.png Gongtree Swing (DoF)/Gaung Tree (MSM) 100 Diamonds N/A N/A
MSM DOF Grassy Stacks.png Grassy Stacks N/A N/A N/A
MSM DOF Guitar Stump.png Guitar Stump (DoF)/Elmenco Stump (MSM) 100 Diamonds N/A N/A
MSM DOF Ice Slide.png Ice Slide 100 Diamonds N/A N/A
Innertube Tuba (DoF)/Innertuba (MSM) 100 Diamonds N/A N/A
MSM DOF Meldablend.png Meldablend N/A N/A N/A
MSM DOF Log Drum.png Log Drum 100 Diamonds N/A N/A
MSM DOF Mud Spa.png Mud Spa 100 Diamonds N/A N/A
MSM DOF Oak Tree.png Oak Tree 100 Diamonds 3 Seedlings, 3 Acorns 35
MSM DOF Overgrown Tree.png Overgrown Tree 100 Diamonds N/A N/A
MSM DOF Pepper Shaker.png Pepper Shaker 100 Diamonds N/A N/A
MSM DOF Pumpkin Drum.png Pumpkin Drum (DoF)/Smunkit (MSM) 100 Diamonds N/A N/A
MSM DOF Spurrit Statue.png Spurrit Statue N/A N/A N/A
MSM DOF Directions to Nowhere.png Directions to Nowhere N/A N/A N/A
MSM DOF Spun Tree.png Spun Tree N/A N/A N/A
MSM DOF Islands Statue.png Island Totem N/A N/A N/A
MSM DOF Thunker.png The Thunker N/A N/A N/A
MSM DOF Stone Drum.png Stone Drum 100 Diamonds N/A N/A
MSM DOF Sugar Tree.png Sugar Tree (DoF)/Swurlee Tree (MSM) N/A N/A N/A
MSM DOF Synth Speakers.png Synth Speakers 100 Diamonds N/A N/A
MSM DOF Telescopic Tower.png Telescopic Tower 100 Diamonds N/A N/A
MSM DOF Toasty Bonfire.png Toasty Bonfire 100 Diamonds N/A N/A
MSM DOF Trampoline Tambourine.png Trampoline Tambourine (DoF)/Tamborine Trampoline (MSM) 100 Diamonds N/A N/A
MSM DOF Tropical Tree.png Tropical Tree N/A N/A N/A
MSM DOF Ockulo Tree.png Ockulo Tree N/A N/A N/A
MSM DOF Watchtower.png Watchtower N/A N/A N/A
MSM DOF Tree Forte Tower.png Tree Forte Tower N/A N/A N/A

Unused Items

There are some unused items in Dawn of Fire, being unused either because the structure required to make them is unused, or an item required to craft it is unused.

