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Naruto: Shinobi Collection - Shippuu Ranbu

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Title Screen

Naruto: Shinobi Collection - Shippuu Ranbu

Developers: GREE, CROOZ
Publisher: GREE
Platforms: iOS, Android
Released in JP: April 30, 2015 (Android), July 30, 2015 (iOS)

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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Naruto: Shinobi Collection - Shippuu Ranbu is a mobile Naruto game.

Unused Graphics

Narukore-20000851.png Narukore Thumb 20000851.png


For some reason, card no. 0026 (located between ★2 Temari and ★3 Kankurō) is absent from the collection, but an unused art and icon for a ★2 Kankurou is present in the game's server. Cards no. 0179 to 0184, 0317 to 0319, and 0347 were also absent in the list, and no. 0281, 0462, and 0641 were used twice for different cards. All of those errors were fixed in version 3.2.0 (February 2017) with the change of the numeration, having the cards set in the same order as the game's data, leaving no room to this Kankurou (located between no. 0082 Might Guy and 0083 Sasuke Uchiha), as adding him would increase the numeration of all cards after him by 1.

Narukore Thumb 21000286.png A playable character thumbnail for the Steaming Danger Tyranny, which only appeared as an enemy and skill.

Narukore Thumb katuyu.png An unknown thumbnail of Katsuyu that contains an unique 術 (Jutsu) symbol.


Takigakure's symbol is in the game, but there are no playable characters from this affiliation.

(Source: Book)

Revisional Changes

Launch Icon

192x192 version of the launch icon The game's icon at launch in 2015.
Bestowed Power Up! After the game added Naruto, Sasuke, and Madara with their Six Paths forms in 2016, the app icon was changed to Naruto with his Six Paths Yang Power, also celebrating its 1st anniversary.
I'm a champion among champions, and I'm here to stay... for one month!? W-Wait!! In version 3.4.0 (April 2017), the icon changed with the formal introduction of the "Promotion Exams" event.
Happy birthday! They grow so fast... During the month celebrating the game's second anniversary, the icon changed yet again in version 3.5.0 (May 2017).
Happy birthday, extended encore version! Version 3.7.0 (July 2017) icon, with Sage Mode Naruto and continuing the celebration of the game's second anniversary.
Upgrade Version 4.0.0 (October 2017) icon, with the Naruto able to use the recently included Scorch Release.
Move aside Naruto. It's my turn. Version 4.1.0 (January 2018) icon, with Sasuke replacing Naruto.

And so on, such as a third anniversary icon in 2018.

Other Changes

The icon of card no. 0281, "Kaeru no Gamaguchi", changed on October 2016 when it gained a golden variant. Also, the icons of all Sale Materials were updated to show their rarity.

Before After
Narukore Icon 0281-A.png

Narukore Icon 0150-A.png
Narukore Icon 0281-B.png
Narukore Icon 0150-B.png

The game also had several graphical changes to menus as time passed, such as the Shinobi, Shop, and Friend menus having similar appearances before receiving unique designs and the card details being revamped. The game also had varying boot screens and received a new loading screen in version 4.0.0, a new title screen, and new content from time to time.