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Nicktoons Challenge!

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Title Screen

Nicktoons Challenge!

Developer: Say Design[1]
Publisher: Nick Arcade
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: 2006[1]

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.

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Nicktoons Challenge! is a game that was distributed via the Nick Arcade service.

Development Log

Present in the game data directory is a internal update log.

New in GM9:
* Fixed a bug that caused the highscore to break (was introduced when the file structure was changed)
* The profanity filter can now stop entries that contain more than one word
* The mute button in the options menu have the same rollover effect as other buttons
* The fullscreen icon to the left of the fullscreen checkbox is no longer scaled when rolling over the checkbox 
(it's just decoration so it now have the intended behaviour)
* Cleared the persistent data, so any old settings (volume, fullscreen) will be ignored

- This version is built as a Standard Zinc Projector, 
which means that the user needs to have the Flash plugin installed on the computer.

- The .exe has been patched with a tool provided by the Zinc developer. This should make it compatible with TryMedia's DRM.