Design Name Source Recipe Unlock Level
MSM DOF Pyrozite Crystal.png Pyrozite Crystal Fire Lands N/A 50
MSM DOF Polished Pyrozite Crystal.png Polished Pyrozite Crystal Jeweler 10 Pyrozite Crystals, 2 Silk 50
MSM DOF Carved Pyrozite Crystal.png Carved Pyrozite Crystal Jeweler 10 Polished Pyrozite Crystals, 1 Pillow 50
MSM DOF Nebulox Crystal.png Nebulox Crystal Space Island N/A Start of the game
MSM DOF Polished Nebulox Crystal.png Polished Nebulox Crystal Jeweler N/A 6
MSM DOF Carved Nebulox Crystal.png Carved Nebulox Crystal Jeweler N/A 6
MSM DOF Aurorium Crystal.png Aurorium Crystal Cloud Island N/A Start of the game
MSM DOF Polished Aurorium Crystal.png Polished Aurorium Crystal Jeweler N/A 6
MSM DOF Carved Aurorium Crystal.png Carved Aurorium Crystal Jeweler N/A 6
MSM DOF Quarritz Crystal.png Quarritz Crystal Cave Island N/A Start of the game
MSM DOF Polished Quarritz Crystal.png Polished Quarritz Crystal Jeweler N/A 6
MSM DOF Carved Quarritz Crystal.png Carved Quarritz Cystal Jeweler N/A 6
MSM DOF Krystillium Crystal.png Krystillium Crystal N/A N/A N/A
MSM DOF Polished Krystillium Crystal.png Polished Krystillium Crystal Jeweler N/A N/A
MSM DOF Carved Krystillium Crystal.png Carved Krystillium Crystal Jeweler N/A N/A
MSM DOF Air Essence.png Air Essence Volcano N/A N/A
MSM DOF Plant Essence.png Plant Essence Volcano N/A N/A
MSM DOF Earth Essence.png Earth Essence Volcano N/A N/A
MSM DOF Water Essence.png Water Essence Volcano N/A N/A
MSM DOF Cold Essence.png Cold Essence Volcano N/A N/A
MSM DOF Fire Essence.png Fire Essence Volcano N/A N/A
MSM DOF Music Essence.png Music Essence Skyship N/A N/A
MSM DOF Aquarium.png Aquarium Workshop 1 Water Essence, 2 Stones, 1 Sand 43
MSM DOF Breakfast Cereal.png Breakfast Cereal Whirlpool 1 Nutbar, 1 Coconut Milk 39
MSM DOF Cloud Pillow.png Cloud Pillow Tailor 1 Air Essence, 2 Silk, 2 Cotton, 1 Needle 47
MSM DOF Coral Pendant.png Coral Pendant Tailor 1 Earth Essence, 1 Water Essence, 3 Stones, 1 Rope 49
MSM DOF Dart Board.png Dart Board Whirlpool 1 Booster Shot, 1 Log 34
MSM DOF Firecracker.png Firecracker Toy Factory 1 Fire Essence, 2 Ropes, 2 Sand 46
MSM DOF Fruit Slushy.png Fruit Slushy Masher 1 Plant Essence, 1 Cold Essence, 2 Apple Sauce, 2 Lemons 50
MSM DOF Garden Salad.png Garden Salad Cooking Pot 1 Plant Essence, 2 Cactus's, 2 Tomatoes, 1 Pumpkin 42
MSM DOF Healthy Smoothie.png Healthy Smoothie Whirlpool 1 Vitamin Pill, 1 Vegetable Juice 46
MSM DOF Hot Air Balloon.png Hot Air Balloon Toy Factory 1 Fire Essence, 1 Air Essence, 3 Wool, 2 Ropes 48
MSM DOF Hot Chilli.png Hot Chilli Whirlpool 1 Swamp Stew, 1 Hot Pepper 37
MSM DOF Ice Cream Sandwich.png Ice Cream Sandwich Whirlpool 1 Ice Cream, 1 Cookie 36
MSM DOF Jack-in-the-Box.png Jack-in-the-Box Whirlpool 1 Marionette, 1 Spring 40
MSM DOF Layer Cake.png Layer Cake Whirlpool 1 Cactus Cheesecake, 1 Lemon Cake 32
MSM DOF Milkshake.png Milkshake Juicer 1 Cold Essence, 2 Coconut Milks, 2 Acorns, 1 Syrup 45
MSM DOF Rock Candy.png Rock Candy Whirlpool 1 Stone, 1 Sugar 30
MSM DOF Saxophone.png Saxophone Whirlpool 1 Bamboo Flute, 1 Copper Trumpet 43
MSM DOF Toy Plane.png Toy Plane Whirlpool 1 Toy Car, 1 Kite 50

Old/Unused Sounds

Unused Island Ambiance Sounds

Island ambiance sounds were planned to be in dof, and were in a file of an early version of the MSM Guide before being removed from that file in the release version.

The Continent

This one is very similar to the Ambiance of Plant Island from the original game with birds chirping.

Space Island

Cloud Island

Cave Island


To do:
There are quite a few sounds in the game that sound longer than they usually would, but they're cut off when a certain monster that has one of these sounds repeats. This mainly applies to a few select baby monster sounds on the Continent.

Old Flowah Sound

In version 1.0.0 and 1.1.0, the second half of Flowah's Continent sound was different. The sound was changed to be the one we have today in version 1.2.0.

Early Baby Dandidoo Sound

In early versions of the game, there is an early version of Baby Dandidoo's sound which is a quieter, alternate recording, though it can be heard in the soundtrack as well.

Early Adult Dandidoo Sound

Also in early versions of the game is a version of Dandidoo's Cloud Island sound, which starts out the same as the final, but then becomes different. This could mean that only the first part was put in the final game.

Early Space Island Stogg Track 4

In the first version of the game, there is an early version of Stogg's track 4 on Space Island, which has a transition from the 3rd track. In the soundtrack, this is treated as a different track 4, while the used track 4 that plays after it is sort of a track 5.

Early Baby Thumpies Sounds

In the first version of the game, there were early versions of the Baby Thumpies sounds, with version 1 being the same as the final but with an extra note at the end, and track 2 being an extended version with a slight pitch difference in the extended part.

Early Baby Barrb Sound

When Barrb was in development, there was a file for him in the game APK that had an early sound for him. It sounds more manly than childish, as it was unedited.

Early Adult Clamble Track 2

In early versions of the game, there is an extended version of adult Clamble's track 2 on Space Island, which is quieter and has a short cymbal hit that resembles its track 1 at the end.

