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Neighbours From Hell

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Title Screen

Neighbours From Hell

Developer: JoWooD Vienna
Publisher: JoWooD Productions
Platforms: GameCube, Xbox
Released in EU: March 4, 2005

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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Neighbours From Hell is a console remake of the first two games that were only released on Windows, combining the story of both games in one, and bringing a lot of new stuff to the table.


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Prerelease Info

Unused Text

PlayStation 2 Mentions

A bunch of text mentioning the PlayStation 2, which for one reason or another never received a port of this game. Some of these strings are reused for the GameCube port.

String Name String
profiles-on-medium-all-empty-message-ngc-ps2-card There are no profiles stored on the Memory Card.
too-many-profiles-message2-card-ngcps2 profiles on the memory card in
profile-save-nomedium-message1-ngcps2 The memory card in
cleanupchoice-message-ps2-card1 There is not enough free space on the Memory Card (PS2) in
cleanupchoice-message-ps2-card2 . You need
cleanupchoice-message-ps2-card3 KB free. Delete profiles to free up space or go back to choose a different location.
cleanupchoice-boot_menu_ps2 Start Browser
medium-card0-ps2 MEMORY CARD 1
medium-card1-ps2 MEMORY CARD 2
slot-0-ps2 MEMORY CARD slot 1
slot-1-ps2 MEMORY CARD slot 2
searching-for-profiles-message-ps2 Please do not remove any Memory Card (PS2)
profile-save-nomedium-caption-ngcps2 Memory Card removed
loadprocess-message-ps2 Loading data. Do not remove memory card (PS2), controller, or reset/switch off the console.
saveprocess-message-ps2 Saving Profile. Do not remove memory card (PS2), controller, or reset/switch off the console.
deleteprocess-message-ps2 Deleting Profile. Do not remove memory card (PS2), controller, or reset/switch off the console.
saveprocess-too-many-profiles-message-1-ps2 There are too many profiles on the Memory Card (PS2) in
saveprocess-too-many-profiles-message-2-ps2 . Please choose another Memory Card or delete some profiles.
formatprocess-message-1-ps2 Formatting Memory Card (PS2) in
formatprocess-message-2-ps2 . Do not remove memory card (PS2), controller, or reset/switch off the console.
formatprocess-message-1-ngc Formatting Memory Card in
formatprocess-success-message-1-ps2 The Memory Card (PS2) in
formatprocess-success-message-2-ps2 was formatted successfully
formatprocess-error-message-1-ps2 Please check memory card (PS2) in
formatprocess-error-message-2-ps2 and try again.
mediaerror-headline-ps2 Unusable Memory Card
mediaerror-message-2-ps2 is unusable. You can either format it or select another save location.
format-confirm-headline-ps2 Format Memory Card?
format-confirm-message-1-ps2 Formatting the Memory Card (PS2) in
format-confirm-message-2-ps2 will erase all data on it. Do you really want to proceed?
headline1_profile-ps2 KB Free
bootup-nomedium-headline-ps2 No Memory Card (PS2)
bootup-nomedium-message-1-ps2 Memory card (PS2) is not inserted. At least
bootup-nomedium-message-2-ps2 KB is needed to save this game data. Do you want to start the game?
bootup-nospace-message-1-ps2 There is insufficient space on the memory card (PS2) in
bootup-nospace-message-2-ps2 . At least
bootup-corrupt-message-1-ps2 Memory card (PS2) in
bootup-corrupt-message-2-ps2 is unformatted. Format memory card (PS2)?

Windows Mentions

And some mentions of Windows are hidden here as well. As before, some strings are reused for Xbox.

String Name String
profiles-on-medium-all-empty-message-win32-harddisk Currently there are no saved profiles.
cleanupchoice-message-win32 No space left - can't save!
saveprocess-message-win32 Saving Profile - please do not turn off your computer
medium-harddisk-win32 PC hard disk
loadprocess-message-win32 Loading Profile. Please don't turn off your computer.
deleteprocess-message-win32 Deleting Profile - please do not turn off your computer
headline1_profile-win32-xbox-ngc Free Blocks
too-many-profiles-message2-card-xboxpc profiles on

Build Information

Both platforms have a bldver.bin and cntver.bin file, showing the build number and compilation date. The Xbox version was finished first, in late October 2004, and then later in early December, the port for the GameCube was finished.











Revisional Differences

Since the GameCube version was finished later than the Xbox version, it contains several bug fixes, potentially newly introduced bugs and some minor changes.

Impossible Mode Level Icons

On Xbox, when a level is completed in Impossible Mode, it turns back to showing the level as locked. On GameCube it shows the regular unlocked level icons for all the completed levels, even though you can't play them after finishing in Impossible Mode anyway.

Xbox GameCube
NFHCXBOX-FIN ImpossibleModeFinished.png NFHCGCN-FIN ImpossibleModeFinished.png


Vacation Clothing at Home

NFHCXBOX-FIN SUNNY-VacationClothing.png

One of the actions in the level Sunny, that being cutting the neighbors parasol, changes Woody's clothing to the vacation clothing while cutting.

Impossible Mode Crash

After Impossible Mode is complete, you won't be able to select and play any level in that game mode. Though the game still for some reason allows you to go in the menu, and if you press A, it'll crash the game.