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My Singing Monsters (Steam Version)

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My Singing Monsters (Steam Version)

Developer: Big Blue Bubble
Publisher: Big Blue Bubble
Platforms: Windows
Released internationally: March 24, 2021 (Windows)

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

PrereleaseIcon.png This game has a prerelease article

On March 24th, 2021 My Singing Monsters was released on Steam. It includes higher quality graphics and audio than the mobile version, but is behind by a couple of versions. This page only lists the unused content that was changed or is exclusive to the Steam version. For other unused content, check out the original versions page.


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Prerelease Info

Unused Graphics

Many of the unused graphics from the mobile version of the game return in the Steam version in HD.


In early versions of the game, a construction site was used when upgrading a structure. Due to the Steam version releasing way after this was removed, its HD version goes unused.

MSM Steam Construction Site.png

Spunge Cheeks

The unused cheeks belonging to Spunge return in HD in the Steam version.

MSM Steam Spunge Cheeks.png

Hornless Epic Maw Body

The hornless Epic Maw body from the mobile version return in the Steam version.

MSM Steam Hornless Epic Maw Body.png

Hornless Epic Dandidoo Head

The hornless Epic Dandidoo head appears in the Steam version.

MSM Steam Hornless Epic Dandidoo Head.png

Epic Mammott Open Smile Mouth

The unused open smile mouth from Epic Mammott that only appears on Shugabush Island and Composer Island appears in the Steam version.

MSM Steam Epic Mammott Smile Mouth.png

Unused Fluoress Purple Light Sprites

The unused purple light from Fluoress returns in the Steam version.

MSM Steam Purple Fluoress Lights.png

Unused Fluoress Hair Sprite

The unused Fluoress hair sprite makes a return in the Steam version.

MSM Steam Fluoress Unused Hair.png

Early Epic Hoola Hips

The early hips from Epic Hoola return in the Steam version.

MSM Steam Early Epic Hoola Hips.png

Cold Island Wubbox Cold Sigil

In the Official Guide, Wubbox had images for all the elements besides Cold. These were most likely going to be on the design depending on which island it was on. In the Steam version, the Cold element appears in Cold Island Wubbox's sprite sheet.

MSM Steam Wubbox Cold Element.png

Obscured Graphics

Dragong's Neck Eye

The hidden eye on Dragong's neck sprite returns in the Steam version.

MSM Steam Dragong Neck Eye.png

Unused Cybop Eyeball and Pupil

The unused eyeball and pupil that can be found on the heads of all 3 Cybops is in the Steam version.

Rare Cybop
Epic Cybop

Hidden Whisp Eye

Similar to Cybop, hidden under Whisp's eye on its head sprite is a hidden eye.

MSM Hidden Whisp Eye Steam.png

Green Part of Floot Fly's Head

The hidden green part of Floot Fly returns in the Steam version.

MSM Steam Floot Fly Green Face.png

Zuuker's Red Dot

The red dot from Zuuker appears in the Steam version.

MSM Steam Zuukers Red Dot.png

Celestial Island Golden Cork

The golden cork from Celestial Island is in the Steam version.

MSM Steam Celestial Island Golden Cork.png


Gray Wubbox Eyelids

In the Steam version, Wubbox's eyelids are for some reason gray.

Beta Epic Hoola

The Steam version uses early sprites for Epic Hoola's arms, legs, toes, body and hula hoop.

MSM Steam Early Epic Hoola Sprites.png