Unused Cave Island Thumpies Track

The Thumpies track 2 for Cave Island goes unused unlike tracks 1 and 3.

Unused Cave Island Wynq Track

There is a sound for a track 1 for Wynq on Cave Island that also goes unused, and only track 2 is heard. Alongside the Thumpies' Cave Island track 2, this sound can be heard in the soundtrack version of Cave Island.

Many Short Clips of Early/Beta Sounds

Just like the island ambience sounds, there were also unused memory game sounds of dof monsters, with some containing clips of early sounds.


The early sound of Kayna also sounds more manly than childish, as it's most likely just an unedited version of Kayna's current sound, like Barrb's early sound. The extended version of the sound can be heard in My Singing Monsters: Generations.


Baby Quibble originally played an xylophone instead of a piano, which makes sense as Baby Quibble's keys are rainbow like some xylophones. This beta sound later became Tiawa's 3rd track.


Pummel's sound was originally Drummidary's sound. This means Drummidary's sound is just recycled from Pummel's beta sound.


Shellbeat's beta sound later became Glaishur's sound.

Unused Text

Beta Baby Candelavra Bio

The Candelavra's operatic voice has been known to shatter ice on Cold Island. Whilst somewhat hot to touch, this Monster is very warm of heart.

Beta Adult Maw Bio

The need for early vocalization accelerates the development of a Maw's comfort with public speaking. As excellent orators and debaters, Maws are often invited to deliver key note speeches at formal events.

Beta Adult Dandidoo Bio

With downy puffs shimmering in the slightest breath of wind, a Dandidoo sashays elegantly across the landscape. It is much less inclined to strut after it has gone to seed and the puffs have blown away.

Beta Baby Shellbeat Bio

Shellbeats are naturally shy and like to keep hidden away in their shells. When they are woken up by their neighbor’s loud singing they tend to loosen up, come out of their shell, and play along as best they can with their aquatic drum set. Shellbeats have gotten pretty good at playing lately. 

Beta Baby Thumpies Bio

Thumpies are well-adapted to inter-dimensional travel, and can be found throughout the multi-verse. In fact, they even have their own game!

Beta Adult Scups Bio

Weighed down by ages of accumulated rainfall stored within its body, the adult Scups naturally gravitates to the weightless wonders of Space Island! Here, it can still move as spryly as ever, but its powerful suction cups ensure that it never floats too far from its friends. No one knows more about sticking together than the Scups!

Placeholder Shrubb Descriptions

Placeholder Shrubb Desc

Placeholder Adult Shrubb Desc

Placeholder Repatillo Name and Description


Firedrums description...

Placeholder Diamond Extractor Description

Missing TEXT

Placeholder Star Chart Names

Placeholder star chart names for numbers 8 to 10 don't exist because those ones already had a name in the text

Star Chart #1

Star Chart #2

Star Chart #3

Star Chart #4

Star Chart #5

Star Chart #6

Star Chart #7

Star Chart #11

Star Chart #12

Scups Originally Going to Space Island

Get Scups to level 10

Teleport Scups to Space Island

Fire Lands Crystal and other text relating to Fire Lands

Pyrozite Crystal

Polished Pyrozite Crystal

Carved Pyrozite Crystal

Source: Found in Fire Lands Note: This Crystal is both a crafting ingredient and currency

Unused Give Credit Achievement

Give Credit
Watch the full credits.

Unused Structure Descriptions


Items thrown in the Volcano are broken down into their components.


Throw any two items into the Whirlpool and see what comes out! There are lots of Decorations to be made in here.

Referral Stand

Referral Stand Desc

Unused Referral Code Menu Text



Enter a code you've received from a friend or from one of our social media channels to get a reward!

Validating code…

Early Starhenge Name and Description

Zodiac Island

Zodiac island description goes here…

Situated as the nexus point between the cosmic energies of the Constellations and the Monster World below, Zodiac Island is neither organic nor machine - indeed, it exists somewhere in between. Its very framework resonates with the song of the Zodiac Monsters, luminous beings descended from the stars to share their music for all to hear.

Test Text

Test Quest

Test Quest 2

Test Quest 3

This is a test quest long form description that is intended to test displaying a full length description of any given quest.

Skyship Relating Text From When it was a Boat

Sky Boat Orders

Sky Boat Leaves In {TIME}

Full Sky Boat Reward

Early Prismatic Text

Early/Placeholder Prism Gate Name and Descriptions

Chromatic Rift


This is where the Chromatic Rift's description goes. Please Update Me. Color!

Early Prisment Text

Red Fragment

Blue Fragment

Green Fragment

Yellow Fragment

Purple Fragment

Orange Fragment

Rainbow Fragment

A mystical fragment.

