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Nintendo Switch Sports

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Title Screen

Nintendo Switch Sports

Developer: Nintendo EPD
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Released internationally: April 29, 2022

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Nintendo Switch Sports is the successor to Wii Sports, featuring new character models that somehow got hated by many and the returning sports you love and know, along with new ones.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info

Unused Code


Present in Node.aidefn.byml.zs is code relating to objects from a Star Fox game.

(Source: Bryan)

Early Cosmetic Information

In multiple cases information about future in-game cosmetics were included in the game despite said cosmetics not even existing in-game until multiple updates in the future.

  • Present in the game's earliest release are numerous untranslated name's for cosmetics that have not been released/hadn't been released at the time of the update.
  • The 1.1 update added names for 15 emote stamps that haven't released at the time of writing. These names were removed in the follow update.

Whistling Friend Angry Friend Shocked Friend Sparkly Friend Satisfied Friend Way to Go Friend Great Job Friend Smiling Robot Troubled Robot Baffled Robot Bawling Robot Flabbergasted Apple Devious Banana Inquisitive Pineapple Chill Strawberry

  • A total of three in-game titles for your player are earned via doing certain tasks as opposed to being unlocked as a reward for completing online matches, all of which have been included in the game since Ver. 0.5. The "Staffer" and "Legend" ranks were both available at the launch of Switch Sports, becoming available to use once you've reached a high score goal in the tennis minigame included in the game's credits and reaching A rank in the competitive online mode for every sport respectively. The "Completist" title still isn't unlockable at the time of writing, however other pieces of evidence included in the game seem to indicate a player will earn this title once they've unlocked all the cosmetics added to the game's online mode.

Golf Leftovers

Despite Golf being a sport not only discluded at launch, but also being moved further to November of 2022, it still had numerous references left in the game prior to the release up the update.

  • Multiple golf related leftovers hinted at specific information on how many golf holes the game would include/which ones would be included. This was major as the only hole of golf Nintendo had confirmed to be included was "Classic 5" from the original Wii Sports, which was shown in the game's first trailer. The predictions from this info later went on the be confirmed, as Nintendo mentioned a total of "21 holes from the Wii Sports series are included" (despite seemingly discluding any holes from the third entry in the series, Wii Sports Club) in the September 2022 Nintendo Direct. The layout file LGlfCourseIcn.Nin_NX_NVN.blarc.zs includes 21 blank texture files which are named in a manner which suggests the "Classic 9", "Resort 9", and "Special 3" courses would be included. Strings from the game's executable also listed the full course lineup: Classic3A, Classic3B, Classic3C, Resort3A, Resort3B, Resort3C, Special, Classic9, Resort9, All18
  • The icon for golf is attempted to be used by the game in a multitude of places, however a blank texture is simply used instead.
  • The bonus point multipliers for golf were also left in the game's executable. These include Golf_NiceShot, Golf_1UnderPar, Golf_2UnderPar, Golf_3UnderPar, Golf_Fairway, Golf_GreatApproach, Golf_HitPole, Golf_LongPutter, Golf_ChipIn, Gold_HoleInOne (and yes, the last one does misspell "golf" as "gold"). A different line also revealed you'd originally earn 40 base points for playing online golf, a value currently only obtainable in bowling matches.

Regional Differences

  • In certain language settings of the game, Soccer is named Football to fit with the sport being called as such in other regions.
  • Each language has its own unique announcer.

Revisional Differences


Released February 15, 2022. This was the Online Play Test.

Parameter\PlayerEquipmentHeadMiiParam\HeadMii.elsa__parameter__PlayerEquipmentHeadMiiParam.bgyml contains a version of the Mii head where the OffsetUp parameter is set to -0.025. This value was decreased by 0.019 in later revisions. Also, Model\Mii.bfres.zs contains a base for the Mii's model. It's materials are altered in later revisions.

0.5 Later Revisions


The initial retail release, adding the ability to play the sports not available in the Online Play Test.


  • Released April 28, 2022. Adds the ability to play online as well as the first 14 unlockable cosmetic collections.
  • For some reason, the highlights when you threw the bowling ball present in 1.0 were removed.
  • CPU appearances were updated to use the update's newly added cosmetics.


Released July 26, 2022.

  • Adds the leg strap Soccer mode which was advertised in the game's original trailer.
  • Adds 13 new cosmetic collections.
  • Adds two new pro league ranks, S and ∞.
  • Adds the Slide Attack and Rocket Serve moves to Volleyball.
  • Friend matches can now be joined via six-digit codes. Previously, this required all players to be friends on the Switch.
  • Offline mode now has the ability to play against CPU Miis at a secret hardest difficulty by holding certain buttons when loading into a match.
  • Soccer now has a playable waiting area.
  • Different (agreed by the community to be worse) bowling physics are implemented.
  • CPU appearances were updated to use the update's newly added cosmetics.


Released October 12, 2022. Adds nine new cosmetic collections, likely to compensate for Golf's release being delayed, though Golf did end up releasing weeks before the final collection of this update was released.

This update also attempted to crack down on players who used "manipulated" save data, only to end up breaking parts of the game, resulting in multiple players reporting crashes in both online and offline modes while trying to play multiplayer. Nintendo made a statement on October 14 recognizing the issue, and subsequently took the game's servers as well as the game's save data backup option offline in order to fix the issue.

CPU appearances were updated to use the update's newly added cosmetics.


Released October 17, 2022. Fixes the crashing issues created in v1.2.1.


Released October 19, 2022. Allows players to once again use the save data backup option.


Released November 28, 2022.

  • Golf is added as a playable sport, with 21 holes from Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort.
  • LAN play is added.
  • 4 new collections were added. The Office Collection, originally intended to release on December 1st, 2022, had its release date swapped with the Golf Collection.


Released January 24, 2023

  • Adds new collections.

Internal Name

The game's internal name is Elsa.

(Source: OatmealDome)