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Naughty Ones (Amiga, OCS)

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Title Screen

Naughty Ones

Developer: Melon Dezign
Publisher: Interactivision
Platform: Amiga
Released internationally: 1994

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.

Developer Message

As Melon were a demoscene group, it would be appropriate that a message was hidden at 1159E.

Sorry guys. No time for a proper protection. Have mercy!

Melon Dezign did a lot for the scene, so please give us a break. 
No challenge in breaking this one anyways... 

PS: We were NEVER paid to make an intro for anyone, but 
maybe you will reward us by not cracking/spreading this one... OK??   

PPS: Just spend my last money buying a mobilephone, so I 
really need every dime this game can make... 

Merry Xmas everyone, seeing you around... [PALEFACE]

"Paleface" was the alias of Jacob Gorm Hansen, the game's programmer.

(Source: CodyJarrett)