Early Prismatic Names

Prismatic Furcorn
Blue Furcorn

Green Furcorn

Orange Furcorn

Purple Furcorn

Red Furcorn

Yellow Furcorn
Prismatic Toe Jammer
Blue Toejammer

Green Toejammer

Orange Toejammer

Purple Toejammer

Red Toejammer

Yellow Toejammer

Prism Gate Tutorial

This is the Chromatic Rift

Select the Chromatic Rift

The left window shows us which monsters the rift is open to.

The right window shows the current monsters you have that can go into the rift.

Early Misc Prism Gate Text


There is no monster currently available for the rift on this island.

Unused Bag of Prisments Item

Bag of Chromatic Fragments

Source: Chromatic Rift

Unused Translations

Early Monster Name Translations

Monster Name (English) Language Early Translation Final
Repatillo German Repatillo Gürtelechse
Repatillo French Reptatou Repatillo
Repatillo Italian Armattile Armatille
Bisonorus Spanish Bisonoronte Bisonorente

Unused Monster Nicknames

Currently Used Generic Placeholder Nicknames (used for Bisonorus)











Old Generic Placeholder Nicknames (used for Pango)

Placeholder 0

Placeholder 1

Placeholder 2

Placeholder 3

Placeholder 4

Placeholder 5

Placeholder 6

Placeholder 7

Placeholder 8

Placeholder 9


Default Shrubb 1

Default Shrubb 2

Default Shrubb 3

Default Shrubb 4

Default Shrubb 5

Default Shrubb 6

Default Shrubb 7

Default Shrubb 8

Default Shrubb 9


Default Clamble 01

Default Clamble 02


Default Shrimp 1

Default Shrimp 2

Default Shrimp 3

Default Shrimp 4

Default Shrimp 5

Default Shrimp 6

Default Shrimp 7

Default Shrimp 8

Default Shrimp 9


Default Entbrat 01

Default Entbrat 02





Default Sitar 01

Default Sitar 02

Default Sitar 03

Default Sitar 04

Default Sitar 05

Default Sitar 06

Default Sitar 07

Default Sitar 08


Default Piano 01

Default Piano 02

Default Piano 03

Default Piano 04

Default Piano 05

Default Piano 06

Default Piano 07

Default Piano 08

Default Piano 09


Default Drumturtle 01

Default Drumturtle 02

Default Drumturtle 03

Default Drumturtle 04

Default Drumturtle 05

Default Drumturtle 06

Default Drumturtle 07

Default Drumturtle 08

Default Drumturtle 09


Default Air Guitar 01

Default Air Guitar 02

Default Air Guitar 03

Default Air Guitar 04

Default Air Guitar 05

Default Air Guitar 06

Default Air Guitar 07

Default Air Guitar 08

Default Air Guitar 09


Default Horns 01

Default Horns 02

Default Horns 03

Default Horns 04

Default Horns 05

Default Horns 06

Default Horns 07

Default Horns 08

Default Horns 09


Default Lavadrums 1

Default Lavadrums 2

Default Lavadrums 3

Default Lavadrums 4

Default Lavadrums 5

Default Lavadrums 6

Default Lavadrums 7


Default Ruttitoot 1

Default Ruttitoot 2

Default Ruttitoot 3

Default Ruttitoot 4

Default Ruttitoot 5

Default Ruttitoot 6

Default Ruttitoot 7


Default Bassoon 1

Default Bassoon 2

Default Bassoon 3

Default Bassoon 4

Default Bassoon 5

Default Bassoon 6


Default Electrodrums 1

Default Electrodrums 2

Default Electrodrums 3

Default Electrodrums 4

Default Electrodrums 5

Default Electrodrums 6

Default Electrodrums 7


Default Organ 1

Default Organ 2

Default Organ 3

Default Organ 4

Default Organ 5

Default Organ 6


Galvana has one unused nickname


Other Unused Content

Candelavra's Scrapped Elements

Candelavra's Elements were originally Air, Plant, Earth, and Fire, which are the elements that were later passed on to Tring.

Fire Lands

There exists some text files relating to a land on the continent called Fire Lands.

Referral Codes

Referral codes were supposed to be in dof, as there are lines of text talking about it. These work like the Community Codes from MSM.

Limbo Island

Throughout the game's code are a few files referring to "islandlimbo," or Limbo Island. This Island has no data for it at all other than a staticdata file. The ID is 0, there are no monsters on it, no midi for it, no textures, and no model. It is an island file for the coming soon island slot.



Present under Starhenge Island is a floating spike with some gears.

Database Name

The name for Dawn of Fire in the Big Blue Bubble database is "monster_babies".

Internal Name

The internal name for Dawn of Fire is "msm2"