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Need for Speed: Underground Rivals

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Title Screen

Need for Speed: Underground Rivals

Developer: Team Fusion
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platform: PlayStation Portable
Released in JP: February 24, 2005
Released in US: March 14, 2005
Released in EU: September 1, 2005
Released in KR: May 2, 2005
Released in AS: May 12, 2005

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

To do:
Experiment with other developer options that may have effects on the game.

Need for Speed: Underground Rivals is the first title in the Need for Speed series released for the PlayStation Portable.

Developer Options

There are several developer options that exist within the code for the game that are still checked for on startup. While these options are usually disabled, using a cheat tool like CWCheat, one can enable these options again.

Developer Option Address
Track 08ae4da8
SkipFE 08af5f28
HideFE 08af5f2c
UseTGSCar 08af5ff8
SkipDebugScreen 08af5fd0
UnlockEverything 08af5fd4
DefaultEventState 08af5fe8
FillGarage 08af5ff0
EnableAptOutput 08af5fec
DebugText 08af647c
SelectButtonUsage 08af5ffc
DisableAnalogStick 08af6000
SkipFEPartyPlay 08af5f90
CarViewer 08af5f94
SkipFENumPartyPlayers 08af5f98
SkipFEPartyPlayTimeOut 08af5f9c
SkipFEPartyPlayTimeOutSecs 08af5fa0
SkipFEEventType 08af5f80
DefaultLocale 08af5ff4
DefaultPlayer1CarType 08af6004
SkipFENumLaps 08af5f38
PlayerCarUpgradeAll 08af6074
SkipIntros 08af6070
MoneyEarned 08af5fd8
DriverPoints 08af5fdc
MonitorFPS 08af5fe0
TrackChecker 08af5fe4


The race that's immediately loaded when SkipFE is enabled
_C0 SkipFE
_L 0x002F5F28 0x00000001

When enabled before starting the game, this option skips the startup screens entirely and immediately loads a race against 3 other players named AI 1-3.


_C0 SkipFENumLaps
_L 0x002f5f38 0x000000??

Specifies the number of laps in the race enabled with SkipFE.


Opponents within the SkipFE race have "Test Driver" name when UseTGSCar option is enabled
_C0 UseTGSCar
_L 0x002F5FF8 0x00000001

When combined with the SkipFE option, this loads the test race with opponents named "Test Driver" instead of AI 1-3.


_C0 UnlockEverything
_L 0x002f5fd4 0x00000001

This option unlocks all cars in the game. You'll still need to buy them though.


_C0 DisableAnalogStick
_L 0x002F6000 0x00000001

Disables use of the analog stick.


_C0 SkipIntros
_L 0x002f6070 0x00000001

When enabled, the main menu is immediately loaded, without first showing the EA Games logo, public service announcement, intro video, and start screen.