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Neopets: Techo Says

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Title Screen

Neopets: Techo Says

Developer: Neopets
Publisher: Neopets
Platform: Adobe Flash
Released internationally: 2000

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

The very first Flash-based game on Neopets is a Simon Says clone starring a Green Techo.

Unused Graphic

In the .swf file, there is a heavily-compressed sideways image of a Techo. It is far too compressed to have any detail made out of it.

However, the same image of the Techo can be found in the Pet Profiles screensaver's .swf file in an uncompressed manner, revealing it to be an early pencil drawing of the standing pose for the Techo, presumably a sketch to be drawn over and recreated digitally. According to Anthony Conley, the creator of the Techo, he does not recall drawing it and believes another employee at the time drew it.

Techo Says Profiles Screensaver
Techo Says Unused Image.jpg Techo Says Unused Graphic Uncompressed.jpg