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Nanotek Warrior

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Title Screen

Nanotek Warrior

Developer: Tetragon
Publisher: Virgin Interactive
Platform: PlayStation
Released in JP: May 9, 1997
Released in US: February 28, 1997
Released in EU: June 1997

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
BonusIcon.png This game has hidden bonus content.

A fun little tube shooter with a very 90's soundtrack.

Developer Message

Download.png Download Nanotek JPEGs.rar
File: Nanotek JPEGs.rar (info)

The folder labeled TEXT Contains some text files with messages from the developer, along with some JPEG screenshots of the game.


Hello !

Congratulations for being creative enough to stick this CD into your PC.  First, 
we'd like to thank you for playing "NanoTek Warrior"(tm). We've all put a tremendous
amount of time and effort into creating what we think is a game that excels at 
great game play as well as great graphics. We hope you enjoy it.

As a bonus for looking at this CD in your PC, we've included a number of special 
things for you to see. First, look at the file "story.txt" for the unabridged 
version of the "NanoTek Warrior" story. 

Next, look at the JPEG files in this directory for screen shots from the game.

Finally, look at the file "cheats.txt" to find some cheat codes. The cheat codes 
enable a few of the features that we put into the game, but decided to disable for 
one reason or another. 

Thanks again for playing NanoTek. Have fun and try the cheat codes!

Warmest Regards,
The NanoTek Team
Tetragon, Inc.

P.S. ----- Don't to forget to visit the Tetragon web page at "www.tetragon.com". 

"NanoTek Warrior" is a trademark of Virgin Interactive Entertainment, Inc. 
All rights reserved.



To enter a cheat code, bring up the "PAUSE" menu while playing the game. Next, 
press the buttons on your controller which correspond to the cheat code you want to 
enter. If you enter a code correctly, you'll hear the power-up sound play, and the 
game will continue. 

RANDOM CURVING - turns on random curving of the tube

  circle,    SELECT,    left,    square,    square,    down,    up,    X  

SEMI "COCKPIT" MODE - turns on what is nearly a first person mode for the camera

  triangle,    circle,    square,    square,    triangle,    triangle,    SELECT,    START  

ROTATE ENEMY/OBSTACLE POSITIONS - slightly changes the location of each of the 
enemies and obstacles as you progress down the tube. After you enter this code, the 
next level you play and each level thereafter will have its obstacles and enemies 
rotated a bit from where they were before. 

  R1,    R1,    up,    circle,    square,    triangle,    L2,    X  

CAMERA LOCK - will lock the camera on the back of the ship in bond mode, effectively 
keeping the ship in the center of the screen at all times. 

  circle,    square,     triangle,    triangle,    circle,    square,    triangle,    START 

"NanoTek Warrior" is a trademark of Virgin Interactive Entertainment, Inc. 
All rights reserved.


"NanoTek Warrior" (TM)

In the year 2005, scientists created the first simple nano-machines. At first, 
these molecular sized machines were nothing more than a marvel of modern 
technology, but as nano-machines and nano-robots became increasingly 
sophisticated, their usefulness became limited only by humanity's 
imagination. As the weapon of choice to attack many of mankind's persistent 
problems, scientists began creating colonies of various nano-robots
and machines to work together to conquer any challenge facing humanity. Disease 
and sickness were wiped out as colonies of medical nano-robots were created 
to repair damaged and aging cells in the human body. World hunger and famine 
quickly came to an end as environmental and food production nano-machine colonies 
were successfully deployed.

As time progressed, all but a few rogue scientists began to ignore, and even 
forget, the tiny nano-robots that permeated and supported the entire existence of 
humanity. With nano-technology taking care of all their material needs and their life 
spans "nano-technically" enhanced to nearly 300 years, humanity turned inward on 
itself and  began focusing on higher intellectual and artistic pursuits. Life on 
earth became idyllic and humans as a species became vulnerable. That's when 
disaster chose to strike. 

Sudden and catastrophic failures hit on a planet wide scale. The loss of human 
life was staggering as hunger and famine spread like wild fire across the continents. 
Previously controlled habitats became inhospitable to humans as diseases unheard 
of for centuries took their toll. Chaos ruled the world and at the heart of the 
chaos was man's own creation staring back at him. Nano-robots had gained sentience 
and were attacking their creators. 

Analyzing the pattern of the attacks, the remaining few scientists began 
formulating a targeted response to the onslaught. Transmitted deactivation codes 
neutralized 80% of the nano-scopic attack force and more were wiped out by the 
steady broadcast of intense magnetic pulses. Each time humans brought the situation 
under control, the nano-colonies would come back with a vengeance, creating more 
aggressive nano-machines to attack humanity while at the same time, better protecting 
the intelligent core of each colony. 

The real solution to the war became obvious. Only a controlled strategic strike to 
the core of each nano-colony would preserve the human race. Scientists quickly created 
the ultimate in nano-weaponry, a new class of human controllable nano-war machines 
designed to penetrate any defense and strike at the brains of each colony, the "nano-boss". 

With a sophisticated array of offensive weapons, ranging from lasers to homing missiles, 
as well as impressive maneuverability, these remote controlled nano-scopic war 
machines (each called a "NanoTek Warrior") and their human controllers are the last 
hope of humanity. 

"NanoTek Warrior" is a trademark of Virgin Interactive Entertainment, Inc. 
All rights reserved.

Disabled Save Feature

To do:
Confirm that this actually works.

Normally, the game uses passwords to save progress, but there exists a code to re-enable the save feature. With a memory card inserted, pause the game and press Left, Right, Left, Left, R2, Circle, L1, X. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Complete level 2 or higher, then quit the game. An alternate password screen with five save game slots will appear.

(Source: http://www.cheatcc.com/psx/codes/nw.html)