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Neopets: Island Builders

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Title Screen

Neopets: Island Builders

Developer: Fluffy Dog Studio
Publisher: Jumpstart
Platforms: iOS, Android
Released in US: June 26, 2020

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

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This game is still under active development.
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A town builder within the Neopets universe that is somewhat glitchy and features models that some would consider to be uncanny.

Unused and Unimplemented Characters


NeopetsIB Draik.png

A fully modeled Draik with animations and textures has been present in the game files since launch but has never been implemented. The Draik is used in prerendered scenes such as the visiting town image and the intro movie, but is never made obtainable. No dialogue for the Draik has been implemented.

Neopets IB Draik Silhouette.png

An image of the Draik's stock pose from the Neopets website is also used for when a zone is to be unlocked and a preview is given for the pet to be unlocked there is present in the files as well but is unused. Dialogue for the Draik was added in July 2021.

Versions from February 2022 and beyond remove all of the textures and the model relating to the Draik. Despite this, the game's opening cutscene and visitng town screens all have the Draik present still.


Neopets IB Hissi.png

An example image of a Hissi was created as well as full dialogue added for them, but is not implemented into the game. Textures and a model were added in the files of the 1.1.7 update, but remain unreleased. The model and it's textures were removed in February 2022.


Neopets IB Xweetok Shilouette.png
NIB Xweetok Model.png
NIB Xweetok Texture.png

Similarly to the Draik, a Xweetok would have been implemented into the game as a pet unlocked through unlocking a new zone after leveling up. In November 2021, a model and texture for the Xweetok was added, but was later removed from the files the following month.


Neopets IB Scorchio.png
NIB Scorchio Model.png
NIB Scorchio Texture.png

A pointer for a Scorchio titled "scorchio.json" was added to the game in early 2021, and later a stock image of them was added in the 1.1.7 update's files, but no model or textures were added until November of 2021, but they would all later be removed in December 2021.


NIB Lenny.png
NIB Lenny Model.jpg
NIB Lenny Texture.png

A Lenny was added to the game files in November 2021. Only a blue texture was made and no animations or dialogue were published. The Lenny was later removed in December 2021.

Unused Items

Raw Crystal

Neopets IB Raw Crystal.png

Internally named "raw_crystal". Depicts as it says, a raw crystal.

Rough Crystal

Neopets IB Rough Crystal.png

Internally named "rough_crystal". It's just a rough crystal.

Nature Roller

Neopets IB Nature Roller.png

A green paint roller with leaf designs on it. It notable uses an old art style that the rest of the Paint Rollers don't use. Despite being unobtainable, it was once able to be requested in the Trading Post.

Skippi Roller

Neopets IB Skippi Roller.png

A Paint Roller depicting Skippi Snips. There is no other internal data that mentions or uses it, so this may be a developer joke.

Unused Graphics

Early Team Dacardia Players

NIB Team Dacardia Left.pngNIB Team Dacardia Right.png

Early designs for the teammates of Team Dacardia that appeared during the Altador Cup event that took place from June 9th, 2022 to June 30th, 2022.

The early designs show all of the pets painted Blue with light blue markings. The original team outfits had the players wear a leather-strip skirt with gold tips, an ivory top for female players, and have orangey-gold metal accents (e.g. bracelets, kneepads). In the release version, the designs were revised to have all pets use a darker color scheme and the skirts are changed from leather strips to more conventional fabric and gain brown body wrap on their limbs.

Early Altador Cup Event UI

NIB Altador Cup.png

Version 1.3.8 of the game added an early UI of the Altador Cup event, and featured artwork of the Grarrl and Gelert on the team, notably still in a somewhat sketched state. The Grarrl in particular uses a more vibrant color scheme and is more muscular compared to the final version.

Neopets Star

Neopets IB Star.png

The star seen in the Neopets logo is a separate image and isn't used anywhere, bafflingly.


Neopets IB Artboard 44.png

A simple image of a brown cracked circle internally titled "artboard_44.png". What this could have been used for is anyone's guess.

Interaction Icons

Neopets IB Icon Decor.pngNeopets IB Icon Barn.pngNeopets IB Icon Scarecrow.pngNeopets IB Icon Wharf.pngNeopets IB Icon Mine.pngUnique interaction icons for areas that were created but are never used.


Neopets IB Gems.png

Purple gems simply titled "gems" internally. These were initially going to be used as the premium currency for the game, as seen in the SDCC 2019 demo, but the final game replaces them with Crystal Neggs.

Materials Icon

Neopets IB Materials.png

The materials icon, again from an earlier stage in development. Note that it's split into 3 sections: brown, blue, and gold.

Rare Material

Neopets IB Rare Material.png

A material, but blue. Internally named as "lvl2" or "rare" material, indicating that early on, materials were going to have specific rarities and would have been likely used to build objects that required such materials.

Super Rare Material

Neopets IB Super Rare Material.png

Another variation on the materials, except this time it's gold and sparkly. Internally labeled as "lvl3" and "superrare" material, similar to the aforementioned rare material.

Style Sadness

Neopets IB Style Sadness.png

An icon for an upset pet requesting their appearance to be changed. Given the overall expense and time to craft and/or obtain Hats or Paintbrushes, it's easy to see why this was scrapped. Additionally, no pet texts internally have dialogue for such requests.

Happy Negg

Neopets IB Happy Negg.png

A Negg smiling with it's eyes open.

Happiness Levels 4 - 6

Neopets IB Happiness 4.pngNeopets IB Happiness 5.pngNeopets IB Happiness 6.png

Icons for additional levels of happiness from 4 to 6 depicting Neggs with crowns.

Epic Gift

Neopets IB Epic Gift.png

A fanciful present named internally as an "epic" gift that was never implemented unfortunately.

Amenity Generations

Neopets IB Amentity Food.png
Neopets IB Amentity Power.png

Noticably crude icons for generated food and Power Neggs from the Omelette Slab and Power Plant, but this functionality does not exist and is only used by Amenity buildings where pets are sent to in order to not be unhappy.

Smiley Face

NIB Weird Smiley.png

A rather content looking smiley face. This was used in the SDCC 2019 demo.


NIB Early Food.png

A food icon that's an apple. It likely would have been used when more diverse food was in the game other than Omelettes. Also used in the the SDCC 2019 demo.

Early Happiness Icon

NIB Early Negg.png

An odd looking version of the happiness icon that shows the Negg with lighter colors and open eyes. Again, used in the the SDCC 2019 demo.

Premium UI Leftovers

Neopets IB Subs Icon.png Neopets IB Subs Tab.png Neopets IB Subs Pet Icon.png Neopets IB Subs Name.png A fancy UI designed for subscribers of a canned monthly subscription feature that was shown in early development, but never made it.

Premium Gifts

Neopets IB Gold Reward.pngNeopets IB Premium Gift.pngNeopets IB Subscription Gift.png Additionally, associated presents were created for this feature.

Negg Bush

NIB Negg Bush.png

A crudely drawn bush with Neggs in it.

Generic Placeholders

NIB Question Mark.pngNIB Question Icon.pngNIB Arrow.pngNIB Smiley.png

A group of four stock images likely used as placeholders during development. They consist of a smiley face (named as "Mr Smiley Face" in the original file), a gray question mark, a blue question mark icon, and an arrow.

Loading Icon

Neopets IB Loading.png

A simple loading icon that was never implemented. That